Friday Inspiration #54

friday inspiration 54 Friday Inspiration #54

This is the Original Friday Inspiration series - amazing things that we handpicked to inspire you to greatness. You have a full weekend ahead, so use it wisely and don’t waste your days of rest on resting!

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Summer Kitchen Inspiration

Summer Kitchen Inspiration Summer Kitchen Inspiration

If chose to live in a house over packed in an block of flats like sardines, you probably have a few yards of garden, and when the weather’s on your side, what else could you ask for than a nice dinner cooked on the BBQ. But when you want more than just a barbeque,  you turn your head to a summer kitchen, and yes, that’s a great idea. Here are 15 summer kitchens for your inspiration.

Amazon Fire TV

The world’s largest online retailer,, has released the Amazon Fire TV, a popular streaming media device that occupies the first place on their best selling electronics. These devices have been on the market for a while now and the guys from Amazon have analysed their evolution and came to a conclusion about what works and what doesn’t. Their device is said to be the best out there and probably is, as this tiny device works like a charm due to its powerful hardware, a … continue reading

$99 Buy

The Bullit Helmet By Bell

For those of you motorcyclists who desire a cool looking helmet that brings a vintage touch to the classic head protecting gear, the Bullitt helmet by Bell might just be the right choice to make for having a bit of style with you while riding. Its appearance draws inspiration from the design of the original Bell Star helmet, yet remains a contemporary piece of work, as it features some sleek and modern features that betray its actual age. The 70’s retro appeal is combined with … continue reading

$399 Buy

2015 BMW M4 Convertible

Summer is almost here. Well, at least if you live where I live. For some chosen ones, summer is perpetual. Okay, so if it’s summer, that spells sunny beaches and hot chicks. How do you pick up chicks without working too much for it? There are a few strategies, but the best one is to have a hot ride, a convertible that looks like heaven on earth (on wheels). Now, if you like driving, well, maybe you’re a BMW head, because BMW still manufactures driver’s … continue reading

$73,425 Buy

Bravur Ip Black Graphite Watch

Made in Switzerland (the good Germans), featuring a Ronda quartz mechanism with 5 jewels, gold plated and with a crystal dome sapphire, the Bravur IP Black with the graphite grey dial is one classy timepiece. The case width measures 41 mm and it’s manufactured from high quality stainless steel. Each watch comes with an unique serial number engraved on its back and the straps are made of Swedish/Italian leather. I must tell you, I love the minimalist design of the Bravur IP Black, its round … continue reading

$1275 Buy

Martin Logan Crescendo Premium Wireless Speaker System

A good sound system is certainly important for anyone who’s addicted to music (like I am, for example, as I couldn’t go one day without it). When that sound system is also defined by fine aesthetics, besides being a good performer and all, I say that it definitely deserves a place in your house. Say hello to Crescendo, an impressive wireless speaker system that wears the signature of Martin Logan and is a perfect combination between high quality features and a good looking design. Crescendo … continue reading

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