This one fits perfectly in the „it may look stupid, but it works” category. With almost 15 thousand backers and $.17 million raised in crowdfunding, Amabrush cleans your teeth automatically. Is it worth saying goodbye to your „regular” electric toothbrush? Well, unless it can also clean your teeth in 10 seconds, the answer might be yes.

Amabrush says classic brushing of your teeth isn’t something really sexy. Well, having a mouthful of brushes fiddling around your tongue doesn’t seem to improve the picture too much either. Not even going to mention the awkward pulling out of your mouth by the hand piece.

However, what’s it actually capable of?

According to producers, Amabrush will clean your teeth in 10 seconds. The reason why it takes so little is that, given it’s prosthetic-like shape, it cleans all your teeth at once. And, given that it around 180 seconds to correctly clean 2 teeth at a time by the „old fashioned” method, the math does add up.

How do you use it?

The process feels pretty much straightforward. You put it in your mouth (pun not intended), press the button, let it whizzle for ten seconds, pull it out (again, not intended), spit and rinse.

There are multiple vibration modes and you can also extend brushing time above 10 seconds via the Bluetooth app.

Amabrush offers specifically designed toothpaste to work with the automatic toothbrush but you can also use your own preferred brand.

You can get Amabrush by supporting its campaign on Kickstarter ($91).