Adidas ZX 700 “Wheat”

The traditional style of the ZX 700 makes its big return this fall in the comfortable and eye-catching shape of these wheat-colored Adidas Originals. The colorway is especially tempting, since autumn is all about soft browns and warm yellows, while the crisp blue sky matches the accents on the tongue and back of the shoe. The pure white soles are a peek into the future of snows to come, urging you to enjoy your late October jogs through the crunchy … continue reading

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Skully Helmet. Gadgets On Your Head

The new era of motorcycle helmets is upon us, bringing with it the helmet equivalent of Iron Man’s suit – the Skully helmet. Built with a Synapse(TM) integrated Heads-Up Display (HUD), this mean headgear gives you advanced situational awareness, displaying navigation and blind spot data, letting you enjoy your ride while still focusing on the road. The patented integrated rear view camera system with a 180 degree viewing angle will watch your back (and sides) literally, letting your spirit roam freely on … continue reading

$1,000 Buy

Friday Inspiration #32

inspiration 32 Friday Inspiration #32

It’s Friday again, and you know what that means! Apart from the obvious weekend of awesomeness ahead of you, of course, another weekly conglomeration of amazing things that we handpicked to inspire you to greatness. Why waste your two days of rest on resting when you can ride the wave of Friday Inspiration here at HisPotion and reach for the stars. We’ll be right in that same boat, making gourmet meals and riding our motorbikes into the sunset.

Custom Built 1975 Honda CB

If you love old-school motorcycles (like yours truly) and you have $7,000 to spend, you can opt out for a custom build 1975 Honda CB 550. This beautiful bike was “created” by Seaweed and Gravel, located in Southern California and built by Brady Young, (who previously worked for “Ugly Motorbikes”). But hey, this Honda is not an ugly bike, by all means! The inspiration for this bike’s design was spawned from an old motorcycle of Brady’s, which was made of … continue reading

$7,000 Buy

The Classy And Elegant Bianca Balti.

Bianca Balti The Classy And Elegant Bianca Balti.

Meet Bianca Balti, both an angel and a Victoria’s Secret angel, a MILF, actress, obviously a supermodel, a muse. It’s been a while since I’ve last seen a beautiful woman with so much class and elegance. She could easy get by wearing a pyjama at the Oscars, and turn it into a trend for the years to come.

Take your time with the gallery below, enjoy each photo like you’re sipping on a 100 years old whiskey.

Pinnacles Cardfold Simple Wallet

Having money, more or less, involves having a wallet. Or at least it does for most of us who don’t enjoy stuffing our pockets (or at least their bottoms) with money, next to keys, gum or whatever you carry around in your pockets. Well, if you want to gather your money and cards and get a (new) wallet, you should consider getting a durable one, and it’s preferable to look towards something made from real leather. The Pinnacles Cardfold is a … continue reading

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Hotel Baltazár, Budapest

Baltazár is half hotel, half bar/winebar/wine store/grill. Located centrally next to the Buda Castle in Budapest, Hungary, this place is perfect for anybody willing to spend a pretty penny to get impeccable service and experience a unique atmosphere. The location is perfect as you are surrounded by protected landmark buildings, while the most important gourmet quarters of Budapest are just around the corner. If you’re interested in spending a night or two in the lovely hotel, you’ll be happy to know that the rooms … continue reading

FoodSkin Flexible Lunchbox

The Norwegians know that bringing your own lunch is vital when food is too expensive in town (which is more than often true in the Scandinavian peninsula). Norway-based Unika brings you the best way of storing and transporting your food to work, when going on hikes or just because you want to give your sandwich a nice home before drowning it in acid and digesting it. Colorful, occupying minimal space and looking good, the FoodSkin flexible lunchbox will fit any type … continue reading

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