3 Simple Ways To Last Longer In Bed

If you’ve ever been in the horribly embarrassing situation also known as premature ejaculation, then read on.

Whatever the reasons for your ‘issue’ might have been – you were too excited, this was your first sexual experience, you haven’t had sex for a long time, you were picturing Mila Kunis in a jacuzzi, the reasons can be endless – the first thing you have to do is speak up. If you just shut down and sulk at your partner, she’ll most probably get even angrier. Be a good guy and apologize. Say something like ‘Wow, this is embarrassing, but may I interest you in some downstairs servicing instead?’ while smiling and acting completely natural, as if this was something unimportant that you can both make a little good-natured fun of. If she plays along, then score. If not, move on. She’s not worth the trouble anyway.

In order to avoid such episodes in the future, here are 3 very useful tips to have and to hold (until fatigue from too much endurance-sex does you part):

  • Become a master-bator. Or, in other words, master masturbation. If you’ve already released your demons, then there’s little to no worry you’ll do it again too soon.
  • Girl on top. This is the perfect position from many points of view. Firstly, you get to sit back and enjoy the show. Secondly, when she’s on top, your penis isn’t as stimulated as it would be in Missionary (or any other position). Tip: ask her to slow down the rhythm.
  • Go for seconds. After the first round, pay a little extra attention to her arousal, and get her all lubed up for another go. Most men last much longer in round 2.
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By on April 11th, 2012
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