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Leatherman Tread: 25 Hard-Working Tools in One Bracelet

Because you are always on the move and you never know when you need a tool or maybe more, producers have started to make them as minimalistic as possible. Some fit in your wallet, some in a pen, some are in the shape of a key. But Leatherman Tool Group managed to create a unique, useful and wearable multi-tool. What would you say about a multi-tool which you could wear on your wrist just like any other bracelet? Yes, this is what the Leatherman Tread is all … continue reading

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Nixie Machine Clock by Frank Buchwald

You have most certainly heard about the expression oldies but goldies when it comes to good old music that you listen even today. The expression can easily work with Frank Buchwald’s creation, the Nixie Machine. This is an amazing sculptural clock, which features six glowing Nixie tubes from the 1960s. The clock is made of brushed brass and steel and the numbers are shown in six glowing Nixie tubes which have been made 55 years ago. Each of the glowing digits is displayed thanks to an originally … continue reading

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PopSlate Case Adds A Second Screen To Your Phone

What if your smartphone case could do much more than just protect your phone? Of course, there are cases that can also be used as tools or wallets or are made of various materials such as leather, plastic or metal. But is there anything more a phone case has to offer? Sure there is! The e-ink case from popSLATE transforms the back of your smartphone into a full size second screen. You can instantly customize it with anything from pictures to important information (schedules, shopping lists, workout program, to do lists, … continue reading

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Friday Inspiration #93


This is the Original Friday Inspiration series – amazing things that we handpicked to inspire you to greatness. You have a full weekend ahead, so use it wisely and don’t waste your days of rest on resting!

Microsoft HoloLens Are The Most Advanced Holographic Computing Platform

Technology is all around us. We use it every day to make our lives easier and more organized. What we once considered science fiction seems mainstream today. But there are still things that can surprise us, that can take technology even further, beyond out ways of understanding. The Microsoft HoloLens, the holographic goggles which change the way you see the world, transposing us into the world of holographs. Microsoft HoloLens offers new ways to visualize our work, new ways to … continue reading


AMPL Smartbag Is The Smartest Backpack

Designers from AMPL labs had to face a serious issue with their new product; a backpack with integrated gadget charger is not something new; however, add a few cool options like application control, charging management, good looks and you find yourself in front of Ampl Smartbag. Being built as an all-in-one solution for every commuter who needs or wants to stay wired throughout the day, it can recharge laptops, tablets and smartphones. The Ampl Smartbag was built from the inside out: an 18.5 Whr Li-Pol battery holds … continue reading

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40 Small But Charming Urban Gardens


Won’t be long until all the plants come back to life and we’ll enjoy the sea of green. And that doesn’t necessary mean you’ll have to go to the countryside or in your local park to enjoy the fresh air. Here are 40 rather small but really charming urban gardens for your inspiration. The spring is upon us, so you’d better start planning, a garden will drastically improve the way your balcony, terrace or small yard looks and feels.

Symbol Handcrafted Stereo Console

When you are looking to complement your house with a decent audio system, sound quality is not the only thing to give attention to; it must also fit in with the design of the surroundings. It is easy to understand why many go for the minimalist aspect of gadgets; they fit well with every design and the handcrafted stereo console offered by Symbol makes no exception. The stereo console was designed to fit almost any turntable and connect to most home AV systems. This way, you can … continue reading

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