I think everyone was impressed about how technology has been developed in the last decade and, as the days go by, people experience a continuous thirst of finding out and testing the latest inventions. We all know that for some of us combining hygiene and pleasure has not worked well by far, that’s why Kolibree, a tech company decided to change this thing by inventing the first toothbrush with artificial intelligence.

The Ara is claimed to be the first toothbrush with embedded Al technology, which means that a bunch of 3D motion sensors in the brush will monitor how long people use it each day and which areas of their mouths they hit. These sensors will tell the owners how they brush, will track their performance and aim to improve their oral care over time. The brush will let them review their brushing habits, as they will remain recorded inside the toothbrush. Also, it sends an e-mail report every week showing how well the owner brushed over the last seven days.

It comes with a 4.0 Bluetooth antenna for easy connection and synchronization with other gadgets and it only weights 2.5 ounces. The battery is supposed to last for more than 2 weeks. Moreover, the owner benefits of a gentle care, as the toothbrush only uses gentle vibrations and rounded bristles to protect their teeth and gums.

Besides, Ara comes with mobile games that people can play while take care of their teeth, so they never get bored, and all sort of applications that encourage people to learn how to properly wash their teeth.