As far as I was aware until now, rubber tyres were supposed to keep the car from sliding on snow. Apparently though, Pirelli, a high-end car tyre manufacturer and Formula 1 supplier decided to use rubber for skis. And since today isn’t April 1st, the story is 100% true. The famous tyre developer teamed with premium ski producer Blossom and created a rubber-infused ski set.

The skis were developed in Val Chiavenna workshops. The rubber is sandwiched between other regular materials used in skis construction. According to Pirelli and Blossom engineers, rubber reduces vibrations up to 60%. For this reason the downhill ride is smoother and more comfortable. Furthermore, it should also improve times for performance skiers.

Blossom x Pirelli rubber infused skis are available in seven colorways. However, you should act fast to get a pair. Just 110 pairs were done for each colorway and there is little chance that more will be done. One hundred ten represents the number of years Pirelli Motorsport has been existing for.

The rubber skis are available for preorder on Pirelli Design. The price tag is set at $1520 including shipping. Obviously, they’re not quite affordable. If you are however going to get a pair, we will be forever grateful if you tell us how they feel.