serial entrepreneur Jordan French wore this bespoke pinstripe suit to meet venture capitalist John Frankel at South by Southwest Interactive


It seems as if everything is getting revamped these days and when it comes to menswear, the search for the next look has expanded to include those with an entrepreneurial spirit. Today’s modern man is quite comfortable mixing up hoodies and puffy vests, turtlenecks and Chukka boots on casual Fridays at the office. In order to attain the next look, it is critical to have a wealth of information – as well as an assortment of versatile clothing – at your fingertips. His Potion provides the ammunition necessary to take your look to the next echelon of success.

The Must-Have Suits Every Entrepreneur Needs

Before His Potion goes any further, we stress that there are a few items that are absolutely necessary in every man’s closet and are not up for negotiation. Those two essentials are men’s wool or wool-silk blend suits in navy and charcoal grey shades. Entrepreneurs can pull of a multitude of looks with these two shades that can take you from day to night – by ditching the tie or changing your shoes, it is easy to navigate any occasion.

“A well-tailored black suit is your VIP ticket to any occasion.” – Jordan French

Executive Decisions

A power trip demands a power wardrobe and for the man attempting to hone and elevate, the next color to add to the collection is a black suit, which is perfect for the more formal events that you will need to attend in order to rub elbows among the well-heeled. If it can get Jordan French into exclusive Super Bowl and Grammys parties, it certainly can work for you. Once you have worked that black suit into your ensemble, now you can elect to incorporate plaid, double-breasted, houndstooth, or patterned suits to the mix. The true measure of any entrepreneur is being able to get into the room, make that great first impression, and then work the room.


Slim and Refined

Suit styles have dramatically changed the last decade or so, and a slimmer, more fitted look is the way to go these days compared to looser and baggier pants as in years previous. Don’t do a disservice to your agenda or your ensemble with clothes that are not tailor-fit for your frame. Focus on the shoulder area as arguably the most important part of your fitted jacket. That entails sleeves that are a half inch above the cuffs of your shirts and pants which are hemmed to lie directly atop your shoes and laces.

The Next Look for Entrepreneurs

The Beauty of Buttons

Buttons do more for a suit than most men know and now is the perfect time to learn what better buttons can do for your overall look. While two-button suits have been the norm, now it has become popular to customize buttons to get a subtle, more polished finish. Antique or pearl colors can make your suit impossible to miss in a field of power suits, enabling you to make a great impression without saying a word.

don’t fall into the ranks. Be a trendsetter

Shirts and Ties

What lies beneath the jacket – the shirt and tie – are essential components of a power suit and demand just as much attention to make an unforgettable impression. A sharply dressed man should have at least a few white dress shirts in their closet, and they should be exquisitely tailored. Choose ties that reflect the winning personality you want to exude, with a great pocket square to add a touch of class.

The Next Look for Entrepreneurs


The right accessories can speak volumes for a man, so from lapel pins to tie bars, pocket squares to bracelets, the entrepreneurial vibe you wish to convey can lead to fruitful partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions.


Trend Watch

The next look for entrepreneurs in the way of suits is without a doubt color. Once you’ve squared away the basic colors necessary for a business look, think outside the normal range and consider burgundy, dark green, and even light blues as an alternative. At just the right occasion, a great suit in an unconventional hue can give your look the spark it needs and attention that is exceptionally entrepreneurial.


** all photos of Jordan French by photographer Samera Abdelbagi           wardrobe and styling: Coco Accom **


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