[adsense300gray]Say hello to Cal, a new cool application that comes from Any.DO. Cal is going to be a great companion if you’re living a pretty active, busy life and you need a cool application for keeping you connected and on schedule with your daily activities, making the usual calendar that you use for these kinds of purposes more interesting and not to mention good looking.

If you’re currently using the Any.Do application for to-do lists, Cal is able to sync with it, taking over your current tasks from and that’s not it, our buddy over here also connects to your phonebook and calendar and “steals” information regarding your plans, activities and contacts.

Cal comes packed with an extremely cute and simplistic user interface, designed for making you feel warmly welcomed whenever you take a peek at it.
Besides being cute, Cal is also very easy to use (if you have an idea about calendars and stuff) and you’ll see how friendly it is when actually starting to use it. It’s free, but, unfortunately, it’s only available for iOS based devices, for the moment. Its manufacturers promise that an Android Cal will be available in the near future.