Guys at Olympus come with what they brag to be the next big thing in your shooting game. I talk shooting pictures, of course. Olympus AIR is a new concept, open platform camera that pairs your Smartphone to a lens camera. So you got the intelligence, the flexibility and the features of a gadget combined with the quality of an edgy interchangeable lens camera. The big this is, you don’t need it to be attached to your phone all the time, you can hold it in one hand, and with the other to get the shot. Well, people, this is where they got me. Just think of the image quality, the very strong low light performance all mixed up with the customizations options coming from your smartphone, all in one piece.


You can take this beauty with you while traveling the world, or having a simple photo session with friends in the park. It’s sleek, it looks nice, I admit it, 16 megapixels with 10 fps burst shooting. Works with MicroSD memory cards, making use of a Li-ion battery, coming built-in. Now, besides the design, which has an A from me, there is the technical prowess. Here, I will take a step back, I am not an expert, but I can tell you, with my little experience of a Saturday afternoon photographer that Olympus did a good job. There is a good resolution to be found using it for a JPEG file format, you have the face and eye detection, nowadays nothing special and some quality image exposure control. Everything may depend on the application used by the user to take the shots. So far, it is available only in USA, Canada and Japan, but stay tuned, these things can move very quickly and an announcement could be made rahter soon.