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Top 10 Hyper Cars You Haven’t Heard About

New Balance 580 Re-Engineered

A Sleek Sneaker in White and Grey This time, sneakers have been taken to a different look entirely. Those well acquainted with sneakers are usually aware of New Balance’ latest models. Of course, One of particular note was the New Balance 580, a shoe that produced many a spinoff in its color coordination. The whole list is long, and each shoe … continue reading

$120 Buy

James Bond Pre-Dayton Watch by Rolex

Don’t ask for price Having a Rolex is a prestigious thing to have, no matter how old you are. Picking one out for yourself or for someone you love should be a careful process, because you have a lot of options. It is not the most famous watch brand for no reason. Rolex makes the best luxury watches in the … continue reading

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Monday Mayhem #13

It’s Monday once again, and it’s time to cause some mayhem! Running your favorite movie on a late evening? The best runs are done elsewhere; on the street or on the track. This is Monday Mayhem – 20 handpicked photos of automotive power, design and plain evilness, ready to lift your heart rate and focus your attention. Check them out … continue reading

5 Sneakers That Caught Our Attention This Week

Go for sneakers! A new week means a new Monday, and although it definitely isn’t everyone’s favorite topic, you can lay down and check these 5 sneakers that caught our attention this week. The list is below, so scroll down! We’d love to hear your opinion over which is your favorite. 1. New Balance ML2016 All Murdered Out Combining past … continue reading

Diamond Atelier BMW Mark II Series

A Simple Question Boys, we got a simple question for you today: which kind of man you like to be? The conventional, boring one? Or the one who likes to play by its very own rules? Choosing the answer shouldn’t be that difficult. First step is to agree with us that the BMW Mark II Series is a holy beast … continue reading

$23.000 Buy

Welcome To The New Music 2.0

Meet Basslet, The Portable Subwoofer Finally, you can literally feel the music. I like to call it Music 2.0, so I hope the preparedness you got matches this enhanced, improved music experience delivered by Basslet, the portable subwoofer. One might call it a wristband, and while it’s resembling the looks of a watch, it will amaze you like you’ve never … continue reading

$210 Buy

HTC Vive VR Headset

Augment Your Life With HTC Vive Available since June 2016, HTC Vive promises to ring you the best virtual reality experience available in our times, which is less than what we’ll find ten years from now, but is everything compared to a decade ago. Just imagine the implications this thing can have upon gaming, watching a movie or interacting with … continue reading

$799 Buy

A-Frame Triangle Cliff House

Every once in awhile all of us get a desire to leave the urban environment and relocate to a secluded place in nature. Because the busyness of the city can sometimes be too much, we all need to recharge our batteries and breathe in the clean air. Maybe find a small house with a good view that is not too … continue reading

Friday Inspiration #169


This is the Original Friday Inspiration series – amazing things that we handpicked to inspire you to greatness. You have a full weekend ahead, so use it wisely and don’t waste your days of rest on resting!

1952 Buick Super Riviera “Bombshell Betty”

More than a wheeled rocket Are you eager to slip your way onto the unmeasurable salt lands, topping out dial twisting top speed numbers? Most of the time, this is achieved by so called rockets on wheels. These jet engine based vehicles who only know how to do one thing: go forward and go fast. Even in this metallic muscle … continue reading

$195,000 Buy
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