How many times did you come home after a busy day at work and all you wanted to do was to relax and loosen up a little bit, relieve the stress you accumulated, but the shoulders’ pain didn’t let you do that? From now on, this won’t be a problem anymore, with the new C-REST Portable Massager.

The C-REST not only relieves you from the pain you have to endure every day after office hours, but it can also change your spiritual mood, too. It relieves the pain in your neck and shoulders, the stress inside your body and helps you rest better and feel refreshed immediately after using it.

Moreover, being small and simple, you can take it and use it anywhere you want to (offices, cars, hotels) and using it is as easy as it may sound. All you have to do is to rest on it in an effortless posture every time you feel tired, then to move side to side and wait for it to take effect. It is proved that C-REST massages these muscles, called neck extensors: Trapezius, Nuchal Line (& Ligament), Splenius Capitis, Spleinius Cervicis. You can also use C-REST while resting on a chair, on a bank and even when you’re waiting for the traffic lights to turn green. It will help stimulate occipital muscles and by stimulating, it relaxes occipital nerves and increases circulations to your eyes. A lot of health advantages from such a small device.

The structure of this appliance is based on some acupressure points that relieve stress, improve the circulation to your head, reduce rigidity and increase flexibility of the neck and the shoulders. Early users said they improved their postures, they sleep and feel better and that increased their self esteem and confidence.

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