Tired before the end of the day? Sitting in your living room wondering where did the time go and why haven’t you managed to get anything done,? You might want to reconsider your time management abilities.

1. Organize Yourself

Self-management is the most important part if you have this time spending issues. Sit down and take a piece of paper, write down how your usual day goes. Then carefully look at what you have written down and find the areas that are most time consuming. Take another piece of paper and write down how you would like your day to go, from the morning to evening. Try to make a timetable – it could make things easier for you.

2. Time for family


Think about the people in your life. Which are those you really want to spend time with and who are the people you are spending time with out of habit, or because you are in the same friend group? Choose to give your time only to the people you really care about.

3. Priorities


Stop procrastinating. This is one of the biggest problems of the modern man. Set goals every day. When you catch yourself procrastinating don’t scold yourself, just gently sway your attention on more productive things to do. The more you do this the better you will get at noticing when you are actually wasting time.  

4. Set your goals


Think about what you want out of life for the next 6 months and set goals accordingly. Make sure that every day you are a little bit closer to your goal.

Just remember that nothing is more important than your well being and that sometimes you need to put yourself first.