Laptops are made to be powerful but in the same time remain portable. In this note, producers will try to keep laptop sizes under 17 inches, as anything bigger becomes way less portable and does not provide advantage of a desktop anymore. However, although a laptop can pack some serious CPU power and quite a bit of RAM memory, it all gets a bottleneck at the display size. Visual developers, programmers and multimedia users can benefit from two additional screens for their laptop, using Sliden’Joy.


Sliden’Joy screens can be attached using aluminum hinges, allowing for 180 degrees of mobility. Doubling or tripling screen area can be of real use in business presentation conditions, media editing and immersive gaming experiences. In order to connect one or two extra screens, one most magnetically connect Sliden’Joy to the back of their laptop screen and then slide out the two extra displays. Then, in order to acquire visual data, Slidn’Joy must be connected to the laptop via an USB 2.0 or, preferably, USB 3.0 port. At the moment, Sliden’Joy comes in three size versions: 13″, 15″ and 17″. According to founders, other sizes will be made available as the product progresses.

Using the kickstarter campaign, users can pledge amounts starting at $221 for one display and $332 for the double display option of Sliden’Joy. While there is no definitive date since when the product will be delivered, the only information is the founder’s statement, strongly believing that Sliden’Joy will reach its first buyers before Christmas this year.