Plumen. Low Energy Designer Bulbs

If you’re the environmentalist type, you’ll surely enjoy this posting, because Plumen, that’s why! Plumen is a new company, the new kid on the block sort of thing, focused on providing the world with energy efficient lighting. Sounds almost Prometheic, don’t you think? Anyway, their approach is kind of cute, because their light bulbs look very interesting in terms of design, very different from your regular lighting device. Basically,Lumen is the new trend in lighting technology, continue reading

$30 Buy

Sprout, The Pencil That Lives On. As A Plant

You read that right, Sprout is the pencil that will turn into a plant once you deplete it. All you need to do is plant it and pour some water – its innovative seed capsule in the tip will automatically get activated and a plant of your choice will start growing. The only downside is you can’t chew on its end of it while you’re in class, taking tests etc., or you’ll risk activating its capsule. But putting that aside, … continue reading

$20 Buy

Polaris Sportsman Ace ATV

I only put the pedal to the metal when I’m alone in my car, because I like to think I’m responsible. That’s also the case when I rent an ATV – if I ride alone, the mountains don’t have enough steep slopes for me to try. When I have someone else on it with me, I just cruise. So the point here is you only need a one seater to enjoy all the fun, and the Polaris Sportsman Ace is … continue reading

$7,500 Buy

6 Cool & Practical DIY Projects

6 Do it yourself cool projects 6 Cool & Practical DIY Projects

We had a look into the big and wonderful world of DIY (do it yourself) and we selected six cool home improvement ideas for you to try do. They’re all decoration related projects that you can build extremely cheap and pretty fast. You’ll have a nice practical decoration to enjoy or show off plus you’ll get that unique feeling when you look at it – “I built that”. Not to mention the huge difference a handmade gift makes.

The Lay-n-Go Traveler

Maybe you were fooled by the name, but no, Lay/N/GO Traveler it’s not what you were thinking about and yes, you have a dirty mind. What you’re actually reading about has nothing to do with dubious morality, it’s all about a weird gizmo, a multipurpose bag like creature. What it actually does is to provide you with storage space for your small items when travelling, i.e. your toothbrush, sunglasses, cosmetics, guns and ammo, you got the picture. What makes it … continue reading

$35 Buy

Friday Inspiration #43

Friday Inspiration 43 Friday Inspiration #43

This is the Original Friday Inspiration series – amazing things that we handpicked to inspire you to greatness. You have a full weekend ahead, so use it wisely – don’t waste your days of rest on resting! I’m not saying you should go out and do stuff, even though that’s a pretty good idea! You can sit in your quiet area, read a book, contemplate, analyse, make plans maybe. Just sit back and let thoughts run through your mind – do a bit of day dreaming! Grab on to a thought and if it doesn’t lead anywhere, just let it slide, let it make room for the next one, and the next one. Thoughts, pretty much like people, connect and tend to have a close relationship one to another – see where this takes you. Everything’s happening so fast these days, and everyone’s in a hurry, try to be different for a while.

Stay classy, stay curious, stay smart!

Margot Robbie, The Stunner in Wolf of Wall Street

Margot Robbie blonde babe wolf of wall street Margot Robbie, The Stunner in Wolf of Wall Street

Who is she, who’s this chick, who’s this amazing creature – heard them all at the cinema when the stunning Margot Robbie stepped in at that pool party the Wolf was throwing. Her entrance is so hot, what Jonah Hill’s doing right in the next scene is not even that crazy. But hey, I’m not going to spoil the awesome movie for you if you haven’t seen it yet. All I’m saying is you should really see it, especially when the beautiful Australian here is throwing in all her weapons, if you know what I mean.

We’ll surely see a lot more Margot from now on, be it the big screen or small, magazines (she’s already been offered the Playboy cover by H. Hefner) or photo galleries right here. Anyway, without further adieu, here are her hottest photos to date!

16 Majestic Small Homes

Majestic Small Homes 16 Majestic Small Homes

Here are some small yet very cosy and functional homes. You can buy some of them as you’ll see once you get that scroll rolling, you can rent others but the main point here is to inspire you. You might want such a lovely little house someday. Whether you plan on building it in the backyard, in the heart of the mountains, at the seaside it would make a wonderful getaway place. Somewhere where you can spend your weekends at, closer to the nature, away from the busy city life.