Eating is one of the best things we can do on Earth. We get happy as a result of eating, so we do it with friends and foes alike, thus making every evening out in the city an occasion for that endeavor. But how many of us still pay attention to calories intake while going out? Eating healthier should be a top priority for each of us, no matter where we find ourselves in. We here at stressed that out before and we make yet another statement out of care for our readers. We prepared a list of 7 tips to eating healthier, and whilst they are not rules, complying to them will improve your life’s quality. Going out is great, but it should be a pleasant experience, not a burden to our future selves.

1) Calm the Sweet Tooth

You love eating sugar based goods? That’s great, we all do, there is no shame in loving what that confectionery is making. But pay big attention, one second on the lips is a lifetime on the belly. Don’t force yourself into isolation, rather try not to do it late at night, or, if not possible, impose a “fruit first” policy on yourself. Reducing the sugar flow coming inside your mouth is key in the battle with not only any extra pounds coming your way, but also to those late mornings when you have no energy to challenge the day ahead.

2) Simplify the Diet

Don’t get obsessed about counting calories and starve yourself to agony. Make sure you put accent on a few words, like fresh or colorful. Don’t mistake this for less diversification, because it is not about it. Just avoid processed and packaged foods as much as possible as well as goodies made by man. Picking a restaurant to take out your special one should, if you consider this, take more research and carefulness.

3) Create a Network

At all times you will need to know which places are good for you to go eat at, thus keeping you away from the unhealthy junk food places. These days there are plenty of healthy fast foods, reliable and always available. The hardest part is getting in there for the first time. After that one time, you will know what to come back for and how to get it, making you forget about the troubles of the past.

4) Timing Is Essential

One other thing that matters so much is when you eat. Never forget the Chinese proverb: keep the breakfast to yourself, share lunch with friends and give dinner to the enemy. A strong yet balanced breakfast coupled with avoiding late-night super-dinners is not only going to make you thinner, but healthier, more focused and driven to tackle the issues at hand.

5) Start a Relationship With Healthy Fats

Maybe they’re not so desirable compared with the not-so-healthy-ones, but if you give them time and work with it, you’ll get to enjoy them and give them a special place in your heart. Trans fats are a thing of the past, concentrate on fish, almonds, sardines, nuts, pumpkin or sesame. Trust us, they will, when used correctly, satisfy your needs for a good taste and a healthy meal.

6) Don’t Cave In To Pressure

If you are a strong man and you want to do one thing right, you have to do it completely. Don’t let your friends put pressure on you and make you disobey your healthy-eating ground rules. If they don’t share it, it’s their business, you just have to make sure seeing a pizza at the wrong time for your diet, won’t make you lose it all. Never forget that if you enjoy everything in moderation, you will be happier and healthier.

7) Curb the Alcohol Desire

Alright, this is not a way of telling you are overdoing it, but allowing you to the information that alcohol has got its own calories counter too. Of course not being as full as a double cheeseburger, but beer or wine could prove to be valid reasons for your weight gains. Enjoy alcohol, but always keep an eye open.


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