Dartz Motorz Prombron

Dartz Motorz has an interesting history, almost two centuries long. They are a Latvian based company specialized in designing, building and selling high performance  armoured vehicles, which will cost you an arm and a leg. They are best known for building custom cars for tzars and dictators in the past, the “rock stars” of their times, sort of speak. As they proudly describe it, Dartz Motorz history was written in the Royal Garages, the only people who could afford their … continue reading

$500,000 Buy

The HOT SmartWatch from PHTL

Nowadays, having a smartphone is no longer so cool or trendy, as the smartwatches invaded the world of gadgets and plan to steal a significant part from your smartphone’s duties and some of the attention you pay to it daily. The HOT Watch is expected to be the one smartwatch to rule them all, being the first of its kind that has support for all the call features (speaker, contacts, caller ID and private call) and some messaging ones (text, … continue reading

$129 Buy

The Predator 2 Helmet

If you own a motorcycle or plan on getting one, I’m sure you might also be interested in helmets. If so, step out of the ordinary and get yourself a bad-ass looking one like the Predator 2 Motorcycle Helmet! I hope I’m not dealing with Predator-haters here, let’s be serious, everybody loves those series, even my girlfriend (yeah, she’s a pretty weird cookie). I don’t know about you guys, but when I watched Predator for the first time, in my … continue reading

$780 Buy

La Soupe Populaire In Berlin

La Soupe Populaire is a one-of-a-kind restaurant located in Berlin. Contrary to popular belief, this place doesn’t serve just soup. With a look that reminds us of a rundown garage, this particular restaurant compensates through perfect cuisine. The chef, Tim Raue, the proud possessor of two Michelin stars, guarantees that the food has to be (and probably is) no less than extraordinary. The place itself also functions as an art gallery, something which is pretty evident, given the density of … continue reading

Paperage Wall Organizer

Functional and stylish, this wall organizer is a great addition to any office without decreasing your finances drastically. It comes in red, black and white, so that you can mix and match with the general tone of your office. It’s a do-it-yourself type of product, which means all you building-stuff enthusiasts out there will be thrilled to know that not only Lego and Ikea make things that you get to assemble yourself. True to its name, Paperage is a paper-based … continue reading

$15 Buy

Volvo Concept Coupe

Volvo just released its state of the art Concept Coupe, one of the three models which represent a fashion statement about their future car design. This is a bold approach from the former Swedish car manufacturer, now owned by Geely, an Indian company. In the past, Volvo cars were very sober in terms of appearance, over engineered to last you a lifetime and they were the safest vehicles on the road. This concept car doesn’t look like your classic Volvo, … continue reading

Fusion Tables Add Spunk To Your Home/Office

All business outside but throwing a raging party inside, the Fusion tables are exactly what the doctor ordered. And the lawyer. And everyone else, to be honest, because what upstanding individual wouldn’t want such a multipurpose item in their office – especially since the overall purpose is fun. The table’s modern design blends right in with any cutting-edge room, especially high-class office buildings where the employees crave – nay, deserve, a pool-break every once in a while. The designer’s main … continue reading

$8,000 Buy

The Viteo Outdoor Shower

We cannot think of a better way to celebrate the passing of the last days of summer – the Viteo outdoor shower. Providing the cool-down you need, with a twist: unlike regular showers, this time you’ll be showering in public and sort of upside-down. We’re not entirely sure how effective an upside-down shower actually is, but it sure as hell looks appealing and hey, at least some areas will get clean. You can use it on the patio, in the … continue reading

$1,250 Buy