10 Must Have Items That Never Go Out of Fashion

Beard Styles In 2015

Or How To Shape Your Personality

Top 10 Hyper Cars You Haven’t Heard About

Managing Your Resources: Why Multitasking Sucks

Successful people tend to think it’s a must-have ability, employers want it on your resume and you are desperately looking for a way to improve it: multitasking. The idea of being able to do multiple tasks at the same time in order to boost productivity is considered a game-changer. However, here comes the sad but true punchline: Multitasking isn’t possible … continue reading

Unisex Apparel: Is This a Niche You Can Pull Off?

To say that menswear has significantly upped its game in the past few years is an understatement of epic proportions. Not only is men’s fashion experiencing a windfall that has reached the far corners of the globe, it has also quickly merged with womenswear to create a distinct genre that has previously been in the background of the industry. Until … continue reading

gti35 Watch: Celebrating 40 Years Of VW GTI

GTI is one of Volkswagen’s iconic models that is now celebrating 40 years of existence. Built for the first time back in 1976, Volkswagen GTI represents a cue of performance and style that other world renowned automakers had difficulties in replicating. To celebrate the event, fansite gti35 offers a special edition watch with a rather lengthy name: “40 YEARS OF THUNDER … continue reading

$169 Buy

Keysmart Holds Your Keys Together Tightly

We probably all started small when it comes to keys. One from the front door, another from the car, and maybe one from the whiskey stash you wish your wife wouldn’t know about. At this point, a keyring is pretty easy to manage, even easy to misplace, causing you to check all your pockets twice before finding it. Still, as you add … continue reading

$16 Buy

Tech Guide: Garmin Vivomove

Garmin Vivomove Is Possible For Everyone Probably the main counter argument for a fitness tracker is the design. I mean, how difficult it is to match it to your suit and tie, right? Well, Garmin made available a solution to this. It’s called Vivomove. The watch is stylish in many aspects, giving you reasons to wear one. You can choose … continue reading

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5 Sneakers That Caught Our Attention This Week

It’s sneaker time! Just as before, we’ve been going through the latest releases and selected 5 pairs that caught our attention the most. Check them out below. We’d love if you’d share you opinion on which one you like the most. 1. adidas NMD Runner “Black Camo” Gaining popularity faster than ever, the NMD silhouette has been dressed by adidas … continue reading

Monday Mayhem #4

Ready to cause some Mayhem? Check out this week’s 20 handpicked cars, all ready to make your heart pound harder and feet itch for the throttle. We’d love to know which one’s your favorite. Also, if you have a  suggestion or a pic that looks great, please contact us and we’ll add it to next week’s list.    

1,400HP Nissan Patrol “Sleeper”

In automotive culture, a “sleeper” is considered to be a vehicle that packs huge amounts of power but without any visual cues to give out its abilities. Saudi Emirates, Qatar and other regions known for their petrol business tend to showcase insanely expensive cars, taking no shame in revealing the most costly options: gold plating, huge power outputs, one of … continue reading

MINI SAFE Wallet Secures Your Money

You would think your money, credit cards and IDs are safe within the enclosure of your wallet, but you rarely think what would happen if you lost the wallet. Even if you let it unsupervised for a few moments, someone might actually be able to take out a few bills or sniff personal information that could be used for various … continue reading

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Riva Ferrari 32 Speedboat: A Classic Water Glider

It’s not unusual to see luxury automakers aiding or putting their fingerprint on side-products like perfumes or clothing lines. However, the 1990 Riva 32 speedboat takes influence to the next level. This iconic-looking watercraft resulted from the collaboration between Ferrari and shipyard Riva, the latter being famous for collaborating in the past with other automotive names: Lamborghini and McLaren. A rather … continue reading

$200,000+ Buy
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