The Mobile Escape Cabin

If you’re a nature lover and an environmentalist, now there’s an Escape for you. Really now, if you want to take a trip in the woods but you want to do it in style,  Escape provides you with all the necessary means for survival and then some : fun! Yeah, you got that now! Escape is “the” cabin in the woods (if you wish), but in a good sense of the word (s). Built from natural materials only, I can … continue reading

$79,000 Buy

Speculo By Simplexio

Inspired by the ever changing beauty of the psyche of the female gender, Simplexio has created a mirror design that brings tribute to this confusing yet spectacular phenomenon. Women can reach such a level of multidimensionality that even themselves can’t comprehend. They can’t see the spectrum of changes they can go through in just a few seconds. They’re crazy now and angels later. We look at them with astonishment and our reactions aren’t able to change as quickly as their tone … continue reading

$978 Buy

Whistle. Your Best Friend’s Activity Monitor

We’re living in a dangerous world, some say, and we need to be supervised 24/7 by Big Bro, just to be kept  out of harm’s way. At least that’s what “they” say. Surveillance is everywhere, from your smart phone to your smart TV and if you don’t believe me, ask Mr. Snowden, you know, that silly dude that used to work for the CIA and the NSA. Now, even dogs are part of the high-tech surveillance grid, with a new … continue reading

$129 Buy

1201 Laurel Way Beverly Hills House

1201 Laurel Way 1 600x323  1201 Laurel Way Beverly Hills House

This is how a $36 million home looks like – a brand new residence in the hills of Hollywood just finished this month.  Palumbo Design and Whipple Russell Architects teamed up and designed the three-story estate with with such luxury amenities as a glass-walled six-car garage, a home theater, a wine room, a Crestron home automation system, Miele kitchen appliances, an infinity pool with a Jacuzzi, and a private deck off the master bedroom with a large fire pit, and more. The asking price?  A cool $36 million. Check out the video below.

This Is How A Smartwatch Should Look And Feel

All the Smartwatch manufacturers today are trying to make us, the customers, look and feel like cyborgs. Sure, we do love gadgets and technology but still, the product must have a cool style. If I wanted a smartwatch to look and feel like my smartphone, I’d just attach a strap to my iPod Nano, and there you go – a smart-something around my wrist. Gabor Balogh took Triwa’s Havana watch pictures and used them to express his vision on how … continue reading

Capture All Of Life With 360 Fly

Say hello to 360 Fly, the lifestyle cam that will make you a modern-day Francis Ford Coppola. If you never heard about the dude, don’t worry, the better for you, you’ll not become intimidated by such illustrious predecessors… Anyway, the 360 Fly is an eye in the sky, basically a bird’s eye cam with a 360 degrees horizontal angle and 240 degrees vertical angle that can be mounted on your head, for example, and transform you into some weird version of … continue reading


30 Lessons I’ve Learned In 30 Years

Bogdan 30 lessons 30 Lessons Ive Learned In 30 Years

We’re all different, and that’s great, I thrive in diversity! Not all the lessons I’ve chosen to share with you are a good fit for each and every one of you, but if you find yourself remembering at least one of them at some point in your life, this list has reached its goal.

Even though you’ve heard most of them before, it took me 30 years to learn and understand each one of them and I still feel like I’m just starting. There were many more, and possibly some of them even better, so before I start the list, here’s an extra lesson – write down your ideas!

Friday Inspiration #49

Friday inspiration 49 Friday Inspiration #49

This is the Original Friday Inspiration series – amazing things that we handpicked to inspire you to greatness. You have a full weekend ahead, so use it wisely and don’t waste your days of rest on resting!

Yea, we’re going 50 next week, 50 Friday Inspirations that is. I just want to say to all of you visitors, photographers or long-time fans a big thank you! Thank you for your comments, your emails, suggestions, photos and all your thoughts, it means the world to us! We have a strong feeling this series is actually inspiring for you and that’s the whole point of it!