Friday Inspiration #61

friday inspiration 61 Friday Inspiration #61

This is the Original Friday Inspiration series - amazing things that we handpicked to inspire you to greatness. You have a full weekend ahead, so use it wisely and don’t waste your days of rest on resting!

Kairos. World’s First Smart Watch Hybrid

Kairos, proudly announced as “the world’s first and only mechanical watch hybrid”, is one of those gadgets that you just have to have even from their pre-order stage. Luckily, this shiny wrist toy will be available in less than two months, the early bird special prices having as much as 60% discount from its retail price. (Even with these discounts, the prices still range from $499 to a steep $1199.) These being said, let’s move on to what the watch is all … continue reading

$499 Buy

The Parrot Drone aka BEBOP

Coming soon, in a sky near you, the Parrot Bebop Drone, and that’s almost a haiku! Yeah, baby, it’s almost weekend and if it’s weekend, let us have some fun with a drone, because nowadays drones are all the rage. Drones and big brother, it’s like nineteen eighty four 2.0 with a twist of fun!!! Now, don’t get paranoid, because BEBOP is built for your own safety, naturally. It has a GPS module that enables it to find the way … continue reading


Pharell Red Carpet Outfit

Pharrell Red Carpet Outfit Pharell Red Carpet Outfit

Pharell’s style, just like his music, gets better and better with time. After last year’s Get Lucky (featuring Daft Punk), and this year’s Happy, Pharrell’s popularity has increased tremendously. Not to mention all these people searching for Pharrell’s Hat. So here it is!

Blidu. The New Landscape Of Office Furniture

This multifunctional table is meant to help create an innovative workspace, one with minimalist influences and the ability of clearing up your space visually so that you can better focus on your work. Developed in a 3D program inspired by low-poly designs, the table is made out of cherry wood. Integrated in the surface of the table are several docking stations for your tablet and smartphone, as well as four USB hubs. You could say it comes with effortless and stylish connectivity, … continue reading

CleverPet. A Dog Game Console

CleverPet is a console that enables automatic all-day play for your beloved furry friend and lets you go about your business without feeling guilty that you’ve neglected your pet or left it home alone with only the couch and your shoes as chewing entertainment. How great is that? It doesn’t only entertain your pet, but also educates it, increasing the challenges as your pet learns. It uses your pet’s favorite dry food in order to engage it, and rewards it when … continue reading

$129 Buy

Apple In Car Technology

Electronics giant, Apple, has reportedly continued its tradition for innovation with its new CarPlay product. It is the company’s solution to creating in-car smartphone connectivity on dashboards across the world, and it revealed the product for the first time at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. Yet search engine monolith, Google, has now very much entered the electronics hardware industry, with its range of tablets, smartphones, smart watches and Google Glass. It has partnered with … continue reading

Triwa Sort of Black Gold Chrono

Once upon a time, when I was happy and travelling in Berlin, I knew an Iranian dude with a gold tooth and a golden Benz. I think this Triwa Black Gold Chrono watch would fit like a glove for my friend Ahmed and his yellow Mercedes Benz. I mean, take a look at this beautiful $460  golden watch with a little touch of black on the hands! Ain’t that something? I bet every cabbie driver in Tehran would kill his white … continue reading

$460 Buy
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