MaxStone. Control Your DSLR Via iPhone

Every now and then, I see people using their DSLR’s in the weirdest places but with MaxStone’s gadget, you will be able to add the cool factor into play. What this pebble like device is doing is letting you control your DSLR by remote using a tiny gadget and a dedicated app, which connects via Bluetooth to your smart cam. Oh, and of course, turning your iPhone into a wireless remote , allowing you to control the shutter with it, … continue reading

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Friday Inspiration #41

Friday inspiration 41 Friday Inspiration #41

This is the Original Friday Inspiration series – amazing things that we handpicked to inspire you to greatness.

On my usual daily commute, each Friday I pass by a weekly fishing market. People all ages gather to have a look, try some new fishing gear, but mostly to talk about their common passion. Probably share fishing trips stories, new places to launch the hook in, stuff they’ll do over the weekend. I’m not a big fishing fan, but I know that’s a pretty popular hobby. That’s not the point. The point is these people invest time into their passion, and that’s wonderful! It’s ok, you don’t have to have one favourite activity, just be passionate about what you’re doing in your spare time. Don’t waste your days of rest on resting!

DC Shoes Toyota Tacoma

When Toyota Tacoma meets DC Shoes fans, what can go wrong? The answer is simple : nothing, everything just got awesome. Toyota asked DC Shoes fan base to vote their favorite snow, motocross or skateboarding design for the sport version of the Toyota Tacoma pick-up truck and the result was the wintery Tacoma, a concept car that was presented at the SEMA show last November. The Tacoma concept was brought to life by Camburg Engineering and it was inspired by … continue reading


A Mini Version Of You. 3D Printed Selfies

For the narcissists, is the best thing ever invented, since the secondary camera on smartphones. Artec Group took the “selfie” one step further, with this state of the art technology, that uses your Kinect to produce a perfect replica of yourself, a 3D selfie, sort of speak; YOU, the action-figure, made of plastic, courtesy of Shapify. Sounds pretty cool, huh? How does this work? Easy as pie. All you have to do is to download the app and connect Kinect … continue reading

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Rumpl. The Outdoor Blanket That’s Great For The Indoor

If you need a warm and cozy blanket for those unpleasantly cold days, look no further, because I just found the best blanket in the world. Say hello to Rumpl, the ultimate blanket, the alpha and omega, this is what Amundsen used when he explored the North Pole (or was it South pole?). Whatever, this blanket was designed by a team of specialist who loved outdoors and comfort, in the same time. They took the inspiration for the Rumpl after … continue reading

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The Perfect Blend of Brazilian and Native American. Ashely Sky

Ashley Sky 2014 3 600x378 The Perfect Blend of Brazilian and Native American. Ashely Sky

Crave’s the word. It’s how Ashley Sky’s fans feel each day they visit any of her social media profiles – and she has them all covered, from Tumblr and Twitter to Facebook, Instagram and yes she also has a Youtube channel.

Ashley is a Brazilian-born, 32-22-34, sexy swimsuit and lingerie model. She reached the sky once someone from Kanye’s crew hit her up about a music video for Otis (featuring Jay Z). She has some brief appearances in the clip, but that and her photos she shares on the above mentioned accounts got the ball rolling. So here she is, Ashley Sky and her hottest photos so far.

The Minuteman One Hand Watch

Let me tell you something folks: don’t you think that two handles on a watch are a little bit too much of a hustle and overrated? I mean, who needs a regular watch, after all? It’s way too mainstream. Hence, let me show you something different, for a change : say hi to the Minuteman, the One Hand Watch! What makes this little guy stand out from the crowd is the fact that’s almost impossible to tell the exact time … continue reading

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Make Your Desktop Sound Awesome With Geek Pulse

If you’re obsessed about music, like yours truly, you will understand why I am hyper-excited to show you the latest gimmick from Geek Pulse! Well, gone are the days of vinyl disks, audio-cassettes and  CD’s. Even if some of us are still hanging tight to their hard-copy music collection, we all know deep down inside that we’re relics and also Luddites.  Because, modern technology and the mp3 or Flac format killed the Audio CD, just like the CD killed the … continue reading

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