Best workout?

There is no shame in eating during holidays. I mean, how much can you resist against all those beauties made with love and seasoned with Christmas spirit, coming from all the corners of the world, wherever you might find yourself at this time. But things shouldn’t stay like this, and you know it. If you ask if there is a perfect workout the answer is not. Perfect can be your determination and willingness to remain fit and start building your summer body.

What we have prepared here for you is a set of exercises considered to be the best for now. They are not too demanding, but they are a start, they are an impulse for you, a starting point. It is a high-intensity interval training (a.k.a. HIIT) in which you need to do 20 reps of each exercise. A pause of 10 seconds in between each. You need 3-5 cycles and all in all it should take 15-20 minutes.

Let’s Break It Down

1. Push-ups

Make sure you take on the correct position in order to complete them. That should be with the hands on the ground and fingers pointing ahead. The entire body is also pointing in the same direction altogether. Eyes straight ahead or in the ground, many say there is no difference. With the hands on the ground, wider than the shoulders, lower until the arms are bent at 90° and push back until they are extended completely once again. This is the correct way to do it.

 2. Superman Back Extensions

Lay on your belly, stretch both the arms ahead and the legs behind. Keep the palms on the surface you are laying upon. For a rep, you have to raise the arms and legs simultaneously as much as possible. Keep breathing while lifting from the ground.

3. Leg Raises

With the back on the ground, all flat and the palms facing down, under your buttocks. You have to raise your legs in the air, all extended at all times. Raise them as much as possible and have them back on the ground. Take your time, don’t try to complete a rep too fast. Also, try to keep the head on the ground, so that the only muscles involved will be those of the abdomen.

4. Supine Hip Extensions

Lay flat on your back. Arms extended besides you, making a straight angle with the body. Put the feet on a chair, edge of a bed or a ball, but give them some altitude. A rep is completed when your hips form a straight line with the knees.

5. Squats

Stand tall and place your feet a little wider than the axillary line. Bend down and make sure the shoulders form one straight line with the knees, so that the abdomen and the thighs make a straight angle, so as the calf and the thighs. In this time, place your arms straight ahead, parallel to the thighs with the palms facing down. Stand tall at all times. Push back using heels and return to a standing position.

6. Burpees

This one is my favorite. Begin standing. Complete half a squat and while the body mimics the shape of a chair, get your hands on the ground and take your feet to a push-up position. Take down one push-up, jump the feet forward, just like a frog back to the chair position. Jump in the air, as much as you can, and take the arms to touch the roof.


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