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Matador Surface Converts Any Space Into Work Area

There is nothing more discouraging than finishing a complex job on the car or done fixing the sewer beneath the kitchen sink, then realizing that you still need to clean the place up. It’s especially annoying when you realize that the rug you’ve placed your tools on is now useless due to dripped oil or gas. Matador Surface aims to … continue reading

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Bomber Jackets

Bomber Jackets + Man = Awesome Combo I really like bomber jackets. I know you do too. I mean, they make everyone look cool, no matter the age or year. They’ve been around for some time now, and they still look fresh, the latest surge they received proves that. So let’s make this a starting point for our little story. … continue reading

Tech Tats Monitoring Tattoos

Body 2.0 An Austin-based software design firm called Chaotic Moon are here to give us a new meaning on how our skin can work. Tech Tats is the name of the innovation. We are not turning to cyborgs, but we become more defined and more refined. We basically talk about a wearable techs, or, how they like to put it, … continue reading

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Friday Inspiration #139


This is the Original Friday Inspiration series – amazing things that we handpicked to inspire you to greatness. You have a full weekend ahead, so use it wisely and don’t waste your days of rest on resting!

Earnest Studio Modular Designs

 Creativity to innovation Earnest Studio are a Netherlands based team of creators that came up with this great idea of turning your house into a spot of creativity for everyone living in it to enjoy. The concept  is revolving around modularity, and to me it looks like a symbol of minimalist innovation. The thing is, whenever you think about ways … continue reading

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Two Inches Below The Surface

Most physical characters of ours let it be weight, curves, bumps and whatnot, can be altered using science. You can get a nose job, lose weight and have stuff removed. There are a few things we can’t change, that’s our height. I won’t go into too much detail how someone taller can and is perceived to be more attractive in … continue reading

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Rolex Snoopy Watch

Trickster Art A beautiful collaboration in limited edition. Maybe this is what the winter version of yourself needs this year. Rolex was chosen as the platform to develop it. We talk about the result of a Bamford Watch Department collab with pop art design house Rodnik Band, led by Philip Colbert himself. This Rolex Snoopy Watch is the piece your … continue reading

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The Norlan Whisky Glass

Who ever said drinking whiskey isn’t a science process? The Norlan Whisky Glass combines science and sociology in order to provide the best whisky drinking experience a gentleman can get. The glass comes as a response to all the currently available poor glassware for whisky enthusiasts. It combines fluid dynamics and bio-mimicry to output aesthetic looks and fragrance capturing form. … continue reading

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Rock The Cap While Rocking The Beats

Hats are cool, no doubt about it. The problem arrives when we rightfully try to combine hats and other stuff, like music. First we have the cable wire hanging down our bodies, like a robot. But there’s also the fact that some hats (beanie hats) are tight, drilling the headphones in our earbuds, ouch! The folks at BE Headwear have … continue reading

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Jellyfish Aquarium By Jellyfish Art

Everyone Deserves A Moment Of Peace This is the message which welcomes us on the Kickstarter page of this Aquarium project. Jellyfish Aquarium by Jellyfish Art should be the addition to make your living room or office a better place to stay in. Why is that? Well, if you feel the need to ask this question, you’ve never had an … continue reading

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