10 Must Have Items That Never Go Out of Fashion

Beard Styles In 2015

Or How To Shape Your Personality

Top 10 Hyper Cars You Haven’t Heard About

Monday Mayhem #10

Tracksuit? Check. Helmet? Check. Buckled up? Check. Ready, set go! It’s time for Monday Mayhem. As before, we’ve been roaming the internet and handpicked 20 best looking cars for you to bathe your eyes with. Check them out below – remember you can click on the pictures to see the make, model and year of each car listed. We’d love … continue reading

How To Perfectly Set Up A Travel Plan

Cheap travelling Do you like to travel but you think that you cannot plan it out by yourself? Are you excited about the prospect of discovering new destinations but are worried it might cost you too much? Well, you should be at ease because we’re about to show you a way to plan your travels and have fun at the same … continue reading

The Ultimate Guide To Bar Etiquette

Ah, the bar. For hundreds of years, the bars that line our cities and the pubs that forgather across our countryside have been the evening meeting point. Whether that be the town taverns flooded with miners or the inner city bars of London that hosted royalty, these drinking holes have always been the go-to place to unwind, drink and be … continue reading

Magic Coin Pouch Manages Your Change

Time for (a) change Most wallets boast designs that are perfect for storing numerous bank notes, cards and IDs. However, we’ve yet to see one that deals with coins. “But you don’t actually need coins, they’re just laying around”. Tell yourself that when you want to pay for your parking spot or get a snack from a vending machine that … continue reading

$11 Buy

80’s Traveling Whiskey Bar For Sale

  80’s Traveling Whiskey Bar For Sale The pesky thing about being an expert on something is that unless you have that said talent on hand, it can make you look pretentious as you have no way to back up your words. For some skillsets, you have the ability to just bring said proof with you. After all, you can … continue reading

$33.555 Buy

‘82 Yamaha XV920

‘82 Yamaha XV920 There’s only one thing to be said by the famed Motorcycle innovator, Greg Hageman. The man blows past just about any other name in the game with his bikes, and has design credits from Honda, Harley and more. So of course his newest model of two wheeler proves just that. Harking back to styles first conceived and … continue reading

Juugo – The Smartphone Case Attached to Your Hand

JUUGO – The Smartphone Case Attached to Your Hand How many times in a month, on average, do you happen to drop your phone? Once, Twice? Perhaps you’re the one in a million who never happens to drop their phone at all! But according to Tech 21’s survey a few years back, it shows that about 90% of smartphone users … continue reading

Friday Inspiration #166


This is the Original Friday Inspiration series – amazing things that we handpicked to inspire you to greatness. You have a full weekend ahead, so use it wisely and don’t waste your days of rest on resting!

Best Travel Pants Won’t Let You Sweat

Designed with travel in mind Nobody wants to be sweaty and sticky on a summer day, especially if they are traveling and trying to stay presentable. You want to wear something light and bright, and something that can keep up with your busy lifestyle while still being decent for every situation. The creators of a new kind of travel pants … continue reading

$79 Buy

PLUSBOOK Portable Heavy Duty MacBook Docking Station

Reliable MacBook Docking Station Macs are slim, boast a lightweight design and are pleasing to carry around. Combine that with some high performance components and you get a great office and multimedia machine. The price is great as well, but not in a good way. However, there are some hardware limitations that were imposed by Apple in order to obtain that … continue reading

$240 Buy
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