This four-door coupe is bigger (4.4 inches (111 mm) longer than its 2-door coupe sibling), better and, perhaps, more good-looking. (not to mention the  big 4+1 seats that can fit your entire family… provided that the tall ones sit in the front, because the curved roof makes the back seats suitable for short people only. Unless you like sitting in weird positions. Cause that’s cool too.)

[adsense300gray]You can choose from some pretty cool engines, starting with the twin-scroll turbo straight-six in the 640i (235 kW/320 hp), the variable sequential turbocharging and common-rail direct injection diesel in the 640d with (230 kW/313 hp) and the flagship BMW 650i Gran Coupe with new eight-cylinder engine (330 kW/450 hp). Basically.

The standard model has: an eight-speed sports automatic transmission, a Driving Experience Control switch, Auto Start-Stop function, ECO PRO mode, Electric Power Steering, Dynamic Damper Control and other neat stuff.

Configure your own Gran Coupe now.