Friday Inspiration #59


This is the Original Friday Inspiration series – amazing things that we handpicked to inspire you to greatness. You have a full weekend ahead, so use it wisely and don’t waste your days of rest on resting!

LIX – The Smallest 3D Printing Pen in the World

An advanced enough technology seems like magic for the untrained eye. The same thing can be told in regard to LIX, an almost magic-like tool that enables its users to draw in the air, without using a regular pen or paper. Basically, what we’re dealing with here is a 3D printing pen, the smallest in the world, according to its creators. LIX is a tool aimed for professional use, coming handy for architects and designers in the first place. It allows you to create … continue reading

$72 Buy

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

Samsung just released the latest weapon in its “conquer the world” arsenal : the Galaxy K Zoom smartphone, a droid that vows to put Nokia’s lens to shame. Samsung uses a retracting lens technology that allows you to take pictures using 10x optical zoom, just like in standalone cameras. And that’s pretty cool for a relatively slim and and definitely sexy smartphone. The gadget is very easy to use, thanks to Samsung’s proprietary Pinch Zoom and Quick Zoom features. The K Zoom brags with a … continue reading


The Barbecue Bible

They had us at the title, but this project got our undivided attention with the very first line of their video “The barbecue is more than just a meal”, because simply put, they’re 100% right. Both an amazing advertising example and an useful book, who’s pages you can actually use to make the perfect barbecue. Without spoiling all the fun, we’ll let you discover this awesome project. Make sure to watch the video!

Nike SB Project

Using a highly improbable name (and hardly pronounceable), Nike’s SB Project BA RR sounds like a brand of Klingon shoes. But despite the weird name, this is a regular pair of Nike sneakers. I mean, they look good, they’re light, comfortable and they also have a wild color : nightshade black atomic mango. As you can see, the marketing department from Nike is on crack or something. How do they come up with these names folks? What’s that, black atomic mango? That species of mango … continue reading

$145 Buy

The Ultra Light Teardrop Trailer

If you like to travel around and you don’t want to leave your house behind, well, you can get yourself a caravan . Snails do that, so why don’t you?  And while we’re at it, why not go buy yourself  an ultra light caravan, especially one like in the Alto series, from SafariCondo? This type of mobile home comes with luxuries like a king size bed that’s convertible to twin beds (who wants that anyway?) and a retractable roof. Basically, you can imagine you … continue reading


Pure Symphony! 33 Exotic Cars Roar to Life Video

Every epic story has a great start. ‘Getting Started’ is a short video that includes the sights, but more importantly the sounds, of 34 amazing vehicles roaring to life! From the ’69 Jaguar E-Type’s quiet Inline-6 to the the rumble of the Aventador’s 6.5L V12 and the punch of the Saleen S7′s twin turbos, we don’t often have the pleasure of hearing these fire up. Spanning decades, cylinder numbers, and displacements ­ each engine¹s voice is as individual and recognizable as its body … continue reading

Vanhawks Valour. The Carbon Fiber Smart Bicycle

Vanhawks have designed a wonderful must-have for all of you biking aficionados. The Valour is the name of a smart bike that has been conceived with the purpose of maximizing your safety and experience, as it holds a clever technology that enables you to connect and sync your bike to your smartphone, having a dedicated application that works on devices that run on Android, iOS and also with Pebble ones. Valour connects with your smartphone via low energy Bluetooth and provides turn by turn continue reading

$920 Buy