Founded by Robert Young Pelton, the young American company DPx Gear (Dangerous Places Extreme) has specialized in the design of high-quality equipment for hostile environments. If you encounter unexpected challenges, military or rescue missions in the wilderness, hunting or survival, if you’re miles away from help in a life-hostile environment, you can’t afford material failure. The knives are the result of often asked prayers, DPx Gear making the company’s philosophy to let experienced users of DPx Gear constantly take part in the development and refinement of the knife, getting feedback from them, thus supplying their demands, offering survival equipment for high performance. The company offers no less than 4 collections of knives, HEST, HEFT, HEAT plus the newly announced, and our favorite HIT.

[adsense300gray]DPx HIT(Handle Inversion Tool) will include two models of knives: the HIT Cutter and the HIT Skinner. A key feature of this series is the patent locking mechanism DPx Centric, which can be used as the protection for the blade, and as part of the knifes handle. Both models are made ​​entirely of stainless steel.

The Cutter is available for pre-order with a price of $35 and The Skinner will arrive later this year and will cost $187.50, probably because of its polished and more refine looks.


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