To satisfy the traveling beast within, we bring to you an insight into Scotland’s most beautiful city: Edinburgh (pronounced Eh-din-bur-uh). Set across rocky hills and with views of the sea, this particular city is in a delicate balance with its landscape, the buildings almost magically merging with their surrounding nature. As Robert Louis Stevenson noted, Edinburgh is ‘a dream in masonry and living rock’.

Also named Athens of the North and Auld Reekie, Edinburgh is the perfect blend of high and low culture, a place where art, literature, philosophy and ideas intertwine with crowded pubs, the flow of beer and whiskey, loud streets and the amazing May Day festival – festival for which participants wear their finest: nothing at all! How’s that for an authentic pagan festival experience!

As for the pubs, we’d like to recommend The Port O’Leith – an amazingly quaint and colourful pub on the outside, an entirely different world on the inside! Its ceiling is covered entirely in maritime flags and its walls are decorated with gifts from sailors that have enjoyed a drink here. Jackets, buoys, nets – everything is in perfect harmony with the sea feel this ‘port’ on the corner inspires. Contrary to appearances, The Port O’Leith welcomes not only seafarers, its list of regulars proudly featuring (among others) the one and only Irvine Welsh.