Mr. Tea Bag

Get it? Heh. We thought it was funny too. Mr. T (bag) is a great way of telling your girlfriend that tea bag(ging) is a fun activity, and that yes, she may have some tea afterwards. Let Mr. T enjoy a nice steaming bath in your cup and allow his legs to work their magic and brew your drink to tearrific quality. If you don’t host a Mr. T-themed tea party next time you invite your bros over, we’re breaking … continue reading

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Get Egoistical About Your Steak!

Nope, that’s unmistakably mine, it has my name on it! It’s time to get egoistical about your steak, you’re cooking it, you’re tagging it, you’re eating it. Here’s the awesome Dci Bbq Branding Iron for personalized grilling. It works pretty simple – slide the letters into the track and brand your meat. Don’t forget to spell it backwords and include spaces if that’s the case. You got it by now – there’s no limit to how you can brand your meat, but we … continue reading

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August Smart Lock

You know how all your life’s going mobile. It’s your home’s lock and security turn to go mobile. With August you can manage your home’s lock from your smartphone or computer. And like we’ve expect it to be, it is indeed, smart. It’s keyless as it is based on an encrypted locking technology that’s supposed to be safer than keys that can get lost or can be copied. You can control who and when has access in your house (or … continue reading

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Handmade Wool iPad Sleeves

Apple addicts unite! We know how you we all love our minimalist super-devices, and always appreciate accessories that follow this simple rule: minimalism + functionality = addiction. Of course is not only that, and the beauty of design also has a great value. And that’s the case right here with these handmade iPad Mini sleeves. Made of natural materials like wool felt and vegetable tanned leather the sleeves are nice to touch and carry around, and they sure look great! … continue reading

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The Only Reverse Gear Cruiser

I’ve always hated those guys cruising on these three-wheeled rides, looking so relaxed, waving, drinking something, talking on the cell phone and playing a violin, all at the same time because.. well there’s no handle. And me with my back-pain and arms holding tight to my bike’s handle so I won’t broke my nose, again. I’m definitely getting this, so I can finally play Angry Birds while cycling to work. Getting to the serious part, not that I wasn’t serious … continue reading

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The Dusit Thani. World’s Latest Luxury Resort

Located in the Maldives, on Mudhdhoo Island in Baa Atoll, the Dusit Thani is the world’s latest luxury resort blending thai hospitality with the Maldives. Encircled by white sandy beaches, a rich house reef and turquoise lagoon. The 100 villas and residences each offer a haven of modern sophistication with luxurious amenities and technology. The room pricing starts at $563 – not That much considering it’s a dream place after all. The 100 villas and residences each offer a haven … continue reading

How To: Quit Smoking

xlarge How To: Quit Smoking

We all know it. It’s that little voice that keeps getting smaller and smaller as anti-cancer ads occupy more and more of the cigarette pack. The little voice that tells you that you should probably stop it with that nasty habit of yours, because you’re causing harm to more than just yourself, you selfish bastard. But how can someone that’s been exposed to threats and warnings against smoking ever take them seriously? We are so used to them that they’ve become background noise to our polluted ears.

Friday Inspiration #10

inspiration z10 Friday Inspiration #10

Here’s our anniversary inspiration post – number 10. I know it’s not much but if you go through our previous inspiration galleries you can find well over 500 sexy, cool, stylish and amazing photos.  Don’t forget to ask us any questions you might have regarding any of the pictures – you can use the comment system below the post or give us a shout on facebook. Have an amazing week-end and stay smart