Scandinavian Backyard Gazebo

All those other, normal gazebos just pale in front of this beauty: why not create an all-weather retreat like the pavilions found throughout Scandinavia in your own back yard? Especially when it’s crafted from spruce native to Scandinavia’s amazing boreal forests. The gazebo is large enough to enclose a hot tub or a table and chairs, it can withstand 80-mph wind gusts and has a 28-lb. per square-foot snow load so that you can enjoy your outdoorsy activities all year round … continue reading

$30,000 Buy

Night Vision Camera Watch

As the James Bond that you are, you can’t be seen without awesome gadgets or else you start losing all credibility. This watch is perfect for the super-spy, journalist or paranoid husband/wife/co-worker/boss/whatever. It takes pictures and records video in the dark (and it tells the time.) These are then stored onto its built-in 8 GB flash memory and can be safely downloaded through USB. It has a rechargeable lithium battery that provides up to 50 minutes of recording time in … continue reading

$200 Buy

Ultra Slim Leather Wallet

Made for those who like minimal wallets, this woody leather gorgeousness is handmade from brown tanned leather and heavy waxed nylon threads. It isn’t made to store loads of money and credit cards, so if you’re Paris Hilton go wallet shopping somewhere else. The main idea of this wallet is to keep you from carrying unnecessary things around by limiting the space to that of a few plastic cards and some folded banknotes. No, a bulky wallet does not equal … continue reading

$60 Buy

Portable Tabletop Mosquito Repeller

Repelling mosquitoes while picnicking, camping or frolicking outside like the nymph that you are has always been tedious, because hey, all those bug sprays stink and leave your skin all weird-tasting. And those bug zappers are just cruel and unusual punishment, not to mention annoyingly loud. This gadget, however, is the perfect alternative to sticky skin and fried bugs. It emits a safe and subtle floral scent of geranium, peppermint and lemongrass, naturally repelling mosquitoes, gnats, and midges. The repellent … continue reading

$30 Buy

The Alarm Sounding Beach Safe

Ever been the one sitting next to everyone’s stuff at the beach/pool while they were having fun in the water because there had to be someone guarding all those wallets and phones? We know how annoying beach-paranoia can be, since it’s not very fun to have your things stolen while you’re swimming blissfully in the blue yonder. Which is why a safe is the very thing you need! It’s portable and, most importantly, it sounds a piercing alarm when the … continue reading

$50 Buy

The Natural Acoustics iPhone Amplifier

If you love viking stuff with a minimal twist as much as we do then you’re in for a treat. Designed in Milan and handcrafted entirely of slip-cast ceramic clay that comes from the Tuscan comune of Montelupo Fiorentino, this passive ceramic amplifier produces naturally resonant tones from an iPhone. The curvature and amplification of a horn is faithfully replicated, augmenting the sound from an iPhone without the need of any auxiliary power or speaker components. Your music or phone calls … continue reading

$329.95 Buy

ParaShoot – Smart HD Videography Everyone Can Wear

You can now unleash the little paparazzo in you by automatically shooting videos with this small wearable (and customizable) HD smart camera. Gather all those memories that nobody recorded before, and make the best home movies money can’t buy. Because how else will you remember that you tripped on a beehive while camping in the mountains? (Okay, bad example. But bear with us.) Bypass the hassle of carrying a camera around by simply wearing the ParaShoot around your neck. It … continue reading

$269 Buy

Cards Against Humanity Party Game

“A party game for horrible people.” As it says on the box, this game is not for people who can’t take a(n offensive) joke. Another great thing about this party game is that it is entirely and completely free. Unless you really want to buy it printed on nice shiny cards (which is $10.) But even if you’re broke and can’t afford it, you can still print the cards out, write them down, make new ones — this game is … continue reading

$10 Buy