A Contribution To The World

It’s not easy being a traveller, especially if you don’t get to do it that much often. You know, we are all busy people in a busy world. So any helping hand lent to make your life easier is welcomed. Today, it’s coming in a, maybe, unexpected form, a communicating traveller T-shirt. What is, more precisely, this beautiful idea? A T-shirt with 40 icons displayed on it, alleviating all the pain of not talking the language in a foregin country.

George, Steven and Florian are the creators of this. One of them was riding a motorbike in Vietnam when the vehicles broke down, so the group needed it fixed in order to move on, but, don’t be astounded, nobody could speak Vietnamese. This incident conviced them to bring their contribution to the world, in a form this easy to understand and decipher. Now, nobody can blame language for not helping you, as you cannot do so either. Officially, the IconSpeak World T-Shirt was born.

A Communicating Traveller T-Shirt

Some important icons are there, like the one with the phone, with the plate and cutlery, the money, the housing or weather. But, for me, by far, the most important two are the one with a camera, which, in my opinion means “Could you take me a picture?” and the one with the Wi-Fi signal, where you should get that picutre uploaded. I’m kidding, they’re all pretty useful and cute.

With the languag barrier eliminated, you can simply enjoy your trip now. If you will get accustomed to it, soon enough you will start making combinations between the symbols, adding more and more to the overall experience. Any combination of colors, size or sex adresability is possible. So, if you’re clever enough, you could find the right place for it in the outfit for a day or two. It’s all made of 100% certified organic cotton.