Believe it or not, but in the shower, we can really make a lot of mistakes that may harm not only our skin but also the general health of the organism.
So, what mistakes should not be done while showering? We recommend you to pay attention to these five mistakes we are going to mention bellow.

Shower when there are thunder or lightning storms

„When there are strong thunders and lightning storms outside, it is dangerous enough to be close to the water or electrical devices. Even if the lightning is far away from home, it still can move through pipelines and cables, causing grave violations of human health, „- says the lightning-related injuries researcher at the University of Illinois at Chicago Mary M. Cooper.
She suggests avoiding not only not to bathe in the shower in such weather, but even to wash dishes, play computer games or have wired telephone calls.

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Using outdated shower head

A study done in Colorado showed that about in one-third of households used shower heads, it is possible to detect dangerous bacteria which can harm your health. The constant moisture and small holes in the shower head are practically an ideal place for bacteria to accumulate. So, shower heads not only needed to be cleaned regularly but changed every few months or so. Even properly cleaned heads after some time tend to cover in bacteria once again, so if you want to avoid that – take care of it properly.

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Do not wash your washing sponges

Bath sponges, no matter how strange it may sound, definitely are not the cleanest thing you could find in your bathroom. It needs to be washed at least once a week, and it is advisable to get the new at least every month.
In order to wash the sponge correctly, experts recommend using plenty of soda or vinegar, which should be diluted with water. The sponge must be washed and dried properly as well. Hang it on the radiator and be sure, that the next time you use it, the sponge should be completely dry.

Shower without a mat

According to US statistics, in 2011 approximately 230 thousand of injuries incurred in the shower or bath. Nearly 20 per cent of these injuries occurred due to slipping.
That is why experts strongly recommend the use booth mat in a shower and use a towel or special moisture absorbent mat on the bathroom floor. It will not only be warmer to put your feet but also will lower the risk of injury. And there is a ton of pretty stylish mats as well! JCPenney is just full of the best looking and affordable bath mats you can choose from, and they also offer some great discount coupons as well, so you can indeed get a good rug and protect yourself both from injuries and bad looking bathroom!

Bathe before bedtime

Then you are talking the shower in the evening, you do really save time in the morning, especially if you like to sleep. However, experts do not recommend taking a bath or a shower before going to bed, because in such a case, falling asleep can be much more difficult.

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If you like to take a shower in the evening more than anything, do it, at least, two hours before going to bed, because otherwise the body temperature changes might harm the quality of sleep.