The easiest advice any medical professional will give you for good health is drink enough water. Right now, good health is as valuable as gold dust. While we stay at home to overcome the covid-19 crisis, we have three fun ways for you to stay hydrated. Drink on.

Flavor The Water

Simple, plain H2O may seem boring and uninspiring. Why not make it colourful and interesting? This will surely tempt you to drink water at regular intervals. And the taste is just a pleasant side effect.

You can either immerse fresh fruits like lemon, or veggie slices like cucumber to boost your fluid intake. Flavor water packets work well too.

The Smart Bottle

Technology has made our life easier. Why not adopt it for our water drinking habit too? Smart bottles like DrinKup ($69) will tell you how when you need to top up on H2O. They also keep a log on your activity. Perhaps the best part is that you can keep your water cold or hot in the new smart bottles.

Clean Water Filter

Tap water is safe, but a filter will make it absolutely safe. Filtered water also tastes better than regular water. When you have clear, clean water, you will certainly not hesitate to drink it.