Portable Tabletop Mosquito Repeller

Repelling mosquitoes while picnicking, camping or frolicking outside like the nymph that you are has always been tedious, because hey, all those bug sprays stink and leave your skin all weird-tasting. And those bug zappers are just cruel and unusual punishment, not to mention annoyingly loud. This gadget, however, is the perfect alternative to sticky skin and fried bugs. It emits a safe and subtle floral scent of geranium, peppermint and lemongrass, naturally repelling mosquitoes, gnats, and midges. The repellent … continue reading

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The Alarm Sounding Beach Safe

Ever been the one sitting next to everyone’s stuff at the beach/pool while they were having fun in the water because there had to be someone guarding all those wallets and phones? We know how annoying beach-paranoia can be, since it’s not very fun to have your things stolen while you’re swimming blissfully in the blue yonder. Which is why a safe is the very thing you need! It’s portable and, most importantly, it sounds a piercing alarm when the … continue reading

$50 Buy

The Natural Acoustics iPhone Amplifier

If you love viking stuff with a minimal twist as much as we do then you’re in for a treat. Designed in Milan and handcrafted entirely of slip-cast ceramic clay that comes from the Tuscan comune of Montelupo Fiorentino, this passive ceramic amplifier produces naturally resonant tones from an iPhone. The curvature and amplification of a horn is faithfully replicated, augmenting the sound from an iPhone without the need of any auxiliary power or speaker components. Your music or phone calls … continue reading

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ParaShoot – Smart HD Videography Everyone Can Wear

You can now unleash the little paparazzo in you by automatically shooting videos with this small wearable (and customizable) HD smart camera. Gather all those memories that nobody recorded before, and make the best home movies money can’t buy. Because how else will you remember that you tripped on a beehive while camping in the mountains? (Okay, bad example. But bear with us.) Bypass the hassle of carrying a camera around by simply wearing the ParaShoot around your neck. It … continue reading

$269 Buy

Cards Against Humanity Party Game

“A party game for horrible people.” As it says on the box, this game is not for people who can’t take a(n offensive) joke. Another great thing about this party game is that it is entirely and completely free. Unless you really want to buy it printed on nice shiny cards (which is $10.) But even if you’re broke and can’t afford it, you can still print the cards out, write them down, make new ones — this game is … continue reading

$10 Buy

The Shanxi Granite Hearth Table

This lovely hearth table is reminiscent of the ones you probably used to buy in Sims when you wanted to make your Sim happy and throw the best parties in the neighborhood. Even if you don’t know what I’m talking about, just imagine a clear night, crickets cricketing, you and a few close friends gathered around the fire with marshmallows on sticks and talking about smart and important things. Or making burgers and steak and roasted vegetables. The possibilities are … continue reading

$3000 Buy

With Melanie Raimundo on Empanadas, Modeling, Pillow Fight & More

Melanie Raimundo With Melanie Raimundo on Empanadas, Modeling, Pillow Fight & More

Our exclusive and sexy interview with Australian model Melanie Raimundo. Photo gallery below.

Felt Shark Hamper For Laundry & Toys

You can’t play hide and seek with this hamper, but you can put clothes inside. Felt Shark is perfect for your bathroom if you want to use is as a laundry hamper. Because is made of felt, it can be squeezed behind a washing machine or you can hang it on the wall. The shark shaped hamper looks so funny, kids (and even adults) would love to have it in the bedroom as a basket for toys or socks.

$200 Buy