Friday Inspiration #92

Friday Inspiration 92 Friday Inspiration #92

This is the Original Friday Inspiration series – amazing things that we handpicked to inspire you to greatness. You have a full weekend ahead, so use it wisely and don’t waste your days of rest on resting!

Hash Is A Modular Bookshelf

Bookworms know it best. Books come in different sizes and shapes such that at some point it gets really tricky to fit them all into a shelf. Is there any quick and easy solution to finally arrange them all? What if, instead of moving and twisting the books you could move and twist the shelf? Max Voytenko, the mastermind behind the scenes at Line Studio came up with HASH, a modular bookshelf. What’s so cool about it? You can create a quite large … continue reading

$TBA Buy

Land Rover Defender Celebration Series

Behold, as before us lays a story that seems to be out of a movie. Two brothers meeting on a beach and developing a car that was about to become a worldwide symbol of strength, toughness and class: the Land Rover. In order to celebrate a new chapter in the Land Rover Defender story which started 68 years ago in 1947, three limited edition models of the make will be released. According to Nick and Stephen Wilks, nephew and respectively son of Land … continue reading

$94,000 Buy

Misfit Bolt Is A Wirelessly Connected Smart Bulb

There is a common problem among people who think their house lacks a touch of style, but they can’t figure out what to change. Changing the light bulbs might not be the first thing to think about, at least until now. Introducing Misfit Bolt – the light bulb that you control remotely from your phone. At first, it may look just like a regular bulb that went through a face-lift process. However, Bolt can actually change its light color in order to fit … continue reading

$50 Buy

Nike SB Free Premium

If you did not find a pair under the Christmas tree, you might want to go ahead and grab one of these Nike pairs from the store. Nike SB Free Premium shoes is the first pair of skateboarding shoes made to flex along with the foot and allow natural movement when under stress. According to producers, Nike SB Free was designed to sync with even the tiniest foot movement when skating. This is why it facilitates natural motion and does not interfere and … continue reading

$125 Buy

Tool Pen: A Multi-Tool You Can Carry Everywhere

Tighten the screws, loose the bolts or repair something quickly. It can happen anywhere, anytime and you simply cannot carry the box of tools with you everywhere. How about carrying a pan? Not just any pan, but a Tool Pen with 6 interchangeable bits which come in slotted, metric hexagon, imperial hexagon, Philips, square, star shape, etc. You have 22 bits options but the pen can only hold 6 at once. All bits are made of high-quality, milled SAE 8660 and you can … continue reading

$60 Buy

QardioBase: The Wireless Smart Scale

You have always wanted to know more than just your weight when using a scale. How about your body fat, body mass index, or water, muscle and bone composition? The QardioBase can do all these. The wireless smart scale is less than an inch thin (19.5mm) and can measure up to 396 Lbs (180kg). What adds to QardioBase uniqueness, is the fact that it smiles or frowns up depending on your weight progress, instead of numbers. This is called smart feedback and it is … continue reading

$130 Buy

How Men Enjoy The Races

Despite the fact that men are often viewed as loving races, competition, and sports in general, big time horse racing is commonly associated with women. The main reason for this is that major horse racing festivals are increasingly viewed and even marketed as fashion exhibitions. It started with the “Derby Hats” that have obtained wild popularity at the Kentucky Derby and elsewhere throughout the world, but now horse racing fashion for women is essentially its own category of bold, colorful looks and over-the-top … continue reading

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