Elemment Palazzo Mobile Home

Travelling and exploring the great outdoors are taken to a new level thanks to Marchi Mobile, an Austrian manufacturer of deluxe vehicles which brings the greatness to the indoors with its new extravagant RV, the eleMMent Palazzo. Its suggestive name probably makes you imagine some sort of palace or luxurious place, well, you’re very close to the truth. The eleMMent Palazzo is a land yacht, made for making its owner/s feel like they’re in a luxurious hotel, when they’re actually … continue reading

$3,000,000 Buy

Equus Bass 770. The Luxury Muscle Car

Say hello to to the Equus BASS770, a “Made in the USA” muscle car, the luxury edition. I don’t know about you, folks, but I love those old-school V8 powered American muscle cars of the sixties. But, truth be told, when you’re thinking about one of those Detroit made babies, luxury is not the first thing that comes into your mind. Now, we have the 2014 Equus BASS770, a Made in the United States of America V8 powered muscle car … continue reading

$250,000 Buy

The Pulse Of Big Cities On Foursquare

Foursquare amasses 4.5 billion check-ins shared by its 40 million users, Big Data which was transformed into a wonderful show of light and motion. The data visualizations show the pulse of the most popular cities on Foursquare, from London to Tokyo. The strings of light are color coded, each one representing a where, how, when, or why. For example, in New York you can see yellow light reminiscent of Tron zoom into Manhattan as the commuters travel to work. Later, the city lights … continue reading

Friday Inspiration #29

inspiration 29 Friday Inspiration #29

Endless roads actually have ends, but the goal is not to reach it. Or is it? I’ll let you decide, just reminding you the path is, most of the times, more exciting than the actual ending point. Either way, there’s a weekend ahead and if you’re clueless, our Friday Inspiration saves the day! Also, consider this John Lennon’s quote “Time you enjoyed wasting, was not wasted”.

If this is your first time here, this is our weekly inspiration post featuring cool, stylish, awesome stuff and then some more breathtaking and sexy ladies. If you’re dying to find out more about any of the stuff here, just use the comments system below and we’ll get back to you asap. Have an amazing week-end and stay smart!

BMW i-Collection Accessories

If you’re a BMW fan, check out this new practical and good looking collection of accessories coming from the Bavarian designers. As you may know, BMW have just pulled the curtain over their electric vehicles, trying this way to become friends with Mother Nature or something like that. Well, the initiative is good and the resulting products are quite attractive, especially if you’re inclined to protect the environment and usually buy eco-friendly stuff. The i Collection includes a couple of bags, … continue reading

$20 Buy

Ingenious Shoe Helper

One of the most common daily activities performed by most of us is putting on our shoes. Well, even if for some of us, this isn’t the kind of thing that would require help, the Vital Design Shoe helper is here for making the job even easier and for actually offering some help to those who don’t possess such a great balance and need to stand down for doing that. How does it work ? Once you take a glance … continue reading

$40 Buy

Yonder. The Get Out and Explore App

If you’re the kind of person that enjoys the great outdoors and loves exploring them from time to time, you should meet Yonder (if you haven’t already), a cool free iPhone application that brings you a lot of benefits when you’re out, in the wild, exploring the beauties of nature. So, what does it do ? Yonder links people that love going out, in the nature, and allows them to share their experiences from the places they have been, so … continue reading

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Airocide. NASA Licensed Air Purifier

Name the most important thing that plays a crucial role in our lives. Well, of course it’s the air. Being so important to us, we want it to be as clean as it can, don’t we ? That’s actually possible, thanks to the bright guys at NASA that developed a system for purifying the air, I’m talking about Airocide. It came to life as a solution for the astronauts on the International Space Station, as they had to get rid … continue reading

$799 Buy