Kratom, also known as Mitragyna Speciosa, is a tropical tree from Southeast Asia. For many years, people have used Kratom leaves or extracts as an alternative solution for different purposes.

Although some research suggests that specific kratom strains might be used as a dietary supplement and help reduce some health-related symptoms, more evidence is required for the same.

Many purchase kratom in capsules, powder, extracts, liquids, and other forms after reading comments like that on moon kratom reviews. But only a few of them are aware of the dosage.

This article will inform you about the dosage of kratom in detail and the factors that might affect the dosage.

Importance Of Kratom Dosage

Kratom dosage is necessary, as it will decide the effects a user gets. Different strains lead to different effects on the body, so beginning with a small kratom dose might help kratom users learn the best way to achieve the best results.

Lower doses of kratom might lead to stimulating and energy-boosting effects, while higher doses may generate more calming effects.

These guidelines may help new kratom users—

  • Every individual needs to consult a professional before beginning their kratom journey.
  • If anyone tries kratom for the first time, he should consume one to two grams. This quantity may help the users get used to the kratom products and realize how much they require. Once the user generates a tolerance, he can increase or decrease the dose accordingly.
  • Usually, two to four grams of kratom are enough for a daily intake. The maximum dosage ranges from three to four grams. However, some individuals can find that consuming kratom of 3 to 6 grams daily generates a stronger effect.

As per studies, withdrawal symptoms have been observed in people or their newborn babies after kratom cessation. Some experts also observed the negative side effects of kratom use. So, the consumption of proper kratom dosage is essential.

Ideal Kratom Dosage For New And Experienced Users

A good range of kratom dosage depends on the strain and the kind of kratom a person intaking. A 2 to 5-gram dosage is perfect for a new beginner, and a five-gram dose is ideal for experienced users.

It is necessary to start with a small dose to realize whether the body is comfortable with kratom and its effects. An amount of 0.5 grams per hour can be a great starting point, and users should not cross this limit.

Beginners should begin with a low kratom dosage. They can increase the dosage to a maximum of five grams daily. Initially, a single-gram dose is sufficient to get excellent effects.

A high dose of kratom powder or capsules can generate a sedative effect. The effects may vary from person to person, but a high dose can also cause severe withdrawal symptoms.

The most general dosage is one to three grams daily. A high dose may lead the stimulant effects of kratom to reduce and then disappear.

High doses may lead to serious side effects based on the type of kratom used. It is necessary to begin with a low kratom dosage for the desired effects.

Once a person gets a chance to adjust to the high-dose kratom, he may be ready to start his journey to a better lifestyle. Low doses also help to prevent kratom dependence, and thus consumers need not worry about kratom withdrawal.

5 Factors That Might Affect The Dosage Of Kratom Capsules

Following are the top 5 factors that might affect the dosage of kratom capsules:

Body Weight And Personal Health State

Different people have different body weights. The dosage of kratom may slightly change depending on your body weight.

Although, in general, the dose varies between 20 to 4o mg per day. It should be lower for those people who have lower body weight.

Also, individual health plays a crucial role in affecting kratom dosage. A person who is facing health problems should prevent themselves from using kratom.

Anyone willing to consume it with a bad health condition should consume it after consulting with a doctor or health expert.

Personal Tolerance

Another factor that affects the dosage of capsules is the personal tolerance of the user. This is based on factors such as weight, age, frequency of kratom consumption, and body chemistry, much like alcohol tolerance.

Understanding personal tolerance to this herbal supplement is necessary so the user can safely enjoy his kratom. If he tends to get high with the standard dosage, he should not intake the same dosage as someone else.

Consuming the ideal amount as per your tolerance might give you a better and more pleasant experience with the required effects. These effects might include getting help with opioid withdrawal symptoms, pain relief, opioid use disorder, or others.

When it comes to kratom, it is necessary to be educated and familiarize the body not only with kratom but with its certain effects.

The user should be aware that preferences, tolerance, and mood can help him safely and consistently get the high he desires.


Age is another crucial factor that plays a crucial role in affecting the dosage. The aging process can affect how the kratom dosage is absorbed, utilized in the body, and exits the body.

Changes that reduce the ability of the body to remove or break down certain compounds like kratom from the system may mean that they can stay in the body longer.

So, a person may require a lower dose of the capsules for a safer effect.

In most cases, older individuals require lower doses of kratom than younger individuals. You can start with a low dose of kratom capsules and gradually increase to the target amount to receive a similar benefit and avoid side effects. Users can do it by working closely with their healthcare provider.

Research studies also claim that certain herbal medicines are less safe for older people, and they must contact a provider or pharmacist to use herbs that are safe for their age.

Setting And Mood

One essential factor in the effect of your kratom dosage is the environment. One person can get a different high by consuming the same strain of kratom just by changing their mood or surroundings.

If a user feels anxious or nervous in a crowded area, this will likely lead to a different high than if he rests in a bed in the comfort of his own home. The users should find out which situations make them the most comfortable and cause the best high for them, and then try to stay in that environment during kratom use.

The Purpose Of Kratom Use

Another factor that affects the dosage of kratom capsules is the purpose of kratom use. Some people purchase kratom products to relieve stress. In such cases, the possible dosage the user requires to take should be high.

On the other hand, some people intake kratom capsules to deal with depression issues. For them, a minimum quantity of kratom is recommended. They can increase it slowly over time.

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Final Thoughts

Since the dosage of kratom may vary for different people, there is no perfect amount of kratom that we can advise you to take.

Every individual must determine the right dosage by starting slowly with low doses and observing how their body reacts. You should also know how long does kratom stay in your system to better understand the dosage.

Remember to purchase such products from a reliable and reputable brand that sells lab-tested genuine kratom products to ensure their safety and purity.