Symbol Handcrafted Stereo Console

When you are looking to complement your house with a decent audio system, sound quality is not the only thing to give attention to; it must also fit in with the design of the surroundings. It is easy to understand why many go for the minimalist aspect of gadgets; they fit well with every design and the handcrafted stereo console offered by Symbol makes no exception. The stereo console was designed to fit almost any turntable and connect to most home AV systems. … continue reading

$3,945 Buy

The Custom Made 1965 Volkswagen Bus/Vanagon

Do you have a big group of friends or a big family? Are you planning a cool summer escape at the beach? But where to squeeze everyone? Well, you don’t have to worry about this anymore, and forget about the squeezing! Just take a look at this one of a kind 1965 Volkswagen stretch microbus with no less than 33 windows. Now that’s arriving in style! Oh, and did I mentioned it has a rag-top sunroof? Built by a Volkswagen restoration shop in … continue reading

$220,000 Buy

Narrative Clip 2 Handsfree Wearable Camera

It happened to all of us: you want to capture an important moment in your life with a camera but you can’t quite free your hands and the short moment passes away. What if you could actually take photos of meaningful moments without having to use your hands to press a button? Wouldn’t that be great? Named “The world’s most wearable camera”, the Narrative Clip 2 can be attached anywhere on your clothing; then it will start capturing different moments in your life. … continue reading

$199 Buy

Snow Crawler Concept Design

How can anything go wrong when you put together a Ferrari, a tank and a snowmobile? It is fairly clear that having such a beast as this Snow Crawler is the best reason out there to love snow. Yes, there are already lots of snowmobiles on the market; both big and small, powerful and less powerful, but most of them do not quite fit in the head of a comfort junkie. Well, guess what? The Snow Crawler designed by Sailor Minds features a … continue reading


Cicret Bracelet Turns Your Arm Into a Touchscreen

You always worry not to drop,scratch or break your tablet, have it stolen, forget it somewhere, or drop it in the water while taking a bath. Well, why not wear it on your hand making your skin the touchscreen or, better said, the touchskin? Thanks to the Cicret Bracelet features a pico projector and eight rows of proximity sensors which point towards the forearm. The device is activated with a twist of the wrist and it acts as a standalone device projecting an … continue reading

$TBA Buy

In The Wild. Accessories For The Urban Jungle

accessories In The Wild. Accessories For The Urban Jungle

Here’s a list of essential accessories for the urban jungle or just about anywhere you may roam. From watches to bracelets and from bags to headphones, these are accessories that both define your style and are also functional. It’s a jungle out there, you need to be prepared!

30 Black & White Minimalist Workspaces

minimalist workspace 30 Black & White Minimalist Workspaces

Those who don’t get the Monday blues are the ones that love what they do. And one of the first steps to love what you’re doing is to love the place you’re doing it in. You’re spending at least a third of your adult life at your workplace, so why not make it worth it. Here are 30 (mostly black & white) minimalist workspaces for your inspiration.

All New Ford GT Carbon Fiber Supercar

Ford has just taken EcoBoost, aerodynamics, performance and light-weighting to the next level with its GT Carbon Fiber Supercar. The GT is one of the 12 brand new Ford models expected by 2020 and it stands in line with the Focus RS, Shelby GT350R, Shelby GT350 and F-150 Raptor in the rising Ford Performance lineup. The GT will start production in 2016 and it will hit the roads only in selected global markets. The model will feature, of course, Ford’s renowned EcoBoost engine … continue reading

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