Benchmade Custom Knives

If you’re into knives like yours truly, you’ve probably heard about Benchmade, an Oregon based knife (and other deadly stuff) builder (or creator if you like), from the US of A. Now, this company is well known for their cutlery, especially for their tomahawk line, one of the best in the world. If memory serves, Winnettou used to have a Benchmade tomahawk, but maybe it’s just too sunny in here. Anyway, Benchmade is now offering its fanbase a custom knife builder, because they … continue reading

$120 Buy

Lytro Illum Camera

Professional photographers and also amateur ones, you’ll be quite intrigued by the following brilliant device, a nice piece of work which features a technology that makes it able to harness the full power of the light field. I present you with Lytro Illum, the first high-end camera which is able to do so, as it captures the colors, brightness and directions of the ray of light and offers its owner the possibility to adjust the depth of field, perspective, focus or tilt after … continue reading

$1599 Buy

The Honda CX500 Café Racer

Let me show you a beautiful thing in this glorious day of May : say Hello to the latest Honda CX500 Cafe Racer by Nozem Amsterdam. To be perfectly honest, we’re talking here about their first build actually, but don’t tell no one, alright? This devil on wheels is the latest and maybe the greatest member of a long line of custom made bikes. This particular one, made by Nozem’s creative studio located in Holland, will delight the eye and the soul of … continue reading


The Horse Matte Black Watch

Speaking of watches and minimalist design, ladies and gentlemen, let me present you with The Horse Matte Black watch featuring a beautifully crafted tan leather bracelet. If you like watches and you don’t feel comfortable  paying thousands of dollars for a high-end timepiece, look no further than this baby. Even if it looks like an expensive watch, this Horse master can be yours for only $129 and it’s already available on pre-order. This is the kind of gear that I love and cherish : … continue reading

$129 Buy

Friday Inspiration #57

Friday Inspiration 57 Friday Inspiration #57

This is the Original Friday Inspiration series – amazing things that we handpicked to inspire you to greatness. You have a full weekend ahead, so use it wisely and don’t waste your days of rest on resting!

HTC Dot View Case

If you’ve been using a smartphone for a while now, you’re probably aware that there’s a plethora of cases out there for protecting your handset and offering it a cool look. Well, even if the numbers are impressive, the quality of these casings sometimes leaves much to be desired and it’s good to know that there are actually some that offer both functionality and protection. Such as the Dot View case, a delight for those of you who own a HTC One M8. … continue reading

$50 Buy

Instax Printer Will Print Your Photos In Seconds

In a world defined by its blooming technology, a lot of things are significantly simplified and sometimes even lose the kind of importance they were offered some years ago. Such as taking pictures. Nowadays, it’s very simple to pull up your smartphone and snap a picture that goes on Facebook or just stays in your phone album, along with several others.  Well, what if we bring back some bits and pieces of the past and develop our prettiest, funniest and most important snaps? … continue reading

$220 Buy

Artifox. Minimal Yet Very Practical Desk

Whether you’ve just moved in a new place and want to get some new furniture or if you simply want something to freshen up your house, Artifox provides some really nice pieces of furniture which boast a clever design that will certainly grow on you after checking it out. Combining modern with traditional, the designers created a classic looking desk that offers some useful  and cool features which you don’t usually find on this kind of furniture. The coolest thing about it is … continue reading

$1099 Buy