Are you wondering what to get for your friends or parents birthday? Do you want to find a gift that is appropriate for any age just to be sure? Don’t worry too much, here is a list of interesting things you could get or they could inspire you to get something else:

1. Saucey – an on-demand liquor delivery service that currently exists in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and other cities, makes a fun cocktail kit for about 50$. This is a gift that your friends would like no matter if they are 25 or 65 years old.


2. A good perfume that you are fairly sure that the person will like. If you know what sort of fragrances notes they prefer it will be really easy to get the one they will like.


3. Bluetooth portable speakers – they represent a great way of enjoying music on the go, like for a road trip, or a camping trip with your friends. Just pair the speakers to the phone and you are set.

Dre_2977969a4. Sunglasses – because everyone needs more than one pair to switch things around every once in awhile. In case you know what sort of style the person you are getting the glasses for prefers, buying them will be a piece of cake. Summer is upon us and this is a gift that will be appreciated.

5. A disposable camera – this gift is sure to bring a smile to your friends face, reminds us all of a childhood and when we needed to develop the pictures to see how they turned out.

6. A huge chocolate cake – I know this sounds like a cliche but this is such an honest and delightful gift that it does not matter how cliche it is.