It’s Summer in Brazil! Ana Beatriz Barros

Ana Beatriz Barros 24 Its Summer in Brazil! Ana Beatriz Barros

As you’re putting on layer after layer of fabric, people in the Southern hemisphere are enjoying what we can only dream of (for now) – Summer. And Brazil makes no exception, as December is their first month of Summer. And as since I’ve already got you dreaming, here comes Ana Beatriz Barros, one of the hottest Brazilian supermodels that ever walked the catwalks. Check out the photo gallery below, it will surely generate a lot of heat!

Nike Air Flight Classic

The  Nike Air Flight Classic shoe (it originally appeared in ’89) is back and more beautiful than ever!  I was just wondering what the hip-hop world would have been without the air flight classic shoe. This cult shoe came in the late 80’s to the market and has already graced the feet of many famous hip-hop artists and basketball stars – and now they could be yours exclusively threw JD Sports for around $133! The upper layer is made from leather & textile, the sole … continue reading

$133 Buy

Woojer. Audio Accessory For Bass Junkies

Getting to really feel the music isn’t all about having the best pair of headphones hooked up to a highly priced amplifier. In fact, you can literally feel the music vibrating against your chest by hooking up a Woojer. In short words, Woojer represents a condensed (as in very small) form of a subwoofer which transfers synchronized impulses to your body while the music is playing in your headphones. It works by connecting it as an intermediary device between a sound source such … continue reading

$99 Buy

Shrine Sneaker Duffel Bag

Planning a fun weekend getaway doesn’t imply much space for your luggage, but the weekend essentials of an in-style-traveller ask for more than a common travel bag. And the Shrine Sneaker Duffel bag is anything but ordinary. Each sneaker enthusiast will definitely want to take pride in his shoes while travelling, so he must own its personal on-the-go sanctuary for the precious kicks one most proudly possess. Therefore, Shrine’s travel bag main features are the two large, weather-resistant side compartments where your favorite … continue reading

$185 Buy

Atacama Motorcycle Expedition Tent

You like adventure and you like motorcycles. You also like nature, but you need to combine all these with being secure. Why not choosing the new generation of tents from Redverz Gear? We are talking about the third generation of tents, that has been slightly improved, with an interesting design that can accommodate a motorcycle or a full – size expedition bike. This motorcycle tent is not only offering your inanimate friend a good place to rest, but it can accommodate also up … continue reading

$449 Buy

Cocoon. One Device For Your Entire Home Security

Let me introduce you to Cocoon! The elegant, British, smart home security device, totally engaged to your protection. It is a successful mixture of HD Camera, Motion Detection & SUBSOUNDTM Technology in order to notice activity in your home. In case of an unusual event, you will be notified through a Cocoon App on smartphone so you can react properly and become in control of the situation. Probably the most exciting thing about Cocoon is that he learns who ought to be on … continue reading

$299 Buy

Nevo. The Minimalist Smartwatch

Smartwatches tend to look a bit chunky and sporty. If you’re a classy person, but still love technology  you probably find it hard to match your smartwatch with your outfit! But these worries are over! Névo represents a new generation of smartwatches that combines minimalism with technology! What does Névo do besides looking good? Lots of things: it manages your daily activity; tracks steps; gives instant feedback about your activity and motivates you towards healthy daily habits, and much more. Also, it can … continue reading

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Flow Wants To Take Gesture Control to Another Level

While not everyone might find themselves in the position of a graphic designer, engineer or game tester, as are the ones behind Flow, definitely everyone listens to music. You can’t possibly hate the feeling of the knob when you turn up the volume on a station. The need for a new wireless controller came, as producers state, from the lack of intermediary features between pre-existing devices. In other words, some products don’t offer enough variety while others are over-killing it. Enough said, Flow … continue reading

$99 Buy
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