Handpresso Outdoor Espresso Set

Remember the Handpresso for vehicles that we covered a while ago? Well, this is the outdoor version, ideal for the great camping trips of coffee-addicts who can’t lay off the brew, like, ever. Not even in the middle of a rainforest, while chased by monkeys. You can even take it with you on a plane. To make a creamy espresso you just have to pump up the Handpresso to 16 bar of pressure, add hot water from the included flask … continue reading

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Luci Inflatable Solar Lantern

Lightweight, waterproof and highly portable, this inflatable solar lantern is perfect for your camping endeavours in sunny terrain — or if you’re living in the desert and literally have no electricity. In the second case, you’ll probably get one for free, because the guys who sell these things like to help out people in developing countries and/or the desert. This little gadget is an actual solution to the lack of electrical lighting wherever it may occur by smartly replacing it with what … continue reading

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Blast Off Espresso Cups

For those of you for whom getting up is the second hardest thing in the morning, here are the perfect fuel recipients for the extra boost needed by every early-rising astronaut. The Blast Off! Espresso Cups! will keep your rocket fuel contained and hot, just the way you like it (you naughty boy.) Measure 2.75 inches tall x 2.25 inches wide.  You get two fine-quality porcelain cups.  Hold 2.5 ounces.

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Ecoustik 5. Sustainable Acoustic Docks

We know that the world is becoming more and more environmentally-conscious, so today we thought we’d contribute to the change and feature a cool little sustainable device for your iPhones and iPads. But we’re not quite ready to give up on the style aspect yet, so we’ve found a nice combination of both sustainability and classy look, that we hope you’ll enjoy. It’s called the Ecoustik 5 and it consists of a simple piece of carved wood that naturally amplifies … continue reading

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Barbour iPhone 5 Cover

In line with other products of the well-known English brand, Barbour, the quilted look has now been introduced to the brand’s customers in the form of an iPhone 5 cover. The flip cover maintains the timeless… quilted appearance that the company made famous and comes in a variety of rich, earthy colors, like navy, terracotta and grape colors, that give it a sense of luxury and subtlety. It features an additional leather credit card slot and a tartan lining, which … continue reading

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SmartWallit. Never Lose Your Wallet

We really wish we would have come up with this idea, but without a doubt we couldn’t have done such a great job as the designers of this awesome device called SmartWallit. This is yet another Kickstarter project which got more support that it bargained for and the praise is, as you’ll see in a minute, very well deserved. We all have those days where we can’t pull ourselves together – either we’re really scattered, tired or whatever it may … continue reading

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PARKROYAL On Pickering, Singapore

This awesome new hotel in Singapore is the ultimate escape from the hustle and bustle of dull urban life, right in the middle of said urban life. The recent unveiling of this lush four-story hotel full of tall sky-gardens, reflecting pools, waterfalls, planter terraces and cascading vertical greenery is proof enough that entire cities could become botanical havens in a few years’ time if only people would start caring more about the environment and less about invading countries with oil … continue reading

Supremebeing Vest Luna Wolf

Since summer is finally here to stay and we can hear those camping trips calling from beyond the mountains, a new wardrobe is in order. We recommend this super thin and breezy cotton vest, with a wolf printed on the front for extra points in the wilderness. The tattoos are optional, while the SPF cream isn’t. We don’t want you looking like a trucker after a weekend in the sun, and something tells us that this idea doesn’t particularly appeal … continue reading

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