It’s a new year, it’s a new you, and its another 12 months of new adventures. Get out of the office, get away from the screen, stop binge watching “Alaska’s Last Frontier “and get outside.

Not sure what to do once you walk out the door? Take a few ideas from “His Potion” and get your new year started with a little sun and sweat.

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What better way to start a Saturday morning than waking up to the sound of birds chirping, water flowing, and that highway about 5 miles down the road. Camping can be both a relaxing, self-finding, solo adventure, and a fun, loud, full of energy family event.


So go to your local shopping center, grab a tent and some sleeping bags, a few cans of bug spray, the always needed “beef jerky”, and a flash light for the late night “nature call” and get to the woods.

Another great family outing idea, as well as something you could do solo to help clear the mind, fishing can be both exciting and soothing all in the first 5 minutes.

At low cost for the basic fishing tool kit (bait, line, tackle, etc), fishing is something that anyone can do and its always a memorable experience. A little advice, if your rock fishing off a coastal area, don’t forget your life jacket, mother nature’s ocean wouldn’t hesitate to take you out for a ride.


This year doesn’t have to be the year you jump on a treadmill, walk in place and stare at the guy taking 2034 selfies in the mirror.

Hiking cannot only be a weight loss activity, it can also be an adventure for everyone. There are national parks across the land with great hiking trails, most are ranked from beginner to expert (AKA basically rock climbing).

Hiking can also be dangerous so I’d advise that you get a small first aid kit as well as a emergency bag, per person, in case your curiosity leads you off course.