One Suit, Four Ways

Sometimes all you need is a cool new suit.
We’ll show you how to get the most out of it.

The Fly Geyser In Nevada

The Fly Geyser, also known as Fly Ranch Geyser, is a small man-made geothermal geyser, located in Washoe County, Nevada, and besides spitting water up to 5 feet into the air, it strikes you with beautiful vibrant colors, making the whole landscape look like a painting. The geyser actually developed by mistake from a leaking geothermal well, which was first drilled back in 1916. Sometime in the 1960s the geothermally heated water found a crack and erupted. It has been spewing gushes of hot water … continue reading

Wally 55 Powerboat

If you’re into water sports, you should take a look at the Wally 55 Powerboat. I forgot to mention one important aspect : if you’re into water sports and you have copious amounts of money. Because,guess what : If you want to put your greedy little hands on a Wally 55, you will have to dig deep into your pockets ;the price tag for this baby is quite striking: $2.4 million or more, depending on the options. Anyway, for such a copious amount of money, … continue reading

$2,400,000 Buy

Nike Air Vortex Vintage

If you’re the opposite of being a lazy couch potato and enjoy running for keeping yourself healthy and fit, Nike has some very cool shoes for you, the Nike Air Vortex Vintage. These babies belong to the V-Series (Vortex, Vengeance and Venture) which were launched back in 1985 and they were targeting  the hard-core runners audience, having a great success thanks to their excellently designed, comfortable and good looking shoes. Well, the V-Series have been “resurrected” and now they are here, for those of you … continue reading

$85 Buy

Beer Can Track Light

If you enjoy drinking beer from time to time, on a daily basis or if you two have fallen in love with each other that you’ve replaced water with it, boy, I have the perfect thing for you! Say hello to the Beer Can Track Light Head. Wondering what this is ? Well, it’s a track lamp that feels like home when attached to a beer can. Tired of your home’s boring looking light sources ? Very well, you don’t have to be serious cat … continue reading

$87 Buy

Uniform Wares 251 Series

Say hello to the Uniform Wares 251 Series, the latest in the Uniform Wares line of timepieces produced by the London watch maker. The 251 Series is a very elegant watch, an updated model from the previous generation and it represents the perfect choice for a gentleman, especially when worn at a special occasion. It features a simple design, some may say it’s a minimalistic one, but that’s part of its charm, don’t you think? The design updates from the previous series include the baton … continue reading

$600 Buy

Shelby GT 350 Pool Table

This car is no longer just a legendary sports car that you can drive around and get milkshakes in at the local diner. It has been transformed into a place of stationary fun, to be placed not in the garage but in the game room of any respectable bachelor house or hostel or whatever– just put it somewhere. The car itself isn’t the real deal, but a realistic model of a Shelby GT 350 Mustang, complete with many amazing details such as working front and … continue reading

$15,000 Buy

The Complete Dexter Gift Set

Dexter fans unite under the one shimmering banner of a mannequin head full of Blu-Ray discs holding the full adventures of your favorite serial killer of serial killers. Not only do you get the entire show in high quality, but the exclusive bonus disc included in the pack offers over 3 hours of special features, such as: • Behind-the-Scenes Cast Interviews, Featurettes and Promos • All-New The Evolution of Dexter Morgan Documentary • All-New The Code Documentary The collection also includes an exclusive Grafix book … continue reading

$381 Buy

Get A Summer Six Pack

Everybody loves a six pack, especially ladies. But what I’m gonna tell you folks will make you happier than 10 days off Dukan diet: now, there’s a special six pack, available for all of us, manly men addicted to physical exercise. Because it’s not easy to hold your beers on a hot day like this, especially when you’re riding a bike. Meet the 6 Pack Bike Bag, the brainchild of a genius, inspired from Kangaroos or something. It’s basically a beer holder which comes very handy when you’re taking … continue reading

$55 Buy