Several people are unaware that the well-known comedian Chris Tucker was once the highest-paid actor in Hollywood. That was before Chris Tucker became a big name in the film business.

Destin Christopher Tucker has already entered the list of celebrities struggling financially as of 2021. You may be wondering what he did when he was younger. So we have got you covered, don’t worry. Continue reading to learn more about Chris Tucker’s Net Worth in 2021 and his son.

Chris Tucker and his son

Destin Christopher Tucker is the only son of celebrity Chris Tucker’s. Destin, like his father, became involved in the film industry. Chris Tucker made his stand-up debut on HBO’s Def Comedy Jam in the 1990s, and he remained a regular for the remainder of the decade.

Early Life of Destin Christopher Tucker

Destin Christopher Tucker was born on September 14, 1998, in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. He is the child of the most successful actor Chris Tucker and housewife Azja Pryor.

Destin grew up in a financially secure home because his mother and father married while Chris Tucker was at his peak performing era. As a result of his father’s prosperity, he no longer had a scarcity of components.

Regrettably, his mother and father divorced. However, he did remain imprisoned with his father and lived close to him. Destin grew up in Atlanta and went to a nearby high school. He then earned his bachelor’s degree at Morehouse College and graduated within the last year. After graduation, he relocated to Los Angeles to pursue writing, directing, acting, and other creative endeavours.


Given his father’s celebrity, Destin Christopher Tucker attended the pleasant faculties. He attended Oaks Christian School, a prestigious college in California, his mother being in Los Angeles. He developed a passion for sports and played for the college basketball team. After graduating from high school at 19 years old, Destin moved to Atlanta to study film at Morehouse College. This determined him to move closer to his father, Chris.

Destin Tucker


Destin Tucker appeared in the 2019 film Love in Moreno Valley. Furthermore, according to his Instagram bio, he is a producer, author, and director. He is very likely to do well as he has connections with people in the film industry, of course with his father’s support.

Destin Christopher Tucker Net Worth

Destin Christopher benefits from his father’s enormous fortune while also making money. His father has a $5 million web list. Most probably, his father must have been the driving force behind his career. Destin is currently on Instagram with nearly 5,000 followers.

Family and Relationship

Destin Christopher Tucker had not been seen in a relationship until 2021. In the new year of 2022, he posted a picture of himself and a woman who is very close to him. Unfortunately, he did not tag her, making it difficult to find her. However, after looking through his list, the woman was identified as Amya. She is a twenty-two-year-old woman, with brown hair and brown eyes. She also loves dogs and owns one named Duke Ellington. Amya enjoys travelling and has an older sister.

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