First signs of grey roots showing up in your dark forest of a pirate beard? Don’t like the feeling at the downsides of dye?

Blackbeard for Men comes to aid worried gentlemen. Designed and patented by Blackbeard for Men, Cap’n Jim, the Formula X promises a lot! First of all, most of us are aware that, once we hit 40, the full-grown blackbeard will start turning gray.

Shaving in order to look less old? How about keeping your beard and also keep looking young? Unfortunately, the truth is that gray beard doesn’t make you a distinguished man. Black is definitely the way to go!

Here’s what you can do:

Use a dye

  • It will irritate your skin
  • As itchy as it gets
  • Lasts long but so do side-effects
  • You have to take a shower after applying
  • Works mostly with long beards
  • Did we mention itchy skin?

Try out Blackbeard for Men Formula X

  • Made with natural extracts so it won’t itch
  • Takes less than a minute to apply
  • Can get stronger or lighter color depending on how much you apply
  • Lets you touch up only the areas you wish to touch
  • Hot water and soap is enough to remove it
  • Will work on eyebrows, too.

Although it sounds like a fairytale, no more itching on the neck and lower-lip is actually possible. When the products you are using are friendly towards your skin, then you can say goodbye to redness and tiny blisters.

You can get the Blackbeard for Men Formula X in single, 3-pack and 6-pack options, starting at $9.95. Available colors include brown, dark brown, brown black and pitch black.

A pack lasts roughly 4 weeks with daily use. However, getting a 3-pack or 6-pack will let you save some cash and have a  decent supply of black beard potion. Check out more on BlackBeard for Men.