Survival Gear and Gadgets

From my experience, most men have this fantasy of some sort of road trip, or of camping in the wilderness, that will enable them to access their survival instincts and abilities. It’s perfectly natural (no pun intended!), but the civilized homo sapiens nowadays would have a hard time adapting to harsh living conditions, so every now and then he needs a little help making his way through the jungle/forest/backyard. With this in mind, here are some cool gadgets and tools every guy would love to … continue reading

Friday Inspiration #4

inspiration 4 Friday Inspiration #4

Don’t forget to cancel the daily alarm for tomorrow, or at least change it. No, I’m not saying you should sleep more just because you can. You sleep a third of your life anyway, so why not do something interesting this weekend. For inspiration, enjoy the photos below.

Cool or Weird? 10 Unusual Bed Designs

molecular bed 600x271 Cool or Weird? 10 Unusual Bed Designs

What is your ideal bed you would fancy sleeping in? Is it just a normal, conservative bed? Or does reach a little beyond common imagination? As kids we’ve all probably dreamed about falling asleep in a car or princess-like bed that would make us believe we’re part of some magical universe. As adults, well… things change a bit. While doing research for this article I’ve come across beds that resemble coffins, that have penis-shaped pillars or that have nothing in common with the comfort we need during sleep, as they were made out solely out of hay, or some other earthly materials…

So, without making you face an analysis paralysis due to the abundance of unusual beds designed all over the world, here is a top 10 of beds that we considered to be both uncommon and somewhat practical.

Nike Eric Koston 2

Featuring a simple suede upper and gum rubber sole unit, not to mention a quite interesting choice of colors, the Koston 2 makes its great return this April. The Wolf Grey that dominates the shoe is balanced out by the sole and the tonal mesh panel at the heel, which accounts for textural contrast as well. The spots of pure white increase the visibility of the logos, delivering the Koston 2 from its grey blandness. All in all, these kicks look like they’ve got kick – just don’t jump in any puddles or run through mud.

$98 Buy

Havana Nevil Brown Watch

118 29a2056d4e full 600x293 Havana Nevil Brown Watch

Unisex and lightweight, this gorgeous watch boasts a silver sunray dial with brown chronograph sub-dials, an orange seconds hand that contrasts with the whole ensemble perfectly, silver hour index markers and an inner ring displaying minutes, all set within a brown acetate case with a steel back and mineral glass. You can even choose from a number of extra wrist straps, but the brown organic leather one seems the more elegant choice for a gentleman like you. Wear it with any type of outfit, from casual to elegant. It miraculously complements almost any item of apparel you’d choose to wear. 

$275 Buy

Top 5 Hybrid Laptops

HP Envy x2 600x328 Top 5 Hybrid Laptops

Along with the launch of Windows 8, in 2012, came much debate. There was and still is a lot of controversy around the Microsoft based apps that many of the newly launched hybrid laptops go for and although there is a growing number of such laptops being put on the market, they don’t really hold a well deserved place in the spotlight. Now whether you call them hybrids, convertibles, sliders, large tablets or any other thing, the point is that these laptops have opened a long road towards more sleek, reliable and versatile devices. From an innovative stand point, I would say we’ve always treated Microsoft as the shy kid in school, who had great ideas, but nobody actually listened to him because he wasn’t popular. In other words, I would be really surprised to see an Apple hybrid failing to achieve success. Giving that Apple is doing its own research into hybrids, we’ll just have to wait and see what miracles marketing tools can bring before our eyes.

The Plug Hub Desk Cable Organizer

If you’re a neat freak like us (or just don’t like fire hazards and tripping over cables all that much), then this little box is the perfect thing for decluttering your workspace. With spring cleaning in mind, tidying up all the loose ends and cables lying around in an electric death-maze around your home seems like a good alternative to dusting and vacuuming. Hey, at least the effects of this will last longer than the three days it will take for the dust to settle … continue reading

$25 Buy

Men’s Hairstyle Trends for Spring/Summer 2013

Seemingly boarding the “Mad Men” train, designers planned out, for the most fashionable fellas among you, a year full of class and sophistication when it comes to hairstyles. Still, I’ve seen some male models pulling off the casual, “artist” hairstyle, so this year’s trends seem to cater to everybody’s preferences. Along with indicating the trend, I’ll also give you a few pointers on how to achieve the look. 1. First off, the iconic Mad Men look – the slick comb over. I’ve seen it over … continue reading