Casa Ojala – Luxury Travel Redefined

Imagine a luxury getaway where you can immerse yourself in the gorgeous surroundings. If this sounds too good to be true, you only have to look at Casa Ojala.

A New Luxury Experience 

Luxury travel has so far involved 5 star hotels and plush villas. Casa Ojala takes the concept a step further.

Designers Beatrice Bonzanigo and Ryan Nesbitt invite guests into a 360-degree immersive experience. Quite unlike anything that has come before. The Casa is a circular wooden retreat that embeds guests right into the gorgeous landscape. 

The best part is that there is no tech available on site. It’s just you and nature. Even better is that you can literally adjust the Casa’s walls, floor, and ceiling tiles by opening and concealing them. 

A Tuscany Vineyard Comes Alive  

Cassa Ojala is a project that will offer guests access to pristine locations. The first Casa invites you to experience a UNESCO heritage site located in the heart of Tuscany.

The Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco estate in Val d’Orcia offers some mesmerising views of lush, pristine vineyards. Situated in the midst of the Capanna vineyard is the 360-degree Casa Ojala. 

You can smell the sweet wine right in minimalist retreat as you indulge in open air tastings and star filled skies. 

Casa Ojala is the next step in luxury travel.