You know we here at HisPotion are fans of the classic look… with an edge. We’re really excited about the Spring/Summer shoe collection for men that the French company Ateliers Heschung has delivered this year. If you haven’t heard about them by now, know that they are a handcrafting company with a long history, having established their factory in 1934. They design and make timeless shoes for men and women, with sober, yet elegant lines and seams, and they are generally perceived as a designer brand (with prices that live up to this label).

Their newest collection, also handcrafted, of course, combines the classic feel with a progressive touch, by adding colors and seams that stand out, to the timeless look of a hunting-leather shoe. The earth tone color palette makes the shoes versatile and appropriate for a wide range of ages and types of personalities, while giving them a subtle and luxurious feel. Even though the finish is exquisite and durable, the shoes still have a casual, laid back semblance, which comes across especially in the sole, designed in collaboration with Goodyear.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a pair of Ateliers Heschung’s newest collection, we totally support your decision. It will be a statement piece in your wardrobe that will last you for years to come. ateliers-heschung-2013-spring-summer-collection-1

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