This might have become my favorite answer on what I’d do if I’d win the lottery. Cabot Guns is an USA renowned luxury gun maker. This time, a 35kg piece of meteorite that’s been flying round the ears for billions of years, was converted in a set of two pistols called The Big Bang Set. There’s one piece for left hand and another for right-hand use.

Luxury companies have been converting meteorite rocks into expensive watches and jewelry for some time now. However, this is the first time someone made a functional pistol using the same materials. It actually works – according to Cabot, it was tested in a firing range in Indiana.

According to the same source, it took countless hours and tons of cutting edge technology to fabricate all the pieces required for a 1911 Moses Browning pistol. The pistol is finished with a Widmanstatten pattern, which is the result of a very slow cooling. The core of the meteor cooled down at a rate of a few degrees every million years.

There are just 2 pieces made. Each is put to sale for a staggering $4.5 million. Basically, you could own the oldest weapon in the Universe, if you think wide enough. Any takers?