If you don’t have your “beach body” ready for the summer holiday season by now, you are too late to start building it at this time. But there is still time to have it ready for the next one – and build it in a way that will be the most appealing to the opposite sex. Building a body like a Greek god is not easy, but it’s worth the effort – not only will it keep you much healthier, but it will also give you a lot of self confidence. And that’s another trait appealing to women. Just don’t overdo either of the two.

To find out what women find appealing in a men we can turn to a series of sources, like magazines, forums and blogs, we can even try our luck asking users of the Canadian Red Flush Online Casino Entertainment, but the best source is science. There have been a series of studies trying to figure out what women want in a man that we can refer to. Here they are:

A study conducted by the Western Illinois University has concluded that abs are the second thing a woman will observe on a man, after his face. And while your face is not something you can easily change – not without some serious surgical procedures, anyway – your abs are a completely different matter. The legendary “sixpack” will surely attract many glances at the beach.

Another study, this time conducted by researchers at the University of Albany, has concluded that the wider, more muscular and well-defined a man’s shoulders are, the more attractive he will look for the opposite sex. Broad shoulders are a very masculine trait, associated with strength and masculinity. While genetics also have a role here, the right training program can help a lot as well.

A survey run by HerCampus.com on 100 college women all across the USA has found that arms are one of the biggest turn-ons for women. A well-trained biceps showing under the shirt sleeve indicates that the man wearing it takes good care of his body, and has the physical strength to defend a woman.

And now back to the beginning – the “not to overdo” part. While in some cases you might think it’s otherwise, women will not be attracted to an overly muscular male. They consider muscular men to be sexier, but also more physically dominant and volatile, and less committed to their mates, according to a study conducted in 2010. Surprising as it may sound, women find moderately muscular men more attractive.


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