Wings+Horns Leather High Tops

You know Wings + Horns, don’t you ? If not, you should really check out what these guys have to offer when it comes to high-quality men’s clothing. Based in Canada, Wings + Horns is the kind of brand that leaves you deeply impressed by the high quality materials used, flawless craftsmanship and, last, but not least, the eye-catching design for their products. I have a nice pair of premium sneakers for you guys to admire. Say hello to a nice pair of Wings + … continue reading

$420 Buy

Haiku Fan

The regular ceiling fan is put in a whole new light by Haiku, thus turning a regular household item into an epitome of efficiency and sleekness. The design is flawless, slender and minimal, while the seamless addition of its new LED module turns us into fans of the Haiku Fan. Combining performance with beauty, its discreet motor will give your room the coolness it requires, literally and metaphorically. Varying from soft night light to primary light source, the sixteen light brightness increments are ideal for … continue reading

$1090 Buy

Vinylize Eyewear

For the hipster in you. Since just listening to vinyl records and wearing pretentious glasses wasn’t enough, Vinylize decided to mesh the two hipsteresque activities into one great fashion statement. Eco friendly and pleasing to the eye, these particular frames are stylish, sophisticated and hard on the wallet. If only you knew how to make your own vinyl frames, you sigh. Until that day comes, you can always scrap up some loose change and buy yourself a pair. Prices start from around $400.

$400 Buy

Land Rover Defender Chelsea Wide Track

Kahn Design is a British-based engineering company that specializes in producing bespoke vehicles. They recently presented a totally custom Land Rover Defender 2.2 TDCI SW 90 Chelsea Wide Track. shave impressed us on numerous occasions with their customization work on the classic 4×4. Last year the design team presented their Harris Tweed Edition, and this time around they present their Land Rover Defender Chelsea Wide Track. Although we were huge fans of the blacked out look on the previous model, we are loving the blue, … continue reading

Raven Design 3D Printed Watch

Here’s a really special watch for those of you gentlemen who want something out of the ordinary for wearing, with pride, on your wrists. I give you the rvnDSGN 3D printed timepiece, a piece of work manufactured in solid titanium and the very first to lead the field when it comes to the 3D rapid-prototyping technology, thanks to one creative and talented guy, Zach Raven. These babies are different from anything you’ve seen before, but they don’t really look like it at first glance, as … continue reading

$599 Buy

Get Mobile With The Moby Trailer

Travelling much just for the fun of it ? If you like exploring the great outdoors on your bike and you’re the nature loving type, forget about carrying a tent with you for a while and check out something really awesome for significantly improving your experience. The Moby1 C2 trailer is the answer to all of your prayers when it comes to space. This baby-trailer has a curb weight of 280-320 lbs, a length of 80 inches and comes in two width-versions: of 40 or … continue reading

$6,500 Buy

Friday Inspiration #23

inspiration 23 Friday Inspiration #23

This is our weekly inspiration post featuring cool, stylish, awesome stuff and then some more breathtaking and sexy ladies. You can always follow us on most of the social networks – you know the drill. If you’re dying to find out more about any of the stuff here, just use the comments system below and we’ll get back to you asap. Have an amazing week-end and stay smart!

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

Looking for a comfy, good looking chair for keeping your body cozy while watching tv or reading a book, for example ? Check out the new Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman, which is the Herman Miller’s latest and greatest model, carefully designed for making you feel as if the chair has been specially made for you and your needs. This is not just another piece of furniture that you buy and eventually feel disappointed by its quality. No, sir. This chair will immediately charm you, … continue reading

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