Beer Can Track Light

If you enjoy drinking beer from time to time, on a daily basis or if you two have fallen in love with each other that you’ve replaced water with it, boy, I have the perfect thing for you! Say hello to the Beer Can Track Light Head. Wondering what this is ? Well, it’s a track lamp that feels like home when attached to a beer can. Tired of your home’s boring looking light sources ? Very well, you don’t … continue reading

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Uniform Wares 251 Series

Say hello to the Uniform Wares 251 Series, the latest in the Uniform Wares line of timepieces produced by the London watch maker. The 251 Series is a very elegant watch, an updated model from the previous generation and it represents the perfect choice for a gentleman, especially when worn at a special occasion. It features a simple design, some may say it’s a minimalistic one, but that’s part of its charm, don’t you think? The design updates from the … continue reading

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Shelby GT 350 Pool Table

This car is no longer just a legendary sports car that you can drive around and get milkshakes in at the local diner. It has been transformed into a place of stationary fun, to be placed not in the garage but in the game room of any respectable bachelor house or hostel or whatever– just put it somewhere. The car itself isn’t the real deal, but a realistic model of a Shelby GT 350 Mustang, complete with many amazing details … continue reading

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The Complete Dexter Gift Set

Dexter fans unite under the one shimmering banner of a mannequin head full of Blu-Ray discs holding the full adventures of your favorite serial killer of serial killers. Not only do you get the entire show in high quality, but the exclusive bonus disc included in the pack offers over 3 hours of special features, such as: • Behind-the-Scenes Cast Interviews, Featurettes and Promos • All-New The Evolution of Dexter Morgan Documentary • All-New The Code Documentary The collection also … continue reading

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Get A Summer Six Pack

Everybody loves a six pack, especially ladies. But what I’m gonna tell you folks will make you happier than 10 days off Dukan diet: now, there’s a special six pack, available for all of us, manly men addicted to physical exercise. Because it’s not easy to hold your beers on a hot day like this, especially when you’re riding a bike. Meet the 6 Pack Bike Bag, the brainchild of a genius, inspired from Kangaroos or something. It’s basically a beer holder which comes … continue reading

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Czech & Speake Cuba Cologne

We did tell you to go to Cuba in one of our recent articles, but if you can’t really afford the trip you can always use a substitute. Something like the Czech & Speake Cuba Cologne, complete with the feelings of regret that you’re not actually in Cuba, just vaguely smelling like a smooth cigar dancing on latino music while drinking rum. True to its name, its initial top notes contain hints of rum alongside the lime, peppermint and bergamot. The middle … continue reading

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How To Order Beer In 59 Languages. The Pivo App

It’s summer and you’re thirsty. All you can see in front of you is a tall, cold brewski. But you’re in Burkina Faso and the locals only speak, I don’t know, their language, whatever that is, I think it’s French, among others like Foula, Dioula and other stuff I gave up trying to pronounce. So, all you have on you is your beloved iPhone and hopefully some cash. What do you do, how do you get yourself a beer? How do you ask … continue reading

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Letters To Your Future Self

We admit, we are part of the nostalgic crowd — the ones who keep ticket stubs, write memos in diaries and shove stacks of old Polaroids in time capsules “to be opened when __” (and then of course open them before their due date, because we’re impatient nostalgics.) To avoid this from ever happening to you and thus ruining the surprise for your future self, wherever he or she may be, we recommend this nifty site that will take care of all … continue reading