Pintofeed. The Automatic Pet Feeder

If you own a pet, you’ll definitely be very happy to hear about the latest and greatest way to feed it if you’re away all day long. As you may know, it’s not really healthy for them to have tons of food at their discretion and it’s better to feed them at regular hours, a few times a day, for keeping them fit and healthy. But that’s not really possible if you have a busy lifestyle, is it ? Well, Pintofeed is here to … continue reading

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Friday Inspiration #30

inspiration 30 Friday Inspiration #30

If this is your first time here, this is our weekly inspiration post featuring cool, stylish, awesome stuff and then some more breathtaking and sexy ladies. If you’re dying to find out more about any of the stuff here, just use the comments system below and we’ll get back to you asap. Have an amazing week-end and stay smart!

Visit Prague In The Fall

I don’t know about you, but I just love Europe during the fall. All the wonderful colors surrounding old stone buildings and hidden city walkways, the smell of mulled wine and roasted coffee coming from small corner-shops, the coziness of hiding from the rain in a local bistro. Everything is perfectly tuned to your melancholic soul, from the crunchy leaves to the crisp autumn air. And what better place to spend a bit of November in other than Prague, the magical city of bridges and … continue reading

Outex SLR Camera Drysuit

Those underwater photoshoots you keep seeing in National Geographic look super cool, right? You almost wish you could go around on your water-filled adventures with one of those waterproof cases, right? Take photos inside a waterfall, water-drenched selfies while kayaking, that kind of stuff. The Outex SLR Camera Drysuit is a nifty little outfit for your camera, made to serve and protect while still allowing you full control over all camera functions. Made of (obviously) waterproof, extremely durable and strong latex, the drysuit is also … continue reading

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Breaking Bad Sneakers

Becoming more of an addiction rather than a TV show, the true fans out there will rush and order, no doubt. Custom made using a patented process, these are shipped from Venice Beach, CA within 5-9 business days. You can choose between the Drug Runners featuring Mr Heisenberg, the Yeah B*tch with yo man Jesse Pinkman or even Gus Fring’s Face Off. Go get crystal meth at your feet! If you’re still watching the show, please mind the Spoiler Alert! We’ve had a rough … continue reading

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Gerber Instant Knife

If you’re the type of person who has watched one too many fight scenes and thinks that opening a blade with one hand is the epitome of manliness, boy do we have news for you! The Gerber Instant knife was made for easy, one-handed blade opening. Bam. Your testosterone levels just increased. How do you feel with all that extra beard and muscles? Living on the edge, eh? Ultra light, ultra tactile and ultra sharp, this instant knife is also safe, given the thumb … continue reading

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Magical Thinking Geo Shelf

Store your books and stuff in an unpredictable geometrical way, playing with gravity in your own office with the new Magical Thinking Geo Shelf. Slap it on your wall, adding woody accents to your environment. You can even buy more than one shelf and mix and match them until your inner beehive enthusiast is satisfied. Feed your creative juices without buying from IKEA or spending too much money on rustic yet new and functional furniture. These shelves are pretty cool even by themselves, … continue reading

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Talita Correa. God Bless The Amazon!

Talitha Correa is from, you guessed it – Brazil, and yes she can samba. She’s here to compliment you – “Intelligence. There’s nothing hotter than a man who is smart.” If she wasn’t a modeling, she’d be a dentist. Either way, she already pulled that perfect smile from us. Before skipping to the awesome photos, let us end with what could be the quote of the year: “There are literally supermodels growing from trees in the Amazon!”