Hammerhead. Easy Bike Navigation

If you prefer riding your bike for getting around instead of driving, you’ll be interested in Hammerhead, a cool gadget which is designed for facilitating bike navigation and keeping you on the right track without drawing your attention from the road (you don’t want to bump into stuff when your eyes aren’t focusing on the path you’re going). If you supposedly have to go somewhere by bike and don’t know your way around, Hammerhead Navigation offers you a solution within … continue reading

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Luna. Concrete Skin for iPhone 5

Looking for a unique looking skin for your iPhone 5 ? You might want to check out the “Luna” Concrete Skin, a nice piece of work coming from the collaboration between Posh Craft, a Korean manufacturer, and Realize – a design team. This interesting looking skin looks like it just came from out of space, being made from actual concrete and having some tiny craters on it that offer the impression that the back cover has just been carefully scraped … continue reading

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Veronica Assis is Stunning and Mesmerizing. She Also Is Batman!

Veronica Assis Veronica Assis is Stunning and Mesmerizing. She Also Is Batman!

Our bag is full of superlatives when it comes to describing Veronica, but let’s settle for the two in the title for now. We’ll let you discover the Batman part in the interview below. When it comes to gorgeous women, the land of soccer and samba – Brazil has never let us down, and here is yet another great example. But we’ve tried to go further and learn more about Veronica, in an exclusive interview for HisPotion’s readers.

C3H5N3O9 Experiment Watch

Just take a look at this watch and after that, try pronouncing its name. Yes, I gave up after a few tries, but the watch still looks fabulous, in a weird-crazy scientist way at least. This is the result of a brain-storming session between Urwerk and MB&F and their love child looks like… well, I really can’t say precisely. At first, I thought that this experiment in design is a homage to an old typewriter machine, after that I remembered … continue reading

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Double Helix Minimal DNA Bookcase

We all know that books are the building blocks of intelligence, just as our DNA is the basis of our very existence. Why not combine two very awesome concepts into one great thing: the DNA bookcase! The awesome people at Cattelan Italia thought it was a great idea, which is why we can now introduce you to yet another way of making your study look even smarter.  Arrange your favourite books / DVDs / CDs / whatevers in an ingeniously space-saving way … continue reading

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Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V is the latest in the world-renowned series of action-adventure video games. GTA V is developed by Rockstar North and it is published by Rockstar Games, a multinational game publisher/developer based in New York. Grand Theft Auto V hit the markets just a week ago, on September 17’Th. for Playstation and Xbox gaming consoles. The game is played from a third person perspective, just like its predecessors and it is a fabulous combo of driving and physical … continue reading

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Zegna Sport Icon Jacket

One of the latest and greatest additions to the area which combines technology with style and utility is the Icon jacket from Zenga. You wouldn’t expect something tech-related coming from an Italian luxury fashion designer, but here it is to simplify your daily actions, besides protecting you from rain or wind and making you look stylish. So, what’s so special about it ? Well, the Icon jacket features Bluetooth support and has a joystick pad on one of its sleeves, … continue reading

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Keyport Slide. The Keychain Reinvented

]Let’s say hello to another cool gadget that combines practicality and a brilliant use of space: the Keyport Slide 2.0. If you’re sick and tired of having a bulky chain for holding your keys, this tiny piece of work should be the perfect solution, as it wipes out the stress of permanently carrying a dingling, heavy and annoying keychain in your pocket, which occupies precious space and may even bother your legs or cut through your pockets. If you have … continue reading

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