Trends, nowadays, change more quickly than the spring’s weather and one should be well informed in order to stay on top of those changes, without looking desperate to fit in. Although women tend to be those who would spend huge amounts of time just to achieve a perfect look, this article’s topic is not about them. That’s right, we will speak about one of the most reiterated topics of stronger sex’s look: beard styles for men.


Stereotypes might tell that where the woman needs hours to get ready for an event, a man will only need minutes, inducing this way the idea that men don’t usually take good care of themselves, being efficient and fast. Well, the truth is not necessarily this one. Of course, some men might require only a couple of minutes to cover the basics (shower, brushing, getting dressed), but they are also victims of their own narcissism. Another stereotype, linked to the first one, is that men that take extremely well care of themselves tend to fall in the effeminate category, because they borrow specific feminine characteristics, one of them being the excessive investment in their look. Again, although this might be the case with a few members of the masculine category, real men are not those who have an appeal for negligence, but those who have everything in balance, including their look. And this applies for beard styles also.

Full beard styles – the lazy choice

long beard style for menGrowing a beard is a huge commitment. Of course, we’re talking about well-groomed beards, not those that give a man the looks of a bum. A gentleman knows that in order to have a flawless style of beard, he must take really good care of his facial hair. This goes without saying that he’ll have to allocate an important amount of time, depending of his type of beard and her speed of growth. Full beard styles, for example, are easier to manage, because there are fewer areas of the face that need to be shaved, although even those will require chunks of you precious time if you’re a fast grower. After the decision of letting your beard grow, it’s only a matter of genetics and time if your beard is going to be a majestic full beard. It usually takes a couple of weeks, even months if you’re keen to grow a crazy full beard style. Anyway, patience and confidence are your best allies for transforming a transparent stubble into an epic beard.

Mutton Chops beards – are you confident enough?

For those who don’t feel so confident or simply don’t fancy such a long beard, they can choose the more popular short beard styles that include a consistent series of facial hair types, which makes it easier to decide (or not). Time is of the essence, because most of those short beard styles require a lot of attention in order to respect certain standards of visual design. The Mutton Chops beard, for instance, requires, besides the time to groom it, a lot of confidence, because it’s an eccentric type of facial hair, fit only for faces with strong prominences and chunky sideburns. Well-trimmed, this type of beard can imitate very well the mutton chops that give it this name and can be considered a daring and bold choice.

32 facial hair types

The goatee is still in style

Speaking of trimming, a choice, for those who feel that genetics cheated them in the sideburns and cheek area, is the goatee beard, which has many variations and is basically composed from the facial hair that grows under the mouth and down to the chin. This is a perfect choice for those who don’t want something complicated, but they don’t fancy a clean shave either, because it’s really easy to groom and implicates ordinary trimming accompanied by a nice shave of the rest of the unwanted facial hair. For something in between, a cool short beard style is the one called Chin Strip beard, which is an extremely well-shaped beard that goes from ear to ear, achieving the full texture in the middle, right on the chin. This style matches those who lack the vigorous and thick facial hair of the moustache and still want to impress with a neat beard.

Beard styles for round and oval faces


Although there are two major categories, full beard and short beard styles, men don’t usually choose only based on the time spent grooming or the genetics of their facial hair. At least they shouldn’t, because the facial factors are definitely of crucial importance. You can have all the time and genetics you need, but you still have to choose a beard style that matches your facial form, because, otherwise, you’ll wear your beard just like a coat which is too long or too short for your body. The beard styles for round faces, for example, require a facial hair distribution that gives the impression of an oval-shaped face, much more masculine than the round one. One should know that a circle beard is the cure and not some pumped-up sideburns, which can amplify the round-effect. Speaking of the beard styles for oval faces, the guys who enter in the category of oval-faced are the luckiest, beard wise. Because of their symmetry between their forehead and their chin, these individuals can experience any kind of beard they want, as long as they have the confidence that is the right choice from their personality point of view. Because, believe it or not, beards can say a lot about a man’s personality, even when they do not exist.

Beard styles for men with square faces

But we mentioned the oval-faced guys, and forgot about the beard styles for square faces. These Beckham-like faces have unique masculine shapes, due to the angles if the lines, strong chin and broad forehead. That’s why the beard should try to maximize those qualities, as well as trying to soften the angles a little bit, by round shaped goatees or moustaches.

Will you follow the trend?

When it comes to beards, the trendsetters say that they will have as much success like the last year, but, slowly, the trend will begin to descend until only those who feel that the beard is a vital part of their bodies will keep it intact. Meanwhile, the beard styles for men in 2015 continue to transform the clean shaved cheek of boys into the powerful and full of personality bearded face of a man. Shaping your personality has never been easier.