So it’s a new year, new you, right? 2018 is gone and left in your dust. 2019 is going to the bed your year, the year you get it all done. Well its time to grab that 2019 Toolbelt and get to work. Oh, but your belt is empty and you’re looking around trying to figure out what’s supposed to be there? Let us help you out.

First tool is your mobile phone. This is no negotiable. It’s got everything you need to perform basic human things. It’s your wallet, it’s your camera, it’s your music, its basically you. Get a smart one that will simplify your life and pair it with a cool case (check below for more).

Next, standing in the batter’s box, with a batting average of “4X 0-100 % charges” is your handy POWER BANK. This is also a must! Your phone has a lot of work to do on a daily basis, and this phone needs power same as you need water. You could say it needs a lot of water. And your 20,000 mAh power bank portable charger will give it all the water it needs so you can make sure no matter where you are, you’re not missing the Superbowl. Grab yours here: Your Life Water.

Coming in the “Hot Third” position is your unbreakable, credit card holding, shockproof PHONE CASE! Nothing worse than flipping your brand-new Samsung S9 out to add the coffee barista on Instagram and it slips from your nervous oily hands and slow motion explodes onto the ground after hitting every object in a 50-yard radius. So, if you want to make sure you can jump in the DM’s later, order one of these: Otter Box .

Image result for explore mate 11 in 1 survival card

So now you’re all geared out and ready to hit the path to success in 2019? Not quite mate, a man can’t leave the house without a Multitool. The wife has you in some overly tight jeans and there’s no way you could fit one in your pocket without having the biggest bulge of 2019? No worries fellas, check this one out: Credit Card multitool .

And the last, but certainly not least, tool needed to fulfil every goal you’ve made in 2019: A Premium Netflix account. Just imagine, you’re at the bar, you’ve used your non-broken phone to add her on Instagram, things are going great, you’ve opened her beer with your handy credit card multitool.

Out of nowhere, she hits you with her favourite Netflix show that she cant wait to get back and finish watching, and you…you’re hopeless, you have no idea what she’s talking about but you’re nodding anyways.

Suddenly she gets the idea “we should go watch it” and your only response would be: “can we use your account?” Don’t do that fellas. Here, you’re welcome: Netflix