$40k Grand European Bucket List Adventure

The pandemic kept most of us inside our homes. Constantly rubbing our pets bellies while working from home or disguising that we’re in the tub while having a meeting was fun. However, we did lack and miss the travel.

To compensate for this, Windstar Cruises announced a 79-day trip, touching the biggest EU cities open to water. While passengers will be out on water for 71 days, enjoying pools, cocktails and the works.

The route starts in Stockholm, Sweden. July 25th, 2023 is the date to look for. The voyage spans over 22 countries, crossing the Baltic Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea.

In terms of amenities, the ship is comparatively small. Hosting just 312 guests, it comes to an insane 1:1.5 staff to guest ratio. The Star Legend has undergone renovation specifically for this itinerary. It now features an extra two dining areas, a spa and a fitness area with elevated pool.

Windstar Cruises markets the small-ship experience as “crowd-free cruises”. So far, this signature event has worked wonders for the company. The extended Grand European Bucket List Adventure aims to get people to explore the world after a year where the pandemic kept most of us inside the house.

For those wondering, the $39,999 cruise won’t keep you locked on the ship for the whole duration. Instead, passengers will get 11 overnight stays to go out and explore popular destinations such as St. Petersburg, Seville, Amsterdam or Bordeaux.

Are you looking to escape the world for almost three months? Here’s your chance. Check out more on Windstar Cruises.