John Varvatos X Converse Weapon Sneakers

If you’re tired of wearing regular sneakers that don’t really express anything and are simply too average for your tastes, check out some nice looking shoes, the John Varvatos X Converse Weapon Studded Mid Sneakers. I know, they have a long name, but believe me, it’s proportional to their “personality”. The collaboration between John Varvatos and Converse is delighting us with some high quality shoes that aren’t only durable, but very modern and stylish, with a twist of S&M. At first glance, these babies seem … continue reading

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Inspiration Friday #22

inspiration 22 Inspiration Friday #22
This week we got a bit nostalgic because summer is running out, and just like most of you guys, we’re pretty obsessed with it and we try to spend it as fun as possible.

This is our weekly inspiration post featuring cool, stylish, awesome stuff and then some more breathtaking and sexy ladies. You can always follow us on most of the social networks – you know the drill. If you’re dying to find out more about any of the stuff here, just use the comments system below and we’ll get back to you asap. Have an amazing week-end and stay smart!

Have No Fear With The Shark Suit

If you’re planning a trip to Australia or to a place where you can go surfing and snorkeling, but you have some serious concerns about the possibility of becoming the main course at a shark’s dinner, well, I have a Shark Suit made just for you! Think I’m kidding? Stick around and check this out. The researchers from the Ocean Institute, at the University of Western Australia, among with the guys from the Shark Attack Mitigation Systems, have been busy little bees and apparently found … continue reading

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When in London, Try Hally’s !

hallys 3 When in London, Try Hallys !

If you’re travelling to London in the near future, you definitely shouldn’t miss the opportunity of visiting one of the prettiest restaurants you can find out there. I’m talking about Hally’s, a sweet place in Parsons Green.
What’s so special about it ? – you might ask. Well, we all know that the weather in the United Kingdom is kind of depressing, if you’re not born and raised in Seattle. If so, the minute you’ll step in Hally’s, you’ll feel like you’re not in London any more, but in a sunny, warm place that will surely change your mood or at least bring a smile on your face with its cuteness.

Range, The Smart Thermometer

Become the best cook you can be with this temperature accuracy helper in the kitchen. The Range is a smart thermometer that will help the amateur chef perfect his kitchen craft and leave out any guesswork from complicated recipes. It only works with Apple devices set up with the Range app. Clip it on, stick it in, set an alert for the temperature you want and then carry on relaxing while Range keeps an eye on the steak for you. Don’t worry about overcooking the … continue reading

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The Fly Geyser In Nevada

The Fly Geyser, also known as Fly Ranch Geyser, is a small man-made geothermal geyser, located in Washoe County, Nevada, and besides spitting water up to 5 feet into the air, it strikes you with beautiful vibrant colors, making the whole landscape look like a painting. The geyser actually developed by mistake from a leaking geothermal well, which was first drilled back in 1916. Sometime in the 1960s the geothermally heated water found a crack and erupted. It has been spewing gushes of hot water … continue reading

Wally 55 Powerboat

If you’re into water sports, you should take a look at the Wally 55 Powerboat. I forgot to mention one important aspect : if you’re into water sports and you have copious amounts of money. Because,guess what : If you want to put your greedy little hands on a Wally 55, you will have to dig deep into your pockets ;the price tag for this baby is quite striking: $2.4 million or more, depending on the options. Anyway, for such a copious amount of money, … continue reading

$2,400,000 Buy

Nike Air Vortex Vintage

If you’re the opposite of being a lazy couch potato and enjoy running for keeping yourself healthy and fit, Nike has some very cool shoes for you, the Nike Air Vortex Vintage. These babies belong to the V-Series (Vortex, Vengeance and Venture) which were launched back in 1985 and they were targeting  the hard-core runners audience, having a great success thanks to their excellently designed, comfortable and good looking shoes. Well, the V-Series have been “resurrected” and now they are here, for those of you … continue reading

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