The Q, More Than A Camera

Everybody loves taking photos. At least, everybody that I know. You simply can’t keep for yourself the amazing photos you took at the beach, while the sun was about to set, or the funny way your cat sleeps, the delicious looking cake you’re just about to eat and all those moments that make our pretty lives go round and deserve to be immortalized, shared and remembered. Taking pictures reaches a new level with theQ camera, which is a new star … continue reading

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Aerodynamic Inspired Titanium Chopsticks

The Aero Ti chopsticks are the next generation when it comes to eating Chinese food. These are the high tech version of your regular, wooden/plastic chopsticks, made of solid titanium  in order to deal with the harsh environment represented by Asian cuisine. I’m kidding, of course, I love Chinese food. Beside the exotic material used in their construction, I mean common, this is the stuff supersonic aircrafts are made of, the Aero Ti chopsticks feature a futurist design. Their creators … continue reading

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The Charming Bar Refaeli

Bar Refaei The Charming Bar Refaeli

Teach your lady friends – you don’t have to take your clothes off to be sexy, despite what the media’s currently teaching you. And Bar Refaeli’s photos below are here to prove that. As sexy and charming as she can be – clothes on (more or less). Feel free to show your appreciation.

We also advise you to follow Bar’s Instagram – it’s the best thing you can watch during breakfast. Lunch. And probably dinner.

Dear Cab Driver Cocktail Bar Napkins

If you’re the party animal kind of person and end up consuming a little too much alcohol – don’t we all, at sometime ? – imagine the following situation: before drinking, you planned/knew you were going home or at some other place after you’ve had enough of partying. Well, I don’t know about you, but I met a few people that managed to get so drunk , that they couldn’t spell out their address when taking a cab or when … continue reading

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Glow In The Dark With The Zulu Bicycle

If you enjoy riding your bike on a daily basis or from time to time, or if you actually depend on it for getting around, check out this intriguing new bike from Pure Fix Cycles. It’s called The Zulu and was designed and perfected after months and months of hard work and testing and belongs to the GLOW line. So, guess what. It glows in the dark. Yeap, you’ve heard me right, some guys actually thought of that and made … continue reading

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HackedPack – The Hammock Backpack

I’ve been a huge fan of hammocks ever since I was a kid and watched Tom & Jerry, there’s an episode when Tom fights Jerry over sitting in one of these babies. Anyways, the point is that hammocks are awesome and if you’re going on a hike, for example, a great way to relax your tired body after a long, hard day is just setting up one of these and just lay in it, enjoying the fresh air, lovely nature … continue reading

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Fuloon Car Travel Inflatable Bed

Here’s something very useful and awesome for those of you who regularly travel long distances by car, single or with your loved ones. Let’s say that you or someone else wants to sleep at some time, but can’t because of the lack of comfort. I personally hate sleeping in the car, as I always wake up with a pain in my neck or my back due to the inadequate position. Well, this problem sees its solution in the Fuloon Car … continue reading

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Y-3 2013 Fall/Winter Honja Low

If the English Bulldog were a shoe brand, it would probably look like this. Sturdy, compact and with folds on top. Also kind of cute er, manly. Inspired however not by the dog but by skate shoes, the Y-3 fall/winter collection focuses on keeping the wearer comfy and stylish while crushing leaves under his feet. While the description for this line is of something that blends street-inspired motifs with luxurious sensibilities,” all we can add is that almost $400 is too … continue reading

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