HUG – Insulated Collapsible Mug

What if you could carry your precious coffee mug right in your pocket? The Hug insulated mug allows you to do just that. 

Insulated. Collapsible. Mug

Most of us cannot do without our morning cup, or cups, of coffee. The best way to carry the hot cuppa with you is in an insulated mug. The Hug mug takes the same concept to a new, collapsible level.

Rather than fit the mug inside your already overcrowded bag or knapsack, you can now carry it in your pocket. The Hug can be folded down to nine different levels. And you never lose a micro degree of insulation.    

The collapsible mug applies a technique called insulation gap. The gap allows the insulated wall to retain heat even when the outside skin is folded down. 

The Hug mug provides four times more heat retention than its competition. And there’s more. 

A Perfect All Rounder

When the weather gets warm, we all like our drinks chilled. The Hug mug can keep your iced coffee as cold as it should be. Its impressive insulation works both ways: keeping your drink hot, as well as ice cold. Perfect to carry around anywhere you go. 

The Hug mug is a Kickstarter project.