Beard Styles In 2015

Or How To Shape Your Personality

With Simona Starkute on Punching, Sleepwalking and Caviar


We’re always mixing cool, awesome with practical stuff here on HisPotion. The cool, awesome and beautiful here is Simona Starkute, a Lithuanian supermodel. The practical part is you’ll like Simona so much you’ll take your time to search the small European country on map. That’s a plus to your geography knowledge!

She appeared on the Lithuanian Playboy’s cover, she sleepwalks naked and she gets hit on a lot, but you’ll find out much more in the interview below.

Neptune Pine Could Be The Best, Most Powerful Smartwatch

The Neptune Pine smartwatch represents the future of wearable gadgets, mark my words folks. What other smartwatches released until now failed to achieve, the Neptune Pine delivers. Regular smartwatches, like the Gear from Samsung, are hardly stand alone devices. They are like sidekicks for your phone and they only are optimized to work with a certain type/brand of smartphone. Well, the Neptune Pine is that kind of “one size fits all”, being actually more than  a watch, but a full-options Android running smartphone, … continue reading

$190 Buy

Mini Mirror BoomBox Union Jack

From now on, you can stream music everywhere with the IUI Design Mirror BoomBox Union Jack. It sounds like a fancy name, but in fact things are very simple. Basically, what we have here is a portable music device, with a cool design and lots of features, especially created for those of you with a soft spot for English anthems, like Mini (the car brand) and the Union Jack. It’s a smooth marketing approach, if you ask me. The boom-box’s  design resembles a car mirror … continue reading

$149 Buy

An Interview With Peter Stanick

Born in Pittsburgh in 1953, Peter Stanick is a pretty badass American artist, known through his many exhibitions and interesting art style. We had a few questions for him, so here you go. A little more information on the artist you probably didn’t know about but are glad you do now. When did you first decide that pop art was the thing for you? Peter Stanick: I never made a decision to pursue Pop art, it was part of the natural process. To me, the … continue reading

7 Gifts For The Rugged Outdoorsman


With only around a week until Christmas, we’re all stumbling around trying to figure out the best gifts for our friends and family. Since we all have the bearded, flannel-shirt-wearing, wood-chopping, overall rugged beast in our lives, here’s a nice little list of gift ideas for the outdoorsman.

Hard Graft Laptop Folio

Here comes another cool accessory for your MacBook, the Hard Graft Laptop Folio Heritage. This beautiful protective folio is hand made in Italy, from vegetable tanned  Italian leather dyed in wooden drums for at least 9999 years (just kidding folks) and the design is simply breathtaking. The folio is big enough to protect your MacBook in its main compartment , and comes with additional storing space (a wool pocket) for your notepad, iPad, iPhone,  charger, your cables, I think you got the general idea. It closes with a … continue reading

$233 Buy

Your Personal Instant Photo Lab

Here comes another cool gadget for iPhone or iPad users. God must love Apple, mark my words! Well, The Impossible Instant Lab is the ultimate toy if you’re passionate about photography. The gadget is designed to harbor perfectly your iPhone or iPad inside its guts, and use it in a professional manner, as an old school Polaroid,  or something, without the use of complicated settings, controls, buttons and the like. With this gizmo, you can immortalize your favorite pictures taken with your iPhone, instead of … continue reading

$345 Buy

Friday Inspiration #39


This is our Friday Inspiration series, and you know what that means! Apart from the obvious weekend of awesomeness ahead of you, of course, another weekly conglomeration of amazing things that we handpicked to inspire you to greatness. If you have any questions regarding the photos used, drop us a comment and we’ll let you know the whats and hows of it all. Don’t waste your two days of rest on resting, and as always,  stay classy, stay curious, stay smart!