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Friday Inspiration #109

This is the Original Friday Inspiration series – amazing things that we handpicked to inspire you to greatness. You have a full weekend ahead, so use it wisely and don’t waste your days of rest on resting!

Goldfinch, The Half Million Pound Piano

Do you want luxury? Because this is how you get luxury. Do you want opulence? Because this is how you get opulence. Born from a collaboration between Goldfinch Pianos and Based Upon artist studio, “The Baby” grand piano stands out in front of everything else around it, no matter where you will place it, wether it’s a grand opera hall or a decently large living room of a mansion. There is hardly much to tell about this piano in order to express its … continue reading

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Jetpacking Over Dubai Or How To Play With Life. Insane & Inspiring Video

I haven’t seen a more captivating video in quite a while now – being completely free and flying over a city (Dubai in this case), looks like a scene from a Hollywood blockbuster, but it’s actually real, being a life-long dream of Yves Rossy. In the beginning of this super sharp video – you can watch this in 4K resolution, Yves explains how he always dreamed of this and how this is him playing with life not playing with death like most people say. Here’s a standing ovation from us, to Yves and generally everyone who’s been following their childhood dreams. We all need to do this, at least at a smaller scale!

This Is Porsche’s Brand New $100 Million Headquarters in USA

Porsche America officially opened its new $100 million Porsche Experience Center (PEC) and headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. This 27-acre state of the art complex is the largest investment outside Germany for the sports car manufacturer. Porsche’s brand new facility is complete with a driver development track, restoration center, classic car gallery, human performance center and driving simulator lab. It also features a 1.6 miles of high-speed courses, an off-road area, museum worthy vintage cars, and a place for buyers to customize their rides. The business center features 13,000 square feet of conference and events space and a fine dining restaurant. The HQ has been specifically designed as a destination for the public, including automotive enthusiasts and Porsche customers.

How to Stay Cool in a Las Vegas Casino

Whether you regard him as “cool” or not, Justin Bieber has the power to cause a stir wherever he goes and in his latest public outing the young singer decided to stake more than money in a Las Vegas casino. Snapped by a sneaky member of the public, Bieber was seen wearing a pair of shades in a fedora in an attempt to look, well, cool. Slick gamblers have often dressed in certain ways in order to appear relaxed at the felt and … continue reading

Gear Up So You Don’t Run Down

Spring is here! For some people, this means they can leave their winter coats home, and grab their raincoats, because the weather is moody. For others, the first season of the year is full of allergies and spring fever, because the organism’s immune mechanisms are weak after a tough winter. But for many people, this season is full of joy, because now they can enjoy the nature’s rejuvenation. In this last category, the happiest people are the sportsmen. Now they can finally leave their dusty gym and small apartments and go for a jog in parks or stadiums. Now they can grasp the full benefits of a balanced and natural run under the pale sun of spring. But for the full pleasure of a prosperous run, a man needs his gadgets, because a man needs to keep up with technology, no matter what. Are you fully aware of the best running gear for men available on the market? If not, read on!

Lockpick School Kit In A Box

Does it look like lock-picking could be done so fast just in movies? Well, think again. Probably anyone could learn how to take out the locksmith inside them and figure out how to pick a lock. You have to start easy, then increasing difficulty until it gets really challenging. Guess what? The guys from Markershed are offering a lockpick school kit that fits inside a wooden box. That’s right, you will get your own tool set and locks to play with until your … continue reading

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Bruno Is The World’s First Smart Vacuum Trash Can

You’ve got to hate that fine line of dust that never goes into the dust pan while you are brooming. It gets thinner and thinner, but it never actually disappears. Also, the need to constantly bend over and broom your way through the house can get really uncomfortable for your back, producing pains that might last on the long run. Still, if you manage to fill the dust pan with all the debris, what do you do if you’re out of trash bags? … continue reading

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