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Pico Home Brewing Machine

Watching TV at home has a whole new meaning A new awesome Kickstarter project appeared before our eyes this morning. It’s called Pico, the Home Brewing Machine. As the name suggests, you can automatically brew beer at home, 5L mini-kegs, professionally and at a high quality. To put it with simplicity, as we like to, using the ready-to-brew PicoPak kits, you … continue reading

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Friday Inspiration #134


This is the Original Friday Inspiration series – amazing things that we handpicked to inspire you to greatness. You have a full weekend ahead, so use it wisely and don’t waste your days of rest on resting!

Have an amazing weekend and stay classy, stay curious, stay smart!

Longines Heritage Military COSD

Ties that bind The Heritage collection from Longines it’s a true statement for class and distinction. With each timepiece they’re adding, the collection becomes richer not only in numbers, but in purpose and uniqueness as well. Brave men who wrote history During the Second World War, back in the 1940s, the British Special Forces equipped their paratroopers with a watch … continue reading

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Tech Guide: LG V10

In a big, big world The inaugural device for the brand new line coming from the Korean manufacturer is not a joke. It’s an answer. A statement that the time to end the competition’s reign as the only ones who dictate the flagship market of smartphones is here. It’s a smartphone trying to pave the line for a three-way to … continue reading

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Boogli Charging Docks

Charging our mobile devices is a necessary but boring process. Boogli is a new fun charging dock. This makes the process more enjoyable and entertaining, instead of just functionable. At the heart of Boogli is the unique personality and quirky sidekick who brings unexpected fun into your family’s day. Connect your mobile device to a Boogli character and watch it come to … continue reading

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Philips iPhone Compatible Smart Shaver Series 7000

Another step forward Since the inception of the smartphones and the, let’s call it, “app’s micro Universe”, everyone wanted to create content filled with utility for their customers, thus enlarging the possibilities of expansion to an unlimited and unprecedented range. Nowadays, every company, website, project, retailer, basically everyone commercially involved has an app linked with their products, which is good. … continue reading

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Voyager Wifi Bag

The mad scientists of tech organization are back with a full-sized bag that’ll not only store the stuff you’ll need on arrival — but also help you get there. The Voyager Bag from This Is Ground is a weekender-sized utility bag that comes with an integrated Karma Go WiFi unit, keeping you connected and collected at every turn. A pouch … continue reading

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Don Julio: The Man and the Tequila Empire

Disclaimer: HisPotion worked with our friends at Tequila Don Julio to write this post Tequila – Not a Walk in The Park Alcohol creation is one of the more delicate arts out there. Tequila, the Mexican distilled beverage we came to love is no different. Made from the blue agave plants, the process of planting, tending, and harvesting the agave plant remains a … continue reading

Take a Spin on the OneWheel Electric Boardsport

Future is here now Boys will be boys no matter what, you always keep hearing them saying this. But why should we exclude men from the real fun ? I mean, look at Onewheel, the very first device allowing you to roam the streets at night, giving you the chance to make every ride feel special. It is self-balancing, using inertial … continue reading

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Suzuki GSX-S1000 ABS Motorcycle

The “pure sport roadster” I don’t know about you, but when I like to think of myself as a adventure driven personality kind of guy. I find my perks in doing stuff that mostly everybody around me should deem as irresponsible. Fortunately, they do not, because I was blessed with people like me, who want to take control of their … continue reading

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