There really is only one way to say this simply, this thing is cool. If you’re a minimalist by nature, you’ll definitely get a kick out of these second edition watches. Divided by Zero, a small watchmaking based in Canada, has put up a watch built for the scientific mind.

The very design is made in such a way as to keep a low profile. As a result, it entails a black color scheme using minimal amounts of blue to split up the focus. However, with the second edition, they’ve decided to add some character and ability to help distinguish themselves.

Also, With seven different versions of the watch series, it opens you up to the option of choice. Each watch is good for different functions, and each will help you in different ways. The Kickstarter they’ve used is already well funded, so you can be sure you’ll see these on the market soon enough. But if you’d like to see if they’ll give you and benefits for donating early, it’s worth a look.