10 Must Have Items That Never Go Out of Fashion

Beard Styles In 2015

Or How To Shape Your Personality

Top 10 Hyper Cars You Haven’t Heard About

Olympus TG-870, The Tough Camera

Looking For Resilience? Olympus TG-870 is branded as a tough camera for a reason. You can believe us when we say this is made for you, if you’re looking for a resilient digital camera to bring when going to pay a visit inside the heart of mother nature. The things to consider here are the weight, a 225g in total … continue reading

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Understanding the Value of Genuine Quality Dress Socks

As modern fashion continues to advance and move from trend to trend, it’s always comforting to see timeless styles and accessories remain in good taste, such as quality dress socks. And while the majority of people both wear and even enjoy socks on a daily basis, very few actually understand the true value of a quality pair, and how they … continue reading

Dress Like Your Favorite Male Celebrity

Women are not the only ones that look to stars to help them figure out what to wear. These days, men have jumped into the fashion realm in a big way, with a new crew of men in entertainment, sports, and beyond helping The Average Joe find his style slot. Whatever your personal aesthetic may be, there is someone in the … continue reading

Redefine Your Image With The Trakline Belts

Trakline Belts are Designed for the Man Ready to Act I’m actually a very big fan of clothing accessories. It’s something like a weakness to me, because in the smallest of details lies the great change. It’s here where you manage to get yourself out of the ordinary line. But first and foremost, accessories are designed to bring utility, to … continue reading

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Weekend Retreat in Hudson Woods

If you are living in a big city like the most of us, working a nine to five job during the week you must be missing nature amongst all those tall buildings and concrete sidewalks. The best way to reconcile your love of living in the city with your likely need for a natural environment is to spend a balanced … continue reading

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5 Sneakers That Caught Our Attention This Week

Single toned, two toned, rainbow colorways and bold impressions have flooded the sneaker market this week, and we are bringing you the 5 sneakers that caught our eye while surfing around. This week’s selection features OG colorways as well as 3D printed silhouettes. Go ahead and check out the list below, then let us know what you think! 1. Nike … continue reading

Stock up! Old Single Malt Scotch Shortage Incoming

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.” – Mark Twain If you love your Scotch, then I have some bad news for you. I’m not even going to sugarcoat it. You deserve it straight. The World is running low on single malt Scotch. I know. It’s terrible. It’s enough to make Frank Sinatra turn in … continue reading

Levitating Tetrahedron Super Yacht

The Levitating Pyramid Schwinge Yachts unveiled their latest creation, the levitating pyramid, a most beautiful identified flying object of a watercraft, that can be seen around the little blue planet. After looking at it, we could mistake it for something coming from outer space, and there is nothing wrong about that. Something like this was imaginable only in Jules Verne’s … continue reading

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The Stone Cup – Refine Your Drinking Experience

In the last fifty years or so we have gotten into a really bad habit of drinking all sorts of beverages from non-natural materials, like plastic. Often it is disposable plastic or paper cups and by using them we are damaging our environment and creating massive amounts of trash. It is bad for the planet and it is bad for … continue reading

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Wipebook Pro Allows You To Erase Notes

Frank Bouchard and Toby Maurice, two amazing guys from Canada have come up with this updated version of the Wipebook. Wipebook is a reusable whiteboard notebook, so you can use it for drawing, sketching, note taking, to do lists and all sorts of things. The best thing about it is that you will never waste paper again. It is like … continue reading

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