Social media has become a large chunk of our social experience overall. I guess twenty years ago (or even many more less) people couldn’t have understood the principles of having your own virtual self, somehow separated from the real you, but nowadays we take this as a fact, like it was here with us forever since. Well, so far what is happening is that when we want to share something with our virtual relatives we look in front of the camera, we smile big, we press shoot and take a capture.


The whole process that’s coming after is where things have evolved so quickly in the last years. We have to choose from an astonishing large spectrum of filters, we can crop, edit, change, modify and still not be pleased with the result thus repeating the whole thing. Well, things are changing with Beme, the new social media platform endorsed by YouTube personality Casey Neistat.

This little thing uses the proximity sensor in our devices’ front view to actviate the camera, let it record a little or a little more of what’s happening around us. When finished, disconnect the sensor from the surface (your chest, your fingers, any wall, desks, everything) and bam ! It’s gone. You can’t modify anything, it’s gone out there, to be seen by the so-called „strangers” you are connected with (not a happy term used if you ask me) once seen by one of them, he/she cannot see it back again, but it can respond to it, by pressing on the screen to capture selfies and instantly sending them to you – giving you the real reaction they had – this feature is the nicest by far. What it actually does is a change of perspectives: now you don’t have to stare at the screen to capture a false emotion, think of it this way. Note: so far you can get to use it only if you get a code, otherwise you will have to wait until it’s 100% finished.