The Big Black Book Of Very Dirty Words

Here are some of these very dirty words you’ll learn if you’ll read this BBB of VDW, as we like to call it for short: Airplane Blonde. Intercorpse. Prostitot. Queef. Rainbow Kiss. If you’re interested in creative ways of insulting people, be they people you hate or people you love, or if you just want to show off your insult finesse, then this is the reading material for your extended porcelain throne sessions. But be advised: not everyone will understand that … continue reading

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Opening Ceremony Shoes

Featuring a lace-up front, leather upper, combined leather and rubber sole and casual leather lining, this shoe is positively wonderful. It’s perfect for special occasions, such as promotion-accepting-speeches, dates that end with you proposing or simply participating at some fancy gala. Sizes range from 40 to 46 (European size), and they’re guaranteed to fit like a… well, glove.

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Book Recommendation (For Spring)

If you, like us, have been in the awful position of finishing an amazing book (or series!) and then staring aimlessly into space for what felt like weeks, then this article will try to help you with that transition between an amazing fantasy world and–no, not reality! But another amazing fantasy world! Finding similar books to the one you just finished might be a daunting task, but with this awesome site, it needn’t be. This engine will generate books that resemble the … continue reading

Ressence Type 3 Watch

The world of watch-making hasn’t seen much progress in the last decades (except, maybe, for the addition of unnecessary bling), but the watch we’re about to show you does take some steps into changing traditional mechanisms. It’s called Ressence Type 3 and it features an interesting new concept – that of fluid in its system. How does this work? Different from most watches, where there is a pocket of air between the face of the watch and the inside surface … continue reading

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Friday Inspiration #6

inspiration 61 Friday Inspiration #6

Time to pull out the fancy hats in your closet, put on that expensive pair of sunglasses and enjoy a nice Mojito – it’s Friday! Go out, meet people, laugh, discuss, play sports, sing, dance – just do anything that will make your endorphins run the marathon. Keep a positive and stylish attitude and the world will smile back at you! Have a great weekend! And keep an eye on the ladies! The sunnier outside, the less shy they are.

The Art of Simplicity: Cristina Rizescu

Tina Rizescu The Art of Simplicity: Cristina Rizescu

We met Tina a long time ago.

She hasn’t changed much since then, except she’s not that Converse-wearing kid anymore, but a gorgeous 22-year old woman, with much to say and give to the world.

She looks like a model and acts like a mature, sophisticated woman, who loves life and smokes with grace, leaving men always wanting for more. She asked us not to make a big fuss about this piece, but we just couldn’t help ourselves and wanted to show you how the saying that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication can be embodied by such young, intelligent and ambitions people.

Tabisso Typography Collection

11 600x384 Tabisso Typography Collection

Make a clear statement with these chairs that, let’s face it, speak for themselves. Arrange them in any way you want (limited only by your budget and space available to display these furnishing beauties.) Buy all the letters of the alphabet and go crazy with subliminal messages such a “sit” or “eat”. Encourage people to move them around to create their own messages, and you’ll become the funnest boss around. You’re just a few steps away from installing a slide in the office, we know it! Keep up the great work and give people chairs to smile about!

The BikeSpike. Track Your Bike!

d891c3a6b6888041da784784d61a58b7 large 600x387 The BikeSpike. Track Your Bike!

Lets you know when your bike is on the move (and you’re not the one moving it)

As defined on their (successfully funded) Kickstarter page, the BikeSpike is a “bike GPS tracker that automatically reports a crash to contacts, alerts you if tampered with, iOS/Android/Web friendly with open API.” Its primary function is that of helping you track and retrieve your stolen bike, but the BikeSpike doesn’t stop at that: it also has a collision detection system, it allows you to share your stats on different social medias, it can help the worrying parents monitor their children and see if they wander off or get in any danger, and much more. The only drawback we can see is the thief removing the BikeSpike due to previous knowledge of what the device does. Sooner than you know it, thieves will be checking bikes for ‘spikes’, so we’re not entirely sure it’s that effective against an informed thief. In any case, it’s a fun gadget and we recommend you give it a spin.

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