MOTA Smartring Brings News To Your Fingertips

It is not very polite to answer the phone while in a meeting, and it is especially embarrassing when it rings from the bottom of a purse and you can’t quickly turn it off. Even smart watches require you to pull up your sleeve in order to view different updates and notifications. However, when it comes to MOTA Smartring, social network updates, calls and e-mail are at your fingertips; literally. The ring connects to your Android or iOS smartphone through Bluetooth 4.0 technology … continue reading

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Coolbox Is The Technology Packed Reinvention Of The Toolbox

Toolboxes haven’t evolved much over the last decades… But this is about to change! The Coolbox is about to hit the stores! Besides all the compartments and storage space provided by every toolbox, the Coolbox comes with a rugged design and some awesome new features! It comes with dual handles, bluetooth speakers, LED lights, a whiteboard, retractable power cord, 3 way power splitter, … continue reading

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The Diversity of Online Daters

We have all heard of online dating, and those who have tried it have found it to be a viable option to finding kindred spirits looking for love and companionship. In fact, the online dating scene has grown into a scene which is now diverse enough to accommodate a variety of different online daters. This makes it important for people to find the right site, tailored to their needs. So what kind of online dater are you? The Committed Dater Standing on the … continue reading

An Insightful Video On Why Movie ‘Drive’ Looked So Impressively Cool


With the Oscars right around the corner, it’s time to try to better understand a film. Try to see past its action and its actors performance, which you can probably distinguish already, or at least you think you do.  Ever wondered why you liked the movie Drive so much? Watch this short clip and you’ll get a spectacular glimpse of a world you probably haven’t seen before, the awesome world of cinematography and framing.

The PlyShelf

Are you looking for the perfect shelf to add to your favorite room? Simple in appearance, but complicated underneath – the PlyShelf from matterdesign fits every room due to its stylish and ingenious design. Resembling the classical wall mounted bracket shelf system we all know, the PlyShelf comes with a twist: it morphs separate entities  into a single shelf with variable thickness. The wall studs are aligned with the brackets which, for this purpose, have been spaced at sixteen inches on center. Between … continue reading

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Moment Case Turns Your iPhone Into an Interchangeable-Lens Camera

You love your iPhone 6, but you would be happier if you could also take better pictures with it, right? You now have the solution, without even having to undergo all the usual steps: take out your phone, unlock it, adjusting the scene and taking a picture. How can you take faster and better pictures? The Moment Case, is the first iPhone … continue reading

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Breva Genie Watch With Built-in Speedometer

Let’s face it! Men are obsessed with watches, just like women are obsessed with shoes. There are hundreds, if not thousands of models to choose from, but still, there is always something new to impress us. I am talking about the Breva Genie 03 with a built-in speedometer. Speed and elegance brought together for the active man of the 21st century. This is the first watch with a speedometer which uses wind to help measure speed. When the stud at 2 o’clock is … continue reading

$60,000 Buy

Upgrade Your Man Cave With Neon Signs

Are you looking for a salute or a funny text to greet your visitors the moment they enter your place? Neon Mfg’s ready to hang texts will not do all the talk for your on your date, but it will definitely bring a smile on the face of whoever’s reading it. Established in USA, Neon Mfg offers a wide variety of neon writings that can be either hung or mount on a wall using two nails or screws. There are quite a few … continue reading

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