Del Toro Grey Camo Suede Alto Chukka Sneaker

A long name for a rather simple shoe — the Del Toro Grey Camo Suede Alto Chukka Sneaker makes it sound like you just put a soap opera character on your feet. I guess the Spanish really like their long names. Still, it’s a very classy spring sneaker, with Del Toro’s signature camouflage in a tonal grey colorway and black leather laces. If the Spanish Inquisition had these, they would’ve been much comfier while being inquisitive. Constructed of high quality … continue reading

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Friday Inspiration #9

inspiration 92 Friday Inspiration #9

Here’s our 9th friday inspiration post featuring fun, cool, amazing stuff plus the sexiest ladies. Even though we’ve started this just a while back, it has become one of HisPotion’s most sought-after post series. Thanks for all the great feedback, comments, emails and so on! Like always, if you have any questions regarding any of the photos (like – where is that, who is she etc) use our comment system below the post. Have an amazing week-end and stay smart!

Cyber Clean Compound

No, we’re not talking about something that will hide all your porn sites from your boss or wife (that’s called a History Deleting Maneuver, look it up.) This is just yellow putty that oddly resembles the Flubber. Or Play Doh, depending on your understanding of things. If you enjoy eating next to your keyboards and phones and what not or don’t really clean them all too often, you’ll notice a layer of much starting to form. Not to worry, this … continue reading

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Jet Black Rainshader

Please notice how this isn’t called an ‘umbrella’, like all the other boring inventions against rain. Oh no. This one, and rightfully so, is called the Rainshader. Because screw you that’s why. They do what they want. And of course it’s designed in the UK, where there are winds so powerful that you need a climbing chord to walk your tiny-ass dog and not have it blow away from your grasp in a whirlpool of tea and cucumber sandwiches. This … continue reading

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The Auto-balancing Electric Transporter. Hovertrax

Just by looking at this, the infamous song from Flobots came to mind: I can ride my bike with no handlebars, no handlebars, no handlebars. But with a twist! It’s more like I can ride my Segway with no handlebars. Because even the lazy can be extreme! (extremely lazy, if you ask me.) You control this little carrier just by shifting your body weight. The rig is 9 lb and it takes only an hour to fully charge. Its travel … continue reading

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Custom Batmobile Tumbler Worth Over $1 Million

Batmobile Tumbler Gumball 3000 Custom Batmobile Tumbler Worth Over $1 Million

Team Galag from Saudi Arabia showed pictures of their custom made Batmobile Tumbler. This cross between a tank and a Lamborghini created based on the movie “Batman: The Dark Knight.” The car will take part in recreational racing Gumball 3000. The Arabian company is going to show the car in London, and then it will make his debut in Copenhagen, where on May 18th the Gumball 3000 race stars. It is reported that the Tumbler will be powered by a 6.2-liter twin-turbo V8 …continue reading

Northstar Brew Master Fridge

We realize it’s difficult to justify such a purchase. You could try telling the wife you want to buy something for the house, change up the style a bit. Details are not important. But in all seriousness, this refrigerator could add a retro touch to your kitchen, as it was designed to imitate the 1950′s style of fridge. Nevertheless, despite its classic look, its functions are all modern and the fun part about it is that it comes with an … continue reading

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Teracrea ReCOVER Coat Rack

It gives us joy whenever we see designs, concepts and inventions that strive to improve, even by a very small percentage, the already damaged environment around us. Today we give you the reCOVER coat rack, by teracrea, an Italian design company; it’s a cute little concept that will make a difference in your home. This coat stand is meant to be placed in any flower pot that can support a few pounds, and it’s made to look like a tree, … continue reading