The Hemloft. Secret Tree House in Canada

A Canadian software developer turned carpenter, Joel Allen dedicated countless hours to building this tiny HemLofttreehouse dwelling in the woods of Whistler. The residence is shaped like an egg, and has plenty of room to spend a few nights under the stars, enjoying everything the great outdoors has to offer. While it’s still considered a secret in some regards (not many people know exactly where this thing is at), Allen says that it’s just a short 5-minute walk from the main … continue reading

Gokey. Your Phone’s New Best Friend

Don’t get carried around by the title, because GOkey will help your survival only if you’re an ultra geek living in a high tech environment. An ultra high-tech environment, that is. Because what it does is pretty simple and straightforward : it will help you, nerds, to find your keys, smartphone, even your head, if it’s not well screwed onto your shoulders. To be honest, this gadget is pretty useful if your life revolves around your smartphone: attached to your key … continue reading

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We’re Hiring New Writers

Write for us We’re Hiring New Writers

If you’re a HisPotion fan, you know we’re passionate about what we’re doing. If you’re into smart stuff for men and would like to join our team, now’s your chance to do so!

What we’re looking for:

This Seems Unreal: The Pocket Molecular Sensor

I don’t know if you’re into physics, and I don’t mean the girl’s physiques. I am talking here about spectroscopy. Well, even if I generally hate smartphones and especially people using high tech gadgets that don’t even comprehend for meaningless purposes, now I am in awe, because two very nerdy looking guys just invented the ultimate gadget for your smartphone. It’s called SCiO and it’s a portable molecular sensor that can be carried around with you and it’s perfectly capable of … continue reading

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Walnut & Maple MacBook Sleeve

If you’re lucky enough to own one of Apple’s Macbooks, well, let me present you with another “must have” item : a Maple Macbook Sleeve. The good news is that it works on Macbook Air, iPad Air, iPad mini and so on and so forth, and it’s available in 13 inch, but what the hell? For a measly $99, you’ll dress up your precious in a handcrafted wood/veneer sleeve, to quote from the website. If you’re the patriotic type, rest … continue reading

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Friday Inspiration #59

friday inspiration 59 Friday Inspiration #59

This is the Original Friday Inspiration series - amazing things that we handpicked to inspire you to greatness. You have a full weekend ahead, so use it wisely and don’t waste your days of rest on resting!

LIX – The Smallest 3D Printing Pen in the World

An advanced enough technology seems like magic for the untrained eye. The same thing can be told in regard to LIX, an almost magic-like tool that enables its users to draw in the air, without using a regular pen or paper. Basically, what we’re dealing with here is a 3D printing pen, the smallest in the world, according to its creators. LIX is a tool aimed for professional use, coming handy for architects and designers in the first place. It allows … continue reading

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Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

Samsung just released the latest weapon in its “conquer the world” arsenal : the Galaxy K Zoom smartphone, a droid that vows to put Nokia’s lens to shame. Samsung uses a retracting lens technology that allows you to take pictures using 10x optical zoom, just like in standalone cameras. And that’s pretty cool for a relatively slim and and definitely sexy smartphone. The gadget is very easy to use, thanks to Samsung’s proprietary Pinch Zoom and Quick Zoom features. The K Zoom … continue reading