Lifeproof Eco Friendly Apple Accessories

Sustainability has become the byword for our times. More and more of us are looking to act in a manner that’s responsible to the environment. This is where Lifeproof makes its mark. 

Sustainable Accessories

We love our iPhones, Apple Watches, and Airpods. And we love our accessories too. Lifeproof enters the game with sustainable, eco friendly accessories

The brand has made a commitment to change. Their iPhone cases, Apple Watch bracelets, and AirPods covers are built from ocean-based recycled plastic. This helps to reduce the carbon footprint. The bracelets retail at $39.99, while the cases are available for $31.99. 

Another benefit of the recycled accessories is that their lifecycle increases.

Eco Friendly Style

An accessory can be eco friendly, and extremely stylish. Their cases and bracelets reflect their ocean-based heritage. 

Wave-like motifs are imprinted on the accessories through fine lines. The cases go a step ahead with a ripple-like texture imprinted on them. 

Lifeproof has also chosen colour combinations that are reminiscent of the environment. One of the standout colours is Under The Sea. Whether on a case or on a bracelet, the colour makes a statement. 

Make A Change 

Lifeproof is committed to making a change with its eco friendly accessories for iPhone 12 and the Apple Watch. The bracelets retail at $39.99, while the cases are available for $31.99