The Pedal Pub

pedal pub 600x337 The Pedal Pub

Not since the daring Wright brothers have we seen such a stunning contraption, successfully merging the useful with the pleasant and putting the end result on wheels. Accommodating up to 17 people, this mobile bar allows the party-goers to work out while drinking their favorite beers and take in the sights while they’re at it. Ideal for socializing, it’s a one-of-a-kind method of bringing the bar to the people and not vice-versa. It’s like a grown-up ice-cream truck. That you can ride. With friends.

$40,000 Buy

The Pen Sized Scanner

This ballpoint pen could be the answer to all your scanning prayers, especially if you’re in a job that desperately requires urgent scanning in inconvenient locations. Bonus: it retains its original function as a pen, that of writing. Jot down, scan, repeat. A high-precision auto-focus lens and 5-megapixel sensor built into the pen scan documents as crisp, clear 2048 x 1536 pixel images. This little guy probably does a better job than your bulky printer at home. The pen automatically focuses the … continue reading

$125 Buy

Little Bear Chair by Hans Wegner

It is seldom the case that a piece of furniture comes along with a name quite as awesome as the Little Bear Chair by Hans Wegner. This wonderfully monikered piece of designer furniture is one of Wegner’s most iconic pieces and is so-called due to the resemblance that it has to being hugged from behind by a bear. The Little Bear Chair was originally designed and released over half a century ago in 1951 and this makes its contemporary look … continue reading

$770 Buy

Panerai Luminor 1950 Chronograph Flyback Watch

There are luxury watches that are undeniably rugged, robust and built to last. And then there are timepieces from Panerai. Beyond compare in the durability and resilience departments, Panerai watches are in a league of their own when it comes to toughness and this is something which is typified by the, frankly breath taking, Panerai Luminor 1950 Flyback Chronograph watch pictured above. It isn’t difficult to see why Panerai have been the supplier of choice to the Italian Navy for … continue reading

$TBA Buy

Automatic. The Best Gadget For Your Car

Automatic best gadget for your car Automatic. The Best Gadget For Your Car

Ever forgot where you parked? Weren’t aware of the fact that you were speeding in a particular location that may or may not have had special rules? Had an accident in a remote area and ended up in a position that rendered you unable to dial 991? Yeah, we know the feel, which is why we’re very excited to share this new gadget with you guys. It’s tiny, rather inexpensive and will totally save you time and effort. Not only does it help keep your engine healthy, it also works as a smart GPS, remembers where you parked, dials 911 for you in case of certain types of crashes (plus sends messages to loved ones once help responds), shows you how much you spend on gas, gives you driving feedback and much, much more. Fair warning: this gadget is probably addictive.

$70 Buy

Luxurious Vacation Resorts

I know it’s not even full-blown spring in some parts of the world, but I bet most of you are already thinking about summer days, relaxing by the pool, sipping on delicious cocktails… For some of you who plan on living la vida loca this year, it might not be too early to start making plans. Why do I say that? Well because the places I’m about to tell you about require some extra savings and advanced preparations and reservations. … continue reading

Survival Gear and Gadgets

From my experience, most men have this fantasy of some sort of road trip, or of camping in the wilderness, that will enable them to access their survival instincts and abilities. It’s perfectly natural (no pun intended!), but the civilized homo sapiens nowadays would have a hard time adapting to harsh living conditions, so every now and then he needs a little help making his way through the jungle/forest/backyard. With this in mind, here are some cool gadgets and tools … continue reading

Friday Inspiration #4

inspiration 4 Friday Inspiration #4

Don’t forget to cancel the daily alarm for tomorrow, or at least change it. No, I’m not saying you should sleep more just because you can. You sleep a third of your life anyway, so why not do something interesting this weekend. For inspiration, enjoy the photos below.