Our Crowdfunding Picks – August

Wondering what’s new in crowdfunding realms? We chose three of the most interesting products for August. Check the out below and head to facebook and let us know which one’s your favorite.

Classic SnapBac

The classic SnapBack cap is a street fashion icon. Rawkly Fashion has taken the same street cap and turned into an exclusive piece. Four new colour combinations are available. Each with their own signature style. Fashionistas can choose from two design sets. No cap is similar to the other. The fashion project is exclusive to Kickstarter. Street has gone signature

TEGO Ultimate Adventure Kit

Get ready for your new adventure. Tego brings a new revolution your everyday carry items. And in a super compact kit too. All you have to do is place all your essentials in a kit, roll up the kit, and you are good to go. Simple, easy, straightforward. Just what all men need. The Tego Adventure Kit is on Kickstarter. Now everyday can be a new adventure.

Lumina 4K Webcam

The webcam seems like a ghost from the tech past. But not the Lumina 4K Webcam. Powered by cutting edge AI, the webcam presents you at your very best all the time. No matter your surrounding or lighting. The camera’s sensors auto adjusts for deficiencies. The result: DSLR-like quality whenever you switch it on. The Lumia comes with a cool magnetic snap to cover the lens. And protect your privacy.