The Ducati Diavel Cromo

ducati diavel cromo The Ducati Diavel Cromo

Described as ‘Diavel soul, classic style’, this chromed beauty is flawless. The oil bath clutch with “slipper” function means that you get a much lighter clutch lever at the handlebar, perfect for lagging traffic or during long trips. With its 162hp and colossal 94lb-ft (127.5Nm) of torque, the Ducati Diavel will cut the highways in two.  Efficient power delivery is ensured by the massive 58mm (2.28in) section exhaust headers that lead the 2-1-2 system through power-enhancing equal lengths, while the vertically stacked silencers carry catalytic converters to provide Euro 3 conformity.

You’ll be one flaming head short of the Ghost Rider.

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By on April 27th, 2012
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