Nike Tier Zero Collection

Check out Nike’s latest Tier Zero Release, made possible with a little help from Fox Brothers of Somerset England. I know it’s a little bit cold outside folks, but take a look at this classic Nike Destroyer Jacket. In my book, this is a must have item, with those tan leather sleeves and Fox Bros wool fabric, the quintessential English jacket. The pockets are also accented with the same tan leather, for an overall stunning result. Besides this “as cool as it gets” jacket, … continue reading

$221-$800 Buy

LEGO Architecture Studio

LEGO is well renowned for its Architecture series, released over the years, perfectly capable of recreating very accurately  famous buildings from all over the world . Now, with the Architecture Studio, you can unleash your creativity wild. Your regular LEGO box set consists of colored blocks of plastic and detailed instructions, which, if followed step by step, will allow you to build with your own hands and mad skills the structure pictured outside of the box. But, things are very different with the Architecture Studio. … continue reading

$150 Buy

The Smarty Ring, To Rule Them All

Ok, so we have smartphones, smart watches, smart TVs, smart lighting, what’s next? Well, one ring to rule them all, one ring to bind them, one ring to control everything, in short the Smarty Ring. If checking out your smartphone 100 times a day is annoying you(also a sure sign you’re addicted to Facebook and you have no life), with Smarty you can forget about that. This ring will save you the trouble, because it’s designed to bring all your mobile alerts on … continue reading


Snow Wolf. The Wheeled Shovel

The Snow Wolf is a must-have tool to keep around you this time of the year, because it’s the next best thing since sliced bread when it comes to making your life easier. This baby eats snow like there’s no tomorrow. As you can figure out for yourself from the title, the Snow Wolf is basically a snow shovel with a wheel attached. Nothing fancy, nothing high tech, but it works like a dream if you’re confronted with large amounts of snow. And, it does … continue reading

$139 Buy

Sleeping On Water. Le Meridien In Bora Bora

Some of us have found paradise in religion or in doing something meaningful. As for me, I think Paradise is here, on Earth. More precisely, in Bora Bora, in French Polynesia. Really, this is paradise on Earth, I have never seen something more beautiful and more inspiring than these great outdoors, God’s gift to his children. The water here looks like Venetian crystal, it is blue and pure, there are actually dozens of shades of blue, varying from pale turquoise to deep blue. … continue reading

$700 Buy

Lumio: A Modern Lamp With Infinite Possibilities

Lumio is the next step in lighting technology, a modern magic lamp which brings you infinite possibilities of using it. I know, sounds like corporate marketing, but that’s the truth. It looks just like a regular book, but when unfolded, magic starts to happen, because it’s a multi purpose lamp that can be used in any way imaginable. Even if the package is pretty small, Lumio provides a huge amount of light, easily available because it’s cordless, lightweight and compact, just like a … continue reading

$160 Buy

Money Swimming Pool Up For Sale. Scrooge McDuck?

Now folks, let me show you how rich people are  having fun. Because, as you may already know, rich people are different from us. While you may enjoy spending your free time at the beach, rich people bathe in money. Literally. And, if you’re rich and eccentric, this is the perfect gift for you : a Swiss bank safe with tons of money in it. I repeat : up for sale, is a 1912 Swiss Deposit Box, filled with coins. So, when you’re … continue reading

On request Buy

Friday Inspiration #38


This is our Friday Inspiration series. Apart from the obvious weekend of awesomeness ahead of you, of course, another weekly conglomeration of amazing things that we handpicked to inspire you to greatness. If you have any questions regarding the photos used, drop us a comment and we’ll let you know the whats and hows of it all. Don’t waste your two days of rest on resting, and as always,  stay classy, stay curious, stay smart!