Teracrea ReCOVER Coat Rack

It gives us joy whenever we see designs, concepts and inventions that strive to improve, even by a very small percentage, the already damaged environment around us. Today we give you the reCOVER coat rack, by teracrea, an Italian design company; it’s a cute little concept that will make a difference in your home. This coat stand is meant to be placed in any flower pot that can support a few pounds, and it’s made to look like a tree, … continue reading

Land Rover Defender LXV Special Edition

land rover defender lxv special edition 01 600x399 Land Rover Defender LXV Special Edition

In order to celebrate their 65 year anniversary, apart from the sumptuous birthday party held at Packington Estate (on the very grounds where Land Rover’s contributions to the world of off-roading were tested from the first 1948 model all the way through the 1970s,)  with birthday cake delivered by a Lynx military helicopter, Land Rover launched Land Rover LXV Defender SE, the LXV anniversary edition. This birthday boy has a 2.2-liter diesel and six-speed manual, 16-inch Sawtooth wheels, leather seats and unique badging.

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Heal Station for Diabetics

If this becomes reality, we’ll be having some much happier diabetics around. It’s like a colorful half rainbow that features several devices to maintain the health of people with diabetes, all while maintaining their optimism. Color coded for simple, fast and easy use, it makes for way better user experience. Not only this, but the software applications are capable of synchronizing your input with your personal hospital database. Each module can be charged individually, as required – it basically works … continue reading

Things Come Apart: A Teardown Manual for Modern Living

Have you ever wondered what an iPad or a radio is made of? Or what’s inside a SLR camera, or a piano? We have, too. For all you curious guys out there, we recommend a new book, conceptualized and put together by an innovative author by the name of Todd McLellan. Just out of the printers, Things Come Apart: A Teardown Manual for Modern Living is a remarkable attempt at understanding modern and older technology, by disassembling and breaking things … continue reading

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Tokyoflash Space Digits

The perfect watch to take with you on Mars, if you get chosen for the colonization of the planet, will show you the time in a space-like fashion–not that you’ll be needing any timekeeping where you’ll be. Anger everyone by showing the intricate pattern and only smiling enigmatically when asked “What time is it?” Most of them won’t be able to read it at first sight. If they are, take them as space companions. The watch has a black LCD … continue reading

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Chiefs Energizing Man Soap

Wake up with an energizing, invigorating, and exfoliating experience that will leave your skin glowing. Get an amazing lather that will become so addictive you’ll teach your son to use this soap. Kill grease, dirt, and grime with a soap that washes off lightly. This is an amazing soap that will make your beard grow and your armpits smell like MAN. But in the GOOD way. Yeah! Injected with natural eucalyptus, you’ll be like a mint they won’t be able … continue reading

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Columbia River MultiTool

Never has a spork looked more manly than in this little black set–we know you like eating meat and stuff that get impaled by forks and knives and pointy objects when up on the mountain, because man eat meat, but sometimes you want a cup of soup. Or maybe you need a spoon because of reasons. Which is why you will need a spork. For space-saving, if not for anything else. Oh, and it has an integrated bottle opener, just … continue reading

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Beach7 AirLounge XL

There’s nothing that screams Summer more than hanging out with your friends all day long. And since you’ll probably have some girls over (hopefully!), we thought we’d share with you an inflatable outdoor lounge area that could replace those ragged old lawn chairs. The AirLounge is perfect for garden parties, reception and corporate events, or fairs, and if you want to promote your business, throw a beach or a cabana party, and this will definitely be a point of attraction. … continue reading

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