Camo Android Phone Watch

As technology evolves with the speed of light, we shouldn’t be surprised of the changes even the simplest things we use undertake. Wrist watches, for instance, have been transformed into über-cool gadgets. The Camo Android Phone Watch is a clear example of what I’m saying. Even its name gives us a clue that it does more than regular watches which in the last years have become more a fashion-statement than a useful instrument. This is a phone-watch and it does … continue reading

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Avo. Self-cleaning Fish Tank

I know we all are fish lovers and fish tanks most certainly bring a splash of color to our cribs. But this fish maintaining business comes along with several issues that transform passion into pure labor: the water changes, cleaning the filter, removing the dirt, the algae that won’t stop growing… not to mention the smelly water. As time goes by, there’s a lot more to take care of than you’ve signed up for. Avo, a self-cleaning aquarium makes fish … continue reading

$320 Buy

Friday Inspiration #84

Friday inspiration 84 Friday Inspiration #84

This is the Original Friday Inspiration series – amazing things that we handpicked to inspire you to greatness. You have a full weekend ahead, so use it wisely and don’t waste your days of rest on resting!

Chain Clocks

Timepieces wrapping one’s wrist have regularly appeared to be a ‘men only’ thing. Concerning about clocks that before being furnishing objects are living sculptures it certainly won’t suppress your manhood. Overall, you see daily your office clock hanging on your wall and while you’re staring at it you might as well enjoy the view. If you take delight in mechanical stuff, and my guess is that engineering is the one thing that each man knows best, Chain Clocks are definitely … continue reading

$225 Buy

Fontus Condenses Air Into Drinking Water

There was a time for lavishness for our fairly reckless elders. And since times are changing, in terms of natural resources, it is the time for us to become more environmental aware. Water scarcity may be a less highlighted environmental issue these days as long as most of us have their 2 liter of water per day already bottled, but according to UN statistics, in 2030, 47% of the world´s population will be living in areas of high water stress. … continue reading

Topo X Woolrich Collection

When a traditional high-quality material meets a popular ‘classic’ design, it often resides in ‘box office’ hit of the fashion industry, leaving us inappellable empty-handed or empty ‘walleted’. Merging for the second time with the iconic Woolrich brand, the oldest manufacturer of outdoor wear in the USA, Topo Designs, a much more functional oriented label of bags, expertly crafted a line of three high-quality woolen products: Rover Pack, Duffel and Accessory Bag. Though temporary, the collaboration gifted us with long … continue reading

$35 Buy

Floating Sauna Houseboat

I know you have a hard time placing the steamy experience of saunas apart from a spa or a resort. But when your Finnish host invites you to sauna, you should know this is the casual way to introduce you into the Finnish culture. As long as the ‘land of a thousand lakes’ has crossed saunas with its national culture, why not create a vessel especially equipped with a room that can reach a temperature as high as 90 degrees … continue reading

Arctic Trucks Experience. With You Behind The Wheel

arctic 600x250 Arctic Trucks Experience. With You Behind The Wheel

“Winter is coming”, says a fairly well-known character. And it comes with goodies, we might add up. Maybe this year you want to get out of the ordinary skiing routine and do some “not so common” things. Well, if you feel this way, we can advise you to adventure yourself past The Wall into the icy, snowy Iceland (yes, the scenes featuring The Night’s Watch and the Wildlings have been shot in Iceland). You may experience this dreamy, remote land of the vikings, and “choose the path were no one goes”, as the famous song says, in a cool way, that is in some 4 wheel drive Toyotas.

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