We’re all up and about working your butt out. Push your limits further away with each training, build those muscles, but don’t be that guy. Everyone who gets at the gym knows him. He’s that guy. Usually falling into the “oh, not again” category, there are quite a few things a some gym dude does in order to become “that guy”. Here are the most annoying habits you are bound to avoid at the gym so you don’t become “that guy” yourself.

1. That guy stinks!

source: lifehacker.com

Yeah, you may be sweating like a Finnish guy in a sauna while you’re working out. It’s okay. But don’t come in stinking just because you’re going to sweat anyway. Shower before you enter the workout area. And on the same note, get some deodorant on. Did you forget your deodorant? Then no workout for you today! Really.

Sweat stinks worse than your nose lets you believe. If you notice people creating a radius around you, then you might want to use cotton clothes that absorb sweat properly. Taking a cold shower before working out might also work well.

Whatever you do, just don’t ignore excessive sweat and smell. Some random dude walking by may pass out after getting a whiff coming from your armpit. Don’t be that guy!

2. That guy poses!

source: strengthadvocate.com

Trust me and all the other 95% of the gym fellas out there. Nobody gives a rat’s ass about you flexing after each dumbbell rep. You’re wasting time, equipment and mirror space. You may have the largest biceps in the room, but man, they’re nothing compared to your narcissistic ego.

Don’t be that guy who poses. Keep it for when you get at home.

3. That guy screams

Are you having a premature baby? No, because you’re a man. Kidney stone? Definitely not happening on every single rep. So why are you screaming like a gorilla on ecstasy? It’s the last rep and you’re clenching your buttcheecks to push that bar back up.  We get it. The air won’t come out without a grunt, and that’s fine.

Just don’t be that guy who does mating calls even when warming up. It’s not cool. It’s annoying and you are a dumb-bell for doing it. And yeah, you are also probably trying to lift weights above your paygrade.

4. That guy gives unwanted advice

source: Pinterest

The gym is the place where you apply the “shut up, work out” rule. There’s a 99.9% chance that the guy you’re looking at does not want your advice. So, unless he’s in immediate danger of fracturing his spinal cord or dropping a whale’s worth of weight on his chest, just mind your own business.

There’s an unwritten rule saying that you should always accept to spot a fellow gym partnerwhen they ask.

Don’t be that guy who acts like a personal trainer without being asked to.

5. That guy trains his fingers

source: thenattybrofessor.cm

If your girl can’t stand one hour without needing a text back, then you might have a problem. If you can’t workout for one hour without texting or tweeting, you have even a bigger problem. Either way, the thing is this: you can train your fingers at home without wasting anyone’s time at the gym.

If you have to take a phone call, get out of the workout area. And keep your phone in silent mode, especially when taking sports classes. It’s annoying and you’ll get the stink eye from everybody.

Oh, and also, don’t be that guy who takes selfies. It’s not cool. It’s wrong, and you should feel bad about it.

Okay, so that’s pretty much it, folks. Obviously, there are plenty other issues that occur everyday at the gym. However, you should really consider the above lines and don’t be that guy. The gym is awesome as long as everybody inside is cool. Be a part of the cool gym movement and don’t be that guy.

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