Dom’Up Tree House Is Your Own Outdoor Home

The Dom’Up tree house is most likely the upgraded, pumped-up version of what we wished to have in our sweet childhood. A tree house where you can actually sleep in, read, listen to music or simply spend time with a loved one. Bruno de Grunne, dutch arboriculturist and architect Nicolas d’Ursel have spend time together and what came out is a suspension style tree house that requires as little as two trees to be properly anchored. Dom’Up rests on a lightweight octagonal platform … continue reading

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Stream All Witheboard Notes With Equil Smartmarker

A meeting room just doesn’t look right if there is no whiteboard present around. Usually, that is the key element for expressing ideas, sketches, graphs or any other kind of info that you need to work on and that also must be visible to the audience. Smartmarker is one of a kind device that allows you to actually record what you are writing on the whiteboard and then transfer it to a third-party element through specifically designed apps. From distance, you might actually … continue reading

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Friday Inspiration #96


This is the Original Friday Inspiration series – amazing things that we handpicked to inspire you to greatness. You have a full weekend ahead, so use it wisely and don’t waste your days of rest on resting!

DTV Shredder Is A Brand New Type Of Off-Road Vehicle

It can’t be denied that ATVs are a great piece of engineering, especially when you are about to tackle muddy terrain or any other surface that’s not asphalt. However, for some it might seem a big too big and restrictive in terms of maneuvering. Combining the liberty of movement found in snowboards and the power of motocross and ATVs, the DTV Shredder results. In order to provide such movement, the Shredder includes a patented dual-CTV transmission that smoothly transforms your body movements into vehicle … continue reading

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CoeLux: Artificial Lighting System That’s As Real As The Sunlight

From all the possible color nuances and temperatures, solar light is the best there is. Eyes don’t get tired in natural light as they do under artificial light conditions, and also there are very few environments that can work well for photos, other than direct sun light. However, it seems that science did one more breakthrough. Italian company CoeLux developed a complex LED system that provides “natural” light for cut-off spaces. Scientists figured out how to simulate the Rayleigh scattering phenomenon which … continue reading

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You’ll Never Lose Your Where’s Wallet

It happened so many times for you to forget your wallet at home, at your office or at a friend’s house that you simply stopped counting? Well, don’t worry, you are not the only one. That is why MIJLO Collective has created the Where’s Wallet, the smart wallet you will never lose. Each wallet comes with a built in unobtrusive sensor, so that you will never have to worry about losing your wallet ever again. You simply download the Where’s Wallet app for … continue reading

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The Polar Pen Is A Fun Modular Pen Made of Magnets

Are you on the lookout for a cool writing tool? Or you simply like playing with things? Well, we have something for you no matter the category you belong to! Curious? Let us introduce you the Polar pen: the world’s first modular pen made out of magnets!You can use it as a pen or as a stylus,  or you can change it into all sorts of things: compass, revolver, spring – here are tons of possibilities! It will keep you busy for hours! When … continue reading

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24 Most Outstanding Business Cards

It’s no secret that a good presentation is vital for your business. Thus, a good business card is a compulsory element. But they are so plain: just a cardboard square with something printed on it, and maybe an interesting logo. Well, let us prove you wrong! Nowadays, business cards can be very original. They no longer have to be rigid, they can be amusing, or they can be something useful, or even a tool!  You simply have to find the right one to … continue reading