Mercedes Benz Ener-G-Force

This is one sweet ride. Look at it. It looks like it’s about to bite through that entire desert and then expel all the dust through its exhaustion pipes of doom. It will, however, probably remain in the concept car limbo, where many wonderful cars go to die and be forgotten. The cool thing about it is that it’s actually thought out, as far as cars go. That roof rack thing is actually a water collection system that begins the process of converting water to hydrogen … continue reading

Autodromo Monoposto

This limited edition of only 500 watches is a true homage to the era of Grand Prix racing, when all the driver had on his dashboard were a few huge dials with red arms. Since there were no rev limiters or electronic aids to keep the driver from blowing up his engine, well intentioned mechanics would commonly apply a strip of red tape, or a line of red paint on the glass of the rev counter to make sure the driver knew his engine’s limit at … continue reading

$875 Buy

O2 Hurricane Computer Duster

Say hello to the world’s most powerful cordless electronic air duster, acting like a hurricane (too soon?) on your electronics and other things you might deem cleanable by the force of compressed air. It’s also an inexpensive, permanent and environmentally friendly alternative to canned air, boasting more power than ever seen before in what reusable compressed air cleaners are concerned. The O2 is completely rechargeable: simply plug it in to charge and in a short period of time you will have brand new air. Some reviewers have found … continue reading

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Technomancer Digital Wizard Hoodie

RPG fan? Or maybe you just like going to rave parties and taking hard drugs? Either way, this hoodie will match your lifestyle. It lights up, for heaven’s sake! Look at those sleeves! They’re motion sensing, oh my God! You know why? Because of the dual accelerometers inside of them, which sense the movements of your hands and help you cast specific spells. Plus, the Technomancer comes with internal speakers. Wanted real life sound effects? You got ‘em. The Technomancer Hoodie offers ten different spells including … continue reading

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The Quadski. Travel The Land or Water

The Quadski both a jetsky and an ATV 1 600x400 The Quadski. Travel The Land or Water

The Quadski reaches speeds of 45 mph on both land and water and transitions between them in seconds.

This is the first retractable wheel vehicle that movies made you drool after. Set that bar higher while you raise your standards to match this amazing piece of technology that will redefine your idea of hardcore fun.

$40,000 Buy

Football Salami

Turn that Thanksgiving dinner into something more memorable than relatives fighting over who gets to cut the Turkey. Merge the yearly football match with the dinner event by purchasing this exceptional football made out of award-winning salami. It will give another definition to food-fighting, that’s for sure! Fresh beef and pork are slowly smoked over hickory wood to make this special 28 oz. treat.

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Underground Parking Dock

Need some space in your backyard and have a few thousand dollars to spare? Then why not get this ultra-awesome underground parking dock? It will either remind you of Batman’s secret lair or make you make bad puns about NFS Underground. Either way, you win at life. Descend into your parking space humming theme songs from spy-movies. Protect your car from thieves and the elements. Have  a cool hiding place for when the zombies come. Not recommended if you’re claustrophobic.

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The Human Bowling Ball

Become the ball and knock down all the pins using your own body. This extremely fun game will spice up any party, or just make your past time activities a little more interesting. The easy-to-enter, easy-to-leave transparent PVC ball is inflated to its full 7′ diameter with the included blower; all you have to do is create enough momentum to knock over six 5′-tall foam pins (that, granted, yield easily at when hit). The lane boundary is kept constantly inflated by an included stationary air blower, being firmly secured to … continue reading

$4,500 Buy